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The topic E-commerce online transaction and security and research report?




Development of Ideas

According to my knowledge, in the current 21st century, the age of technology is evolving at an extremely rapid pace, and in this particular phase, I have acknowledged majority of the organizations are obtaining and building a base of competitive advantage by the analysis of information regarding a number of different aspects related to the market place, along with the a number of different platforms available for the performance of business activities (Bolton, 2008). All these different platforms have always been within the scope of my interest and hence, I decided to research on the different platforms used by businesses for the sale and purchases of goods and services. On the completion of my research, I was able to find that e-businesses are being considered extremely important in the settings of the business organization.

Learning Process and Issues Involved

Therefore, I was able to decide that this would be the main topic for my research. However, to deal with the facts and information of this concept, there was an increased need for having a wider perspective that needs skills for conducting secondary research. Therefore, the point that can be stated is that skills of secondary research had been obtained by me in the duration of which I had been conducting this particular research. This had contributed in progressing my career at an extremely immense pace within the upcoming future.


Interpretation of Events and Perspectives

In the most specific sense, this research had helped me in gaining the competence at two different significant directions related to the secondary research. Firstly, I had been successful in prioritizing the secondary form of data. To my surprise, I noticed that there is availability of large data with respect to any specific or other related subjects in a number of different sources for the collection of secondary data that includes internet, newspapers, magazines, journals and books. The current experience of research has helped me to acknowledge that there is no physical possibility for conducting an analysis of each and every data available in relation with the question of research developed by me for basic reasons.

In accordance to this, while I was at the stage of presenting the literature review, I was able to understand that it is extremely importance for prioritizing the secondary data in relation with the research question. This should be done in accordance with the set of relevant criteria like the credentials and the authority I hold in conducting this particular research in a successful and ethical manner (Bolton, 2008). The next phase of critically analyzing the secondary data was also extremely interesting.


I was aware of the fact that this particular phase is a major contribution in the experience of research for understanding the level of knowledge and competency I hold in my own respective field. As an author and a researcher, I was highly focused on relating the development of crucial mindset in accordance with the availability of secondary data. There was an increased need for acknowledging that before being engaged within the research, I was prone towards accepting majority of the viewpoints stated by a number of highly academic researchers.


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