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Recruiting Workforce For Coca-Cola Industry

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Discuss About Workforce for Coca-Cola Industry and Strategies?




The ideas presented in this paper show how companies face several challenges for recruiting the future workforce and strategies that can be employable to control such challenges. The Coca-Cola human resources have to make suitable changes from time to time in the selection procedure and to see it that the candidates are up to the mark fulfilling the requirements of the job. Idea of looking for skilled laborers during the recruitment is a challenging factor. In most cases, the management of the company has no option but to retain the aging workers for a little longer time as the newly recruited workers tend to follow and adapt to operations within the enterprise (Moschetto, 2014). Therefore, this article examines the key challenges for recruiting the workforce for Coca-Cola Company and recommendations on the best strategies that can apply to address the occurrence of such challenges.

Labor supply and demand

The biggest problem with recruitment occurs due to the need for talented candidates that are diverse in the business marketplaces. The company also finds it hard to form the best strategies that can be applicable in attracting top talent to the organization. High demand for employees within a company might make the selection process during the recruitment to fail in following right procedures because the recruiters might be focusing on quantity instead of quality (Wang, 2015). The inmost case when the business of COKE Company becomes volatility making it looks for recruitment consultants (Moschetto, 2014). These experts can work in an environment driven by the data. During the hiring process, the company also faces the challenge of getting the right employees. All the best recruiters are always absorbed in the working environment making enterprises that organize for recruitment of workforce to have a challenging issue. All the right and qualified recruiters are already in the employment sector and are already working with the top recruiters. According to Foster (2014), these best recruiters have no wishes to make of leaving for the new consultants. The top recruiters do not want to leave their current working stations because they fear that they may fail to get payment or they might fail to adjust to the surrounding where everything is scalable. The challenge starts when the organization and its shareholders start to feel the absence of the top recruiter who wants the solution tp all their queries.


Organisational image

The organizational challenge for the Coca-Cola Company relates to the factors located inside the company. The regulatory challenges are controllable by the organization of the activities of every operation.The change in organizational environment provides the opportunities as well as dangers to the managers for the human resource of the company (Brostow et al., 2015). The human resource management challenges during recruitment of workforce in Coca-Cola Company comprises of competitive position and flexibility, restructuring of the company, subjects of trimming, the use of self-managed sides, and expansion of an appropriate civilization of the association.

Coca-Cola Company always recognizes the importance of human resource in the process of restricting people to be regarding as qualified in the recruitment process. Human resource strategy remains as the essential part of the process of restructuring recruitment of workforce. It remains to be a key challenge in the recruitment process because it starts by recognizing the importance of individuals in achieving the organizational strategy (Moschetto, 2014)). The achievement of such strategies is through the employment of friendly initiatives that comprises of annual sales conferences. The process that human resource takes forms challenging issues. It involves the ideas of judging those to be includable in the operations of Coca-Cola Company requires methods of assessing the effectiveness of the given human resource strategy (Mirick, 2014). Additionally, the human resource within the company lacks the proper skill of understanding the subtleties of qualifications of workers during recruitment processes present detach among the power encouraged by learning along with ideas needed to symbolize the very substantial obstacle in the future years.

Demographic issues

Sweeping demographic changes across establishment of Coca-Cola Company in developing or developed nations always places greater pressure on the company to initiate and implement creative solutions. These solutions focus on educating, integrating, and retaining the rapidly changing and diverse working population. The operations of Coca-Cola Company require to adjusting further to the advanced class of employees. The issues of multi-generation employees and increasing social diversity remain to some of the greatest challenges that face operation of this company over the next five to ten years (McCarthy, 2016). Therefore, adapting to rapidly changing the profile of workers is a challenging task during recruitment for new employees to join Coca-Cola Company.

Ageing workforce

The aging populations across the society continue to pose the challenge for COKE businesses. The aging workforce who is skillful is continuing to depart the workforce, hence leaving the leadership void. From Gupta’s (2011) study, many aging workforces those within the organization continues to receive the company’s benefits like salary, pensions, and social safety nets making other advantages for recruited employees to be inadequate. The aging workforce comprises of skilled workers, and during the recruitment process, it is tough to get an individual well equipped with the necessary skills for operations of Coca-Cola operations (Webinar to address challenges of an ageing workforce, 2013).



The growing of generations in the international business has several impacts on the recruitment of workforce by the management of the company. The challenge results because of the problems associated with the unfamiliar law, practices, languages, attitudes, styles of management, and work ethics among others (Peterson & Gorman, 2014). Moreover, human resource manager of Coca-Cola Company has the challenge that results on to how to deal with additional duties and more connection in the individual life of employees.


The dimensions of work diversity that become a challenging issue of recruiting workforce by Coca-Cola Company are many. They consist of age, ethnicity, gender, contest, learning background, geographical position, original course, marital standings, earnings, religious beliefs, military knowledge, parental stage, and working skills among other factors. These factors remain to have the adverse effect on recruitment process about the modification in spirited marketplaces as well as the awareness that manager for the human resource of Coca-Cola Company must focus on the strategic role towards the success of the company (Hartogh, 2013). Therefore, Coca-Cola Company tends to find the recruiting workforce difficult because it does not place their importance on inviting and training genius. However, a different competitive business that deals with the same products like Pepsi remains to outplay the company in the strategic of employment of their workforce.

Recruitment strategies

The idea of finding the suitable candidate for a specified job from a large number of new applicants for any advertised job remains to be an underlying problem for the human resource manager at the company. Coca-Cola Company recruits a large number of staffs. It thus faced with the challenge of conducting training for the branding of the employer (Challenges/strategies to recruiting participants with dementia for elder abuse prevention research, 2016). The employer has to take training to aid in the adaptation to the working environment that is ever-changing (Gertner et al., 2015). The recruitment strategies remain to be a question of mindset, attitudes towards self-responsibility, and working environment.


Employer branding

Employer branding of an organization by manager form another challenge during recruitment of workforce. It involves the restructuring the Coca-Cola Company in which the techniques of conducting various duties undergoes alterations. The branding needs acquisition of more knowledge concerning the marketplaces. The challenge during the recruitment process arises because people lack adequate knowledge about the market and operations of the Coca-Cola when they are starting out. It is always essential that the company keep the learning curve rising to show how the employer branding is critical to its operations (Chung & Sweetman, 2012). The organization should form the culture of carrying out the conversation with the new clients by convincing these customers concerning operations of the company before learning each other about the market and the plan for future activities in the market. The more employers is ranking, the more beneficial it will be during the recruitment of workforce to support operations of Coca-Cola Company in competitive markets.

Types of advertising

The use of the ideal type of advertisement remains to be a challenge for the company to reach a big number of populations that might have an interest in joining the company. In most case, the use of Web platforms like social media and Google applications can be of great importance. However, the use of such platforms leads to loss of the enormous sum of money because companies are requirable to pay management of such advertisement platforms before they proceed to put their applications (Webinar to address challenges of an ageing workforce, 2013).

Technological advancements

There are several challenging tasks during recruitment in Coca-Cola Company of adapting workplace to advanced changes that influence of duty. Improvement in the usage of technology has leaned to decrease the number of missions that need a modest understanding to enhance the number of works that need vital skills.The new technology in Coca-Cola Company makes it tough during the recruitment process because every candidate has to have relevant knowledge on technological usage (Gupta 2011). In such situations, Coca-Cola Company has to change its hiring process by focusing on technology. New technology being applicable for production process in COKE Company leads ti scarcity of skilled human resources.

Strategies to address these challenges

During the recruitment process for new employees, the candidates should be providable with training to achieve quality outcomes. The human resource management of Coca-Cola Company should be playing a necessary function in reaction to the environment. The department of resource management within the company must focus on adoption of different strategies that can aid in availing the excellent chances of the settings by keeping the company away from the recently rising dangers.In the organizational challenge (Sundar, 2016). The proactive human resource in the Coca-Cola Company needs to take action on different problems in advance as well as taking counteractive actions before aiding in converting into stern concerns (Mirick, 2014). Coca-Cola Company and management required to foresee and review that advanced abilities along with teaching older workers need, especially in the field of technology where employees might feel uncomfortable than several of their workmates who are young.

The succession planning for recruiting process by the management of the company is vital. The training leads to the formation of the course of identifying and developing employees to fill key positions in the company. The planning can help in the preparation of the company when other employees leave and for promotions of employees (Glasscock, 2013). Therefore, the need to embrace succession planning during recruitment process prepares Coca-Cola industry for expansion or reorganization (Bradford, 2016). Following the diversity during recruitment processes, the management of Coca-Cola Company must promise the local skilled that the exotic abilities are not the hazard to their progression of careers. In several approaches, efficient administration of the workforce is reliant on the competent matching act of the management of the company.



Key challenges for recruiting workforce in the Coca-Cola Company do not end with hiring the perfect individuals but through how managements tend to supervise the functioning of every labor force. The greatest confront would be to generate the act of culture where the provision of prospects is necessary for improved presentation. Therefore, managers for human resource should be in front of the game by accepting the main challenging factors like labor supply or demand, organizational image, demographic issues, societal shifts, recruitment strategies, and technological issues. The culture also leads to giving out of optimum performance to become the way of life. Therefore, future duties of human resource professionals at Coca-Cola Company will shift from the managerial position to more of the tactical duties.



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