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Reflective Report: Analysis Of Contemporary Nursing Practice Add in library

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Using a model of nursing reflection such as 5rs bain 2002 or Gibbs (1988) model of reflection write a reflection on a challenging experience that occurred while you were on clinical practicum?



A clinical practicum provides practical training experience to the individuals pursuing careers in the medical fields like nursing and counseling. By participating in real situations, the individuals can get practical knowledge about handling the patients. The following reflective report is based on the personal challenges and experiences faced by a preoperative nurse while attending a clinical practicum session. The report is structured based on Gibbs reflective cycle (1988) (Ndukwe, 2011).


According to Bolton (2010) this stage describes the challenges that the nurse faces during the clinical practicum. While my tenure in the clinical practicum I faced various challenges in different respects. In one of the incident, I was asked to administer a drug to a patient via injection. I had previously observed the mentor nurses and the doctors during my tenure in the practicum in administering injections. Hence, I knew the process. In this situation, the patient I was asked to give the injection was a 12-year-old child. The child was very apprehensive about the injection (Downing & Kowal, 2011). My administration process was being monitored by my mentor and by a head nurse. When I was ready with my equipments to administer the injection the head nurse directed that it is not necessary to wipe the patient’s hands with alcohol for administering the injection. I however had previously seen the other nurses and the doctors using alcohol to avoid stinging sensations. The mentor doctor was busier over a phone call during the incident. The child on hearing the instruction of the nurse, panicked and this made the situation difficult for me to handle. Hence, consequently I was not able to administer the injection. The mentor finally took over the whole process.


This stage of the report will focus on identifying of the feelings and emotions encountered by the trainee nurse during the practicum. Initially when I was confident when I was asked to administer the process that has already been observed by me. However as the case proceeded I became nervous thinking about the practicality of the scenario. My level of confidence reduced when the nurse instructed me in a different manner. When my past observations did not match the present scenario, I was confused about the implementation process (Zyblock, 2010). Furth more my I got emotional because the patient I was about to administer was a 12 year old child. I was unprepared to handle a delicate situation without correct participation from the mentor and the nurse. Finally, I panicked and became embarrassed in the context of my failure and handed over the situation to the mentor. The situation made me sad and reduced by overall confidence level.



This stage analyses the positive and the negative aspects of the challenging situation faced by the trainee nurse in the clinical practicum. On judging the experience, I can conclude that the major negative aspects are my lack of confidence in handling practical situations, lack of proper training in the practicum, instability at the time of handling pressures and faith on information and journals (Ussher & Chalmers, 2011). However, every aspect has a negative as well as positive side. From the embarrassment faced in the situation, I would take up a positive plan of action in order to develop my practical skills and try to develop on my confidence levels. However, I feel that the authorities in the practicum are also responsible for the situation that I faced. The lack of proper guidance from the mentor at the precise moment and the conflicting practices undertaken by the different nurses of the practicum made my work difficult since I was confused about the right practice (Fawcett, 1995).


This stage of the Gibb’s cycle helps the individual to analyze the situation and compare the situation with similar other situations. The situation made me realize that I am nervous in my approach and I require extensive practical trainings to reduce my nervousness. However, consultation with my fellow trainees assured me that other trainee nurses have also faced the same challenges during their first time administration of their practical tasks (Fraher, 2002). However, I analyzed a difference between their experience and mine. I felt lack of co-operation from the mentor and the head nurse in my situation. However, the other experience shows that the trainees are encouraged and are given proper instructions during the practical situations. They majorly fail due to nervousness and lack of confidence. (Norwood, 2010) However, in my situation I was confident about the success of the situation before the nurses gave the directions. Hence, my nervousness was a result of the wrong instruction delivery on the part of the nurse.


From the analysis and the situation faced by me, I can conclude that the nurses and the doctors of the practicum were not abiding by the code of professional conduct. Since my educational grades depend on the success of my performance in the practicum, hence it is necessary on my part to enhance my knowledge and enhance my performance within the diverse culture of the practicum. Finally, I have assessed that with development of theoretical knowledge and constant practical assistance I will be able to gain more confidence and knowledge about the ongoing processes and will be successful in my future approaches (Anderson & McFarlane, 2008).

Action plan

This stage of the cycle shows an action plan that the individual will develop in order to handle situation in the future prospective. Following the embarrassment, which I had to face, I decided to develop an action plan (Obegi & Berant, 2010). I decided to study various nursing journals to improve my knowledge about the processes like injection so that in future I would have a firm faith on myself when required to administer similar processes. Secondly, my plan of action involved getting my self into more practical training sessions. I requested the authorities of the practicum to give me opportunities of observing more number of cases so that I can increase my confidence level. I also requested my mentor nurse to give me opportunity to attend to the patient needs practically to develop my confidence level.



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