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Describe about the Relevance of Market Information System to Environment Protection?


Environment Agency was introduced beneath Environment Act 1995. Government’s major aim in establishing this Agency was about enabling functions that were vested into it to be taken through in a path which would bring greater benefit for environment on a whole. While discharging all its functions this Agency is needed to protect otherwise enhance ecology, as to make the contribution that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consider it properly towards attainment of sustainable development and growth (Awasthi, 2007).

What The organization is responsible for:

Properly regulating vital industry as well as its wastes

To treat all the contaminated land and field

To look after maintenance of water quality as well as resources

To look after fisheries

All Inland river, estuary as well as harbor navigations

Conservation plus ecology (Barbour, 2000)

They are even responsible for managing all risks of flooding right from the main rivers, sea, reservoirs and also estuaries.

When- They act all the time for betterment and protection of the environment. Their work is a non-stop type and actually is beneath pressure when any natural calamity occurs in the location

Why- The organization actually works to build up a better place intended for people as well as wildlife, plus also supports real sustainable growth plus development.

How-The firm aims to do following tasks to attain its aims and goals:

They work along with businesses as well as other organizations towards managing use of all the resources

Enhance resilience of populace, property plus businesses to risks intended towards flooding as well as coastal erosion (Environment Agency consults education, 2001)

They protect as well as improve the water, land plus biodiversity

Enhance the path people work plus regulator towards protecting people as well as environment and also supports growth


Environment Agency's said purpose is about protecting the environment and enhances the same and thereby ensures sustainable development all around. It attempt to train people and make them understand about the environment development and maintenance of ecology at workplace is diverting them from their main aim and objective to some extent (Environment agency reopens doors to libraries, 2008). As per the main aims of the organization it must merely act for maintenance of ecology and take actions while nature calamities.


Environment Agency now has produced novel practical guidance intended for the asset managers which would shoe them way to assess deterioration of some typical flood as well as coastal defense assets plus their outstanding life. This guidance has helped to support all the asset managers within all Floods as well as Coastal Risk Management functioning authorities while assessing residual danger of the assets beneath different situation as well as maintenance regimes (Ceder, Roberts and Schermbrucker, 2014).

Another output was from the program undertaken by the practitioner to lead the research towards informing the staffs and employees and people involved about all the policy as well as operations and procedures. This program was a successful one and enabled people to know what they really wanted to know about the organization and the tasks they were to perform.



EA is responsible for working and performing hand in hand with several other firms to enhance the way in which they can protect the environment. Towards this path the firm must try to get into contract with several firms towards taking actions to such paths. This organization can even get into agreements with firms and might try to work with them more efficiently as this is the only way through which it can enhance its work and performance. Also firm can build in several programs and enable the partner organization’s staffs attend the program so that they can be made extra aware about the environment and need for protecting it (Egendorf, 2005).  The organization can even make the staffs get into live actions of helping people and supporting ecology where they might be made to feel good after helping someone, such an action might encourage people to work for the betterment of the society.                                                                                                               


Stakeholders that are to be satisfied intended for such an area of responsibility are:

The board of members of the organization that is the environment agency

The board of members of the partner firm or company

The employees of the partner firm (European Environment Agency report: climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2012, 2013)

The experts otherwise the professionals who would supply proper training to the staffs

All the members who donate to the organization and also who are part and parcel of the organization since past

All the shareholders of the firm who would invest vast amount behind all the carry outs of the firm.


Specific- To attain better environment and also ensure sustainability of the same through tying up with firms and making them act ethically when it comes to environment and also protection of the ecology

Measurable- The organization will try to evaluate the extent of air pollution arriving from factories at the present and will then after training and development program evaluate it again and analyze the difference that will take place after the training to the factories (European Environment Agency still in limbo, 1992).

Attainable-  To develop supportable material for providing help to the staffs of the organization and also to the employees of the partner firm. Also experts and professionals will be required to carry out the task.

Relevant- Environmental friendly behavior will be expected from all the staffs and also they will be properly trained to perform in way through which they could least harm the ecology. Also relevant data and information will be attained as to how the firms have affected the ecology all around (Hill, 2006).

Time bound- The training will not be of more than a month and the classes will generally be held in the weekends when staffs are at low pressure of work and when they actually enjoy their holidays.



(a) Plan for attainment of objective:

Activities needed-

The organization will need to contact big firms who are serving the nation as well as the world and are operating in several parts of the globe.

The organization will need to present PowerPoint where it would show the way in which big manufacturing firms are affecting the ecology worldwide.

The organization after approval will sing an agreement with the firm for the particular program it would conduct within the firm’s premises (Marley, 2000).


Steps to monitor as well as control activities plus the plan incorporation-

The organization will first of all needed to ensure that a good team of professionals and experts are developed for carrying out the activities smoothly and without occurrence of any major hurdle

The organization must ensure the punctuality of the team and also make sure all the tools and equipments are available to them on time so that no delay in the program occurs

The organization will need to contact the financial department and discuss on the budget allotted and that which is the extent of the firm (NOGUCHI, 2009)

Ensure about the firm’s quality of work and attain approval from the partner organization

Analyze and evaluate the project time to time to know the drawbacks and tryt o control them on the spot

Justification of the plan-

The plan that has been laid down will definitely help the firm to attain better results. If the staffs of the manufacturing firm know the advantages and disadvantages of the processes and tools plus techniques that are being used in the factories and their effects on the ecology they might feel responsible for maintenance of the environment and thereby act accordingly to save the environment (Pushparaja, 2014).

Quality standards and monitoring as well as controlling schemes in EA

There are some statutory standards and also few non-statutory standards. Statutory are those that are set in the legislation and carry non-compliance along with the statutory obligations. These benchmarks are set by the government. Non-statutory are set by the organization that is the environment agency themselves and are never covered by any legislation by the government.

MCERTS is EA’s Monitoring certification system for the equipment, personnel as well as organizations. It even provides a liberation vehicle for the compliance along with the European Directives that regulate the industrial emissions and also monitoring data as well as equipment plus personnel. It promotes the public confidence within the monitoring data and supplies a framework intended for selecting the monitoring equipment as well as services which meet Environment Agency’s particulars (Sunil, 2012).


ISO 9000 benchmarks can be applied in the firm which would offer the organization actual capability to properly develop as well as implement effective plus dynamic quality scheme, along with an appropriate focus upon the continuous improvement as well as revision, as long as firms show necessary willingness plus commitment towards exploiting the same. The firm can improve its efficiency through setting higher benchmarks and thereby working more efficiently for attainment of those benchmark on time and within the desired limit. Such a scheme can help the firm to develop itself and attain better results thereby enhancing the firm’s capability for management and control over all the factors affecting its performance (The Land Use Assessment – A Report by the European Environment Agency, 2011).


This system would definitely sustain a good quality culture as this scheme will help the organization in several ways. These ways are as follows:

The system will help the firm to set benchmarks

The system will enable the firm to act as per the benchmarks that was set beforehand and thereby ensure that the firm complies with all its standards and attains better outcomes

It will help the firm to enhance the relation with the staffs and also with the partner firms

Through this system the firm will play vital role in protecting the ecology and will thereby make sure that it attains its goals and objective effectively

This system will help firm to build better relations with all the stakeholders as it would supply surety to them for the success that will be attained by the organization in the coming future as the firm would imply the proper system and would work in better way.




Older system will come to an end and a novel plan will be implemented

People would feel more motivated and encouraged as they will be provided with something new that they can try and also something that will supply them all the better policies and procedures.

People will feel more inclined towards the program as they will know that some experts are going to teach them and this might help them increase their knowledge and skills

Working towards protection of the ecology also will help them to attain a feeling of responsibility and accountability towards the environment and they might imply the same in real life

The organization might affect the locality through this program and encourage other such organization to act in the similar way enabling the path towards improvement of the ecology and help from each member of the society (Awasthi, 2007)

Removal of old system will decrease boredom amongst staffs


There will be results that will be affect the firm in long run when the system will be implemented. They are as follows:

The firm will be able to gain more and more profit as success of the program will enhance the name and fame of the firm and will enable more number of donators to donate towards the firm and thereby contribute in the protection of the environment.

The firm will be capable of building relation that will be carried out for longer duration and will pay back to the firm in the future (Ceder, Roberts and Schermbrucker, 2014)

The organization through such system will enhance the skills and knowledge of its staffs and will thereby make them capable of being flexible and more efficient while at work

The success of the system will help the firm to attain good market share and thereby work more efficiently towards protection of the ecology thereby adding more and partners within its performance base and thus getting more number of helping hands within.



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