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Discuss about a Reflection Essay on Infection Control?




This reflection is based on the time when my placement was in acute hospital ward, I encounter the concern related to this matter. The concern related to this topic provokes the thought of Research in me as the concern is not only within the hospital ward but also within the community. The concern is related to the use of hand washing practice. According to Marks-Maran & Rose , a reflection model includes the actual incident that was take place, the reflection that was arise after the incident had been take place, the lesion we had learnt from the incident, and how it will influence the future action and at last but not the least the related theory with the incident.

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I have selected this topic on the basis of concerns related to Clostridium difficile in the community as well as in the hospital ward. I was on the morning shift, and a nurse came to me to seek help for managing a lady who had an infection of Clostridium difficile. She was very conscious as the lady was Clostridium difficile positive. So before entering the room I wash my hands and put on an apron and gloves and after that continue to help her in the managing of the lady. After the completion of my task, I take the cardboard liner out of the commode and remove the waste of the patient. After that, I remove the apron and other protective clothing. At the mean time, the other nurse said that hospital rules said that I have to remove the waste before I remove my protective clothing and wash my hands.

The government provides tools (DH 2007b) and resources to control the infection, endorsed by HCC (DH 2007c). These are based on the standard principle of infection control, for example, the isolation of the infected patients and make the precautions for them to be applied on a daily basis to prevent HCAI transmission. The role of a nurse in this situation is really a very important part. As a nurse, I can say that we handle fulfilling all the policies and process to control the infection. It is endorsed by the Health Protection Agency (2007). Hand washing with suitable hand wash then drying up by the help of a paper towel and after that disposing that is not agreed by many scientists. Rather, this can be said that hand washing then drying them with the help of hot, dry air is more effective to kill the bacterial cell. Hand washing are classified as being one of the most important methods to reduce the healthcare associated infection. Hand washing is advised to be done on a regular basis within health care settings, before and after contact with any kind of patients. According to NICE (2003), hand rub made up of alcohol should be used before and after contact with patients, unless hands are noticeably soiled, in that case the implement of liquid soap and water can be a better solution. Although EPIC 2 (DH2007e) does not support the use of alcohol, as they thought it is not an effective method to control the spread of Clostridium difficile. They also recommend the nurse to remove completely the transient and resistant hand flora.


It is concluded from the above assignment that effective way to reduce the chance of disease transmission is the hand washing. The above mentioned guidelines also tell that the use of hand wash is a effective way that is acquired by almost all health care centre. As a nurse, I feel the importance of hand washing in the making of health care hygienic.


Reflective essay on measles virus control presentation


Presentation has a great importance in the communication with the general people and with the professionals. The main aim of using presentation is to link with the audience and provide them the correct and appropriate information. Here I want to represent a reflection on the group presentation on infection control of measles virus. Measles is a disease caused by a virus, named measles virus. This is a highly contagious virus found in the all over North America during the winter and the fall season. Although there are a high risk of infection within the unvaccinated age groups and long-term care facility residents. When I was in an acute hospital ward, I had found that advisory committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) every year recommends a guideline for the controlling of measles.


According to Marks-Maran & Rose (1997), learning is the knowledge one takes in a new situation and one brings to a new situation. The reflection cycle of Marks-Maran & Rose covers the incident, what was actually took place, any kind of reflective observation, theories related to the theory and the future actions against the incident. I have selected prevention and control of measles in the long term care facilities as my topic. My rationale for the selection of the topic is based on advisory committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendation for the control of measles infection.

Regarding my group presentation, I feel that I have provided many skills and my group also gather many information regarding the topic but they are not all important for the infection control. I and my colleagues were survey the hospital for assessing the present condition of measles. When I was in the hospital ward, I saw that the virus can be introduced in the new as well as in the returning residents, visitors and the health care personnel. This must be a matter of concern. As this virus is a contagious virus, without proper protection entering into the measles infected patient room can cause the infection in a new and healthy person.

When I am presenting mine document I was sure about my presentation method and the skills I had opted to clearly send the message to the audience. There are some skills to manage the anxiety when delivering the presentation. Some skills that I had opted were like this, voice modulation, body language, professional image, and the use of audio visual aids. As I was the leader in the group survey, I made sure that my presentation was good. For this reason I spoke throughout the presentation in a clear and effective way. This in turn helped me to gain the confidence. At the time of conversation with my group members I consistently smile to engage my group members.

Feedback has a great importance in the method of learning. According to some researchers feedback has a great importance in the development of the student’s project. My group always helped me to improve my performance as well as it helped me to build m confidence. I feel free to present my opinion to the group members. I arranged meeting schedules, any kind of decision making, and any kind of discussion prior to make our work excellent, and at last but not the least the meeting for the presentation of  our topic either n the classroom or outside. It is very important to gather all the feedback as it can increase our knowledge.


As I am reflecting on my own opinion, I feel that measles virus control has a great importance in the health care setting. I have learnt more about the controlling measurement of the virus. My involvement in the group was quite good. I have learnt more about the communication skills as I have learnt how the presentation can deliver my thoughts to the audience. That information can be helpful for the future.



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