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Describe about the Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners?




This interview is of a software developer Mr. Krish Rarhi who is in leading position at IBM; he is the team leader of Development team, and under him 32, other developer works in web development and Application development. As a team leader, Mr. Krish rarhi has so many responsibilities for the company. He has a good personality and good behaviour, he also a family and a little daughter. This interview is all about his duties, responsibilities and work strategies

The Duties and Job Responsibilities:

As a team leader, he has to manage his team. He also has to handle the client, when he gets a project he has to assign few good developers on that project. He has to look for the time management so that the project is completed in time. He has to rechecks the projects did by the developer then assigns it to the tester for the quality testing.  He can never set freely because he also has to solve the mistakes did by his team member. He also has to ready for the upcoming problems.

The types of knowledge, skills, and abilities:

As a team leader, he must have a quite knowledge about the management. Moreover he is also a software developer so also has the knowledge of the programming such as C, Java, J2EE,, etc. mainly he is java program. The main skill, which is necessary for him, is the Leadership skills, as a team leader it is essential to him. He can be solving those problems that he faced as a developer and a team leader.

Physical tasks of Mr. Rarhi:

Though Mr. Krish rarhi is a software developer he has to do so many physical tasks such as developing software, testing software that is did by another developer of his team, and quality testing of that software. Those are the physical task of Mr. Krish Rarhi.

The frequency of this physical task is rapidly changed to the client demand and the size of the project that was given by the client.

Job description of Mr. Krish rarhi:

In the interview, Mr. Krish rarhi give me some description of his job. That in this post of job a software developer work on a project that is given by the client a time limit is given for to finish this job. Within the time limit, they have to finish the project. They do this project in some modules for every module they assign two or three people for this. As a team leader Mr. Krish Rarhi has also checked the work of the each module. Then he unit tests each module separately. After doing this, he combines all modules in a single unit. Then he sends it for the quality testing. As a team leader Mr, Rarhi also have to do some paperwork for it. At the beginning of the project, he has to send a documentation and Software requirement specification and a demo design of the project to the client. If the client agrees then, they start the main project. If any problem and fault occur in the project then as a team leader, Mr. Rarhi has to answer to the higher authority of the company.

Mr. Rarhi also told me that his job is so risky it depends on the client based on the review of the client he has to do his job according with that. Moreover, the IBM is the leading company is software and It market, so for that Mr. Rarhi also have to look for to manage the goodwill of the Company for a leading position in the company.


Three recruiting strategies for that job position:

In first they take a written aptitude test

There is a group interaction event to checking the leadership qualities

They conduct a technical round to check the technical abilities then personal interview

Compare and contrast with the recruiting strategies

The strategy they using for to check is the person brains ability. The range of thinking of the person with some aptitude questions which is a bit tricky, this aptitude question helps the HR to understand the abilities of the person. Some general knowledge questions are in the test that helps the HR to understand that the general awareness of the person (Spinellis, 2015). As a developer, a person must have the general awareness so that they can understand the client’s demands of the market and the logical question to check the brainpower that is essential for a programmer to do logical module (McCarthy, 2015).

The second strategy they use that is the Group Discussion round by which they check the leadership skills of the person. The leadership skill is very much essential for the post of the team leader of a team because they have to manage the whole team with the leadership skills. The group discussion also checks the problem solving ability and the communication skills of the person as a team leader. The person has to deal with the client, for that the communication skill that is needed to communicate with the client. In addition, he has solved such problem, which he has faced in that time when he deal with the client (, 2015).

In the technical round, they check the technical ability. The abilities are programming, testing, this is the main job that the person has to do in the workplace for which the company was hiring him. So this recruiting strategies is very much essential to check that the person is appropriate or not. In addition, in the last round they check the personal intelligence of the person, also in this round the HR ask the person some logical and intelligent questions by which they check the intelligence of the person. Also some personal question also asked the person such as the hobby and the activity and the family background by which they check the character and the nature of the person.


After a conversation with Mr. Krish Rarhi, I am very satisfied, every question I ask to him he answer it without any hesitation. He is a great person, he not only the team leader of the development team, but also he is the secretary of their local MGO. It is such wonderful time I spend with Mr. Rarhi.


Reference List:

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