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Relevancy Of Artificial Intelligence In The Age Of Humanity

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1.What is Artificial Intelligence

2.To explore the Positive & Negative factors that will affect Humanity after the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence.




The replacement of the humans by the artificial intelligence is one of the major concerns in the present age. The artificial intelligence has taken over the spheres of modern world and it is dominating the various sectors. The use of machines and the diminishing of the use of human labor have affected the world economy. This situation as adversely affected the workplace operations (Ritchie et al., 2013). Viewing it from other perspective, the emergence of the artificial intelligence weapons has stalled the outpour of the human emotions. Herein, the humanitarian age attains an interrogative parameter. This research speculates the relevancy of artificial intelligence from the perspective of humanity (Bryman, 2015). The arbitrary interview between two people from the education and engineering sector will be discussed but before that a brief session of discussion on the impact of this phenomenon will be explained in the context of social issues.


In this part of the essay a brief session will be conducted on explaining the issues of artificial intelligence and its effects on humanity and other fields that it has made an impact on. At first, the idea of artificial intelligence and its relevance has to be discussed.

1.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a very recent concept that has taken over the modern world and its inhabitants. It is actually something that is governed or dominated by the machines. The use of machines has become a very common trait in the recent years. As we know, the people have become busier than before and they have very little time to do their own works by applying effort. They tend to find some alternative medium that would help them to do their works in shorter amount of time and with a lesser effort (Denscombe, 2014). The machines are the only medium that could provide them with those advantages. Science and technology has advanced so far in this era that nothing seems to be impossible now (Monette, Sullivan & DeJong, 2013). Machines have reduced the tasks of human beings and they are believed to take over the next generation world as well as read in the science fiction articles. It is interpreted that machines are able to perform all the cognitive tasks that human beings used to do manually. Machines are even liable to do more tasks in the given time and more swiftly (Punch, 2013).  The working fields of the Artificial Intelligence are the works done through computers and computerized robots.


Different Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a large impact on the modern society. There have been various philosophies on the topic that are developed to cater to the machinery devices. Everyone knows that a human being can think and work rationally. Human beings can think with emotions and work with keeping various things in minds. It was thought that machines also can do the same works in little time but they must develop emotions and rational thinking powers (Frankish & Ramsey, 2014). This thought gave the rise to invent machines with same intelligence level as human beings included. The aim behind inventing AI is to create expert systems that can act, demonstrate, to create human intelligence in the machines which would help the machines to think and act like the human beings (Cohen & Feigenbaum, 2014).

AI is basically a trait of science and technology that includes subjects like Computer Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Sociology, Philosophy and Biology. These traits are involved with human intelligence such as reasoning and solving problems.

There are various applications of AI where one needs to focus on. These zones are gaming, natural language processing, expert systems and vision systems, speech recognition, handwriting recognition and making intelligent robots.

Figure name: Artificial Intelligence

Source: (Neuman & Robson, 2012).

2.Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Impact on jobs

Artificial intelligence has left a deep and long lasting impression on the society in different aspects. It may have shed its influence on the work culture but its impact on jobs and employment is something of great concern (Sarason, 2013). The most striking aspect of AI is to felt in the loss of jobs and a good amount of reduction in employment sectors. The probable sectors that would include in the reduction of jobs are likely to be the business services that deal with works like spotting of customer bases, its effects on the organizations, finding suitable job profiles for future employment, sales and marketing and many others. Many people will lose their jobs as there will be no need of human beings to operate the machines because the machines are going to be automatically driven. A machine can do similar works as can be performed by multiple men. It is better to invest on a machine than multiple men to get the desired outcomes. The jobs of the drivers will be affected as well because the new types of cars and trucks will be developed in such a manner that drivers will no longer be needed to drive the trucks (Ashrafian, Darzi & Athanasiou, 2015). The jobs in manufacturing companies, insurance companies and stock trading companies might also face employment reductions. It is very apparent that introduction of AI will have large effects on jobs (Banks & Zeitlyn, 2015). It is an interesting matter to note that that the impact of the AI is not going to be only the negative ones. It may have some positive points also. The companies and the organizations can rise to a higher position after a good amount of growth because of the fast improvement in various fields. The companies can use certain technologies and implement them to get faster results.

Impact on Education

Grading and taking tests on larger courses and making preparations for the examinations are one of the most important works of education sector (Hovy, Navigli & Ponzetto, 2013). These works are generally done by the teachers. Human effort is necessary for this. The recent rise of AI has put doubts over the need of human effort in grading tasks. These things can be performed by the machines while teachers can focus more on the in-class activities and interacting more with the students. Another important impact of AI can be implication of various software applications in educational institutions. Students can be groomed by installing the software applications and they can be learnt many things by responding to the needs of the student, emphasizing on certain tough topics, repeating the topics that the student is yet to learn properly. AI has an added advantage of pointing out the areas where the learning courses should improve and the lacking of the students. There can be developed some online tutoring programs that will help the students understand the problems more and solve them.

Indirect Impact on Military

There have been many video games in the past that have shown many operations with weapons to capture a land or making them free for the security of the people. This can be turned into a reality if AI can be implemented in the security systems of a country. The military force and the commercial robots can be mixed to undertake various missions. It is a matter of thinking that machines are superior in some cases but in these cases where it requires judgment and knowledge, human beings only should be allowed to combat as the frontline involves uncertainty at every step. Another important aspect is that military systems may tend to incorporate autonomous weapon systems in their forces but it is still a concern that if these autonomous weapons can be relied on in case they are fire weapons.

Improvement in Quality of Living

The consequences of a implementing AI may have some positive effects. The robots may be useful for the home makers. The robots will be able to do the household works and they can do the works in very little time. They can very easily do all the hard tasks in the house and the members of the house can have some relief as they will get some space and time for spending more time in the house with other members. They will be able to lead a better and healthy life. The good points of AI will come to effect in these points. The home makers do not have to do all the things alone as the machines would do it for them. Different machines would do different tasks relieving the human beings.


In the above points various matters have been discussed. In the case of impact of Artistic Intelligence, the cons of the matter are discussed as many people will lose their jobs and it will be very bad for the humanity. Jobless people will fill the planet and there will be severe consequences in the economy of the big countries. This may lead to draughts and homelessness and deaths. The introduction of AI in the military system can also prove to be fatal as it is still on an experimental basis.  The security of a country cannot be compromised with anything. There are some pros as well because it will have a positive impact on the education system, helping the students to improve their skills. The lifestyle will be improved as well if it is implemented.


The following is an excerpt from the interview between student and an engineer, which enlivens the relevance of artificial intelligence in an age, where humanity is gradually becoming obsolete (Neuman & Robson, 2012). In this part, an imaginary interview is going to be conducted for a thorough understanding of the entire matter. The two persons in the interview, the engineer and the student will have a discussion between them about the new things that are going to be introduced because of the introduction of the Artistic Intelligence.

Student:  Hello sir.

Engineer:  Hello.

Student: Sir, what do you think of the performance of humans in the present age?

Engineer (laughing):  Performance of the humans! Now, it is the age of the machines.

Student: Yes sir, I know but to operate the machines also we need the labors.

.Engineer: You seem to be intelligent.

Student:  Thank you sir. Sir, nowadays, I have heard that there is a new concept called artificial intelligence. Can you enlighten me a little about it?

Engineer: Sure.

Student: Begin sir, I am all ears.

Engineer: I will begin from the root level so that you can grasp the whole concept easily.

Student: Yes sir that will be fine.

Engineer: You are aware of the aspect of intellect.

Student: Yes sir. When the teachers ask us questions, we try to answer it intellectually.

Student: Can we substitute the artificial intelligence concept with the robots?

Engineer: Well, yes, to some extent. This concept has become utmost importance in the workplace for carrying out the tasks in a modern way. You will be surprised; there are artificial intelligence weapons, which have brought efficiency in the business activities of the companies and organizations (Sarantakos, 2012).

Student: Is it?

Engineer: Yes. Due to the achievement of success through the artificial intelligence, the companies are now planning to boycott the human talents.

Student: This issue questions the intellectual application of the employees to execute the roles and responsibilities allocated to them.


Engineer: No.

Student: Why?

Engineer: I counter your interrogative perspective with the information that when there will be no recruitment, how can the individual talents can go unnoticed and unrecognized (Sarason, 2013).  

Student: Counter arguing your point, effective utilization of the devices by the staffs of the companies and organizations would substitute the functionality of the artificial intelligence weapons. What are your opinions?

Engineer: You are right, but if there are no recruitments, there is no question of staffs and there is no question of their utilization of the devices.  Another thing, which will surprise you, is that the scope and arena of this artificial intelligence is so widespread, that there will be no offices in the near future (Banks & Zeitlyn, 2015).

Student: (speechless)

Engineer: There is more for you. The artificial intelligence weapons will create employment opportunities, which will benefit you.

Student: Really?

Engineer: Yes. To give you an example, by 2016, 21jobs have witnessed the presence of robots instead of staffs for carrying out the workplace operations.

Engineer: Look, the robots with modern inbuilt features would automatically perform the operations. This will reduce the stress of the manual labor. Rather, it will nullify the need for labors.

Student: Then, will the individual talents of the employees take a backseat? What will happen to the hard efforts put in by the employees for earning their daily bread?

Engineer: Do you read newspapers?

Student: Well, regularly. However, sometimes, I hardly get time, as there is pressure of projects and assignments.

Student: Countering your argument, robots can be placed ahead of the humans, as they possess intellect, which is artificially created and manufactured.

Engineer: You have grasped the subject. With this observation of yours, I think your rational application in terms of humanity is very strong and flexible.

Student: Thank you sir, we have to make intellectual observations in the projects and assignments that we are allocated.

Engineer: How?

Student: We are so foolish, we have come a long way through our discussion and we have not introduced ourselves.

Engineer: The issue of our discussion is so intensified that it contradicts the limitations in our existence and humanity. The robots have taken over our existence, which has and is gradually fading away our existence (Ingrand & Ghallab, 2014).

Student: This is one of the major concerns in the present age. In order to mitigate the intensity of this concern, I now feel that this artificial intelligence is needed.

Engineer: Yes. This test helps the scientists to track the performance of the robots. In addition, do you know, where will this concept show its charisma?

Student: Where, sir?

Engineer: You will be surprised to know that the artificial intelligence weapons find its applicability in the automotive industry, especially in the aircrafts and cars (Ingrand & Ghallab, 2014).

Student: Please specify it to me sir.

Engineer: Nowadays automatic technology is being installed in the cars and planes, which nullifies the need of the pilots and drivers.

Student: What are you saying?

Engineer: Yes, the scope and area of this technology is so widespread and advanced, that the cars and planes will run on their own (Ashrafian, Darzi & Athanasiou, 2015).

Student: What about accidents in the highways?

Engineer: The design of the cars and planes are created I such a way that it will automatically stop before the accident-prone zone (Frankish & Ramsey, 2014).

Student: Indeed, it is very advanced. I lose in terms of the widespread charisma of science. What are the other applications of this wonder?

Engineer: The artificial intelligence will also sow its wonder I the field of education.

Student: You have told about this once, but I want to hear about it more.

Student: Really?


Engineer: Do not be disheartened. Debates and plans are on regarding the extension of the durability of the technology of artificial intelligence.

Student: Sir, please look into the matter with due consideration.

Engineer: Ok, let me divert you with some more interesting points about this technology.

Student: Yes, sir.

Engineer: As per the propositions of an article, several learning materials are to be introduced, which makes the learning process easier for the students like you (Sarantakos, 2012).

Student: Really?

Engineer: Yes. With the help of this technology, the students can establish contacts with their teachers through the means of video calling for solving their doubts regarding the execution of the assignments and projects. Along with this, they can participate in the global classrooms (Hovy, Navigli & Ponzetto, 2013).

Student: So many benefits!

Engineer: Yes, dear, if you can make effective and judicious utilization of this technology, then you will find a modern touch to your lives (Bond & Gasser, 2014).

Student: Thank o so much sir, for your precious time.

Engineer:  Pleasure.


This research emerges successful in providing an insight into the widespread utilization of artificial intelligence technology. The conversation between a student and an engineer enlivens its usage in diversified fields. The reference to the newspaper and website articles acts as a typical example of what the companies and organizations are doing for adopting this technology. Rather, it reflects the approach towards the technology, which has reduced the individual efforts largely. In view of all the points put forward, stance can be taken in favor of relevancy of the artificial intelligence in the age of humanity. 



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