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The essay should demonstrate your ability to research, analyze, and evaluate information pertaining to a particular writer's literary works.

1. An analysis of how a writer life experiences influences his/her works.

2. An examination of the thematic patterns in a writer's works.

3. An explication of stylistic techniques evident in a writer's works.?



1. Judith Ortiz Cofer is an author of contemporary America. She is award winning writer or poet of contemporary culture of America. Her span of works is included within several literary pieces of works. The works are included within short stories, essays, autobiography, poetry, fictional stories of adult etc. However, several experiences of her life have been reflected through her poems and other literary works. The birthplace, the nostalgia of old place and ideologies of their childhood have been reflected through her several poems. Her short poems ‘The Changeling", "My father in the navy", and "El Olvido has reflected the lesson of life of her. This poet has focused upon the culture, ideology and the route of a human being. Most of the poem has reflected her experiences of childhood as well as family matters. She has also demonstrated the outlook of women within the family as well as society. She has reflected the perception of women within the society.

As discussed by Bauer,’The Changeling’ has reflected an interaction between a father and his daughter. This poem is consisted with the nostalgia and childhood memories of a daughter and father. However, this poem is spoken the story of a young girl and the relationship with her father. This poem has described how the young girl has focused on the abilities those can affect the attention of her father. The poet here challenges the typical role as well as character of women within the society. This poem has demonstrated beautiful understanding about the own world of a child and the tendency of role-play within the family and society. This poem reflects the alternative view of little girl. This poem has not contained traditional aspect of thyme or any form of rhythm. Every girl does some actions for attracting her father. Therefore, this poem has reflected the childhood memory of this poet. Judith Ortiz Cofer has reflected the thought about the women within the family and society.  Her mother also had the traditional view about the life of girls that women should be in kitchen for serving the male members of the family.

On the other hand, ‘My father in the navy, a childhood memory’ is a description of a father by his daughter. The poet has demonstrated his respect towards her father. The poet has demonstrated the professional attitude as well as status of her father. However, the first few sentences of the poem have described the tone of the full poem. As discussed by (Fitts), this poem has made full of respect of the pot towards the poet. The poet did not have the opportunity to stay with her father, as her father was too busy with his work. However, the poet respected her father because of his profession and the structure of her father. She did not have the idea about her father. This poem was written by Judith Ortiz Cofer in relation with the childhood memory of her father and mother also.  There was a hope for every wife, mother, sister that their husband, son and brother will come from their work.  There was the sound of siren that was the sign of returning home of their father as well as husband or brother or lover. Therefore, poet has demonstrated the worry and waits for the father or husband who works outside of the place.

On the other hand, the poet has also demonstrated the mysterious thought about the submarine also. She has reflected these childhood memories of the poet in this poem. This poem is a saga of her childhood memories regarding his father, mother, family and the childlike thoughts of different elements of her childhood life. She has demonstrated the childhood memories and long awaited factors of homecoming of her (Sáez).

By the poem ‘El Olvido’, poet Judith Ortiz Cofer has demonstrated the tendency of forgetfulness of childhood memories and place of childhood. Every human being has to remember the childhood place as well as birthplace. According to Judith Ortiz Cofer, no human being should forget the route or the birthplace of the individual.  Every person within the society should remember the birthplace.  The childhood experience of every human being reflects the whole life. The childhood memory, birthplace influence the ability as well as capability of adulthood within the life of every person within the society. However, there is route of every person while living in the society. A person can go in different places due to the professional as well as family and social matters. Nevertheless, the person should not forget the place of birth or the route (Andersen).


2. Presentation of themes in these three poems:

The theme of the poem ‘The Changeling’ is based on positive theme of life. Main theme of this poem is based upon the picture as well as status of women in the society. The thought of women has presented in this poem.

The poem ‘My father in the navy, a childhood memory’ is written on positive theme. The theme of this poem is positive. The poet has written this poem on a positive note on her father. She has shown respect as well as love towards her father.

On the other hand (Greene) stated that, the theme of this poem is forgetting thing. The poet here has expressed the danger of forgetfulness of the route of every person. Every person should remember the place of birth. The memory should be bright within the soul of every person within the society wherever the person goes.

3. Stylistic evidence of her work:

The poet has demonstrated her experiences of life with general ways. There was simple tenure of write up, rhythm. The work of this poet has explored the gap between heritage and culture as well as route of life (Shea). She has combined the thoughts and relentless efforts of saving the route within entire of her life. Her style has presented the relentless respect towards the past and event of the past. She has supported the fact that every person should not forget the past and route of the birth.


Reference list:

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