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Write a report on "Jedox Software".



Jedox is a client server software which has been based on creating a proper business intelligence with the performance management of the solutions through the systematic data. There have been cell-oriented figures with the in-memory OLAP server which has been for the planning, analysis and the reporting with the consolidation of the data. This pattern is for using the Microsoft Excel as it is properly able to use the specific spreadsheets with the use of the common browsers. The planning has been mainly done on the operational data with the focus on the downstream systems which covers the analysis form along with making evaluations as per the multi user-friendly front ends. There have been different software features which cover the business intelligence applications along with the OLAP analysis as well as the other reports which include the performance management and the demand planning.

Introduction to Jedox,

Jedox is a program which bridges the gap between the Business Intelligence and the corporate management with the hold of the data mining processes through a proper analysis of the actual and the future data planning and forecasting. This has been streamlines through the proper plans and the informed decision for the business. Jedox is able to enhance the capability of the visibility with the improved efficiency which is able to completely transform the data into the forms of the actionable information. This is able to hold the different levels of the management under the both strategic and the tactical management. The Jedox has been able to set up a proper structure with the focus on the different components and the OLAP memory based database. There have been balanced scorecards which are mainly administering the economic and the statistical stock data for consolidating the real time access with the faster accessing of the data. The API are set for the integration in the different software environment.

Descriptions of the key insights

Jedox has been the one which is important for the planning and the processes of the operations. For this includes all the management related to the finance, sales and the project management. The range is based on the automotive manufacturer sector through promotional management and reporting at the cost level sectors to the business intelligence. Considering the case study of the Demo Inc, there is a need to focus on the different self-servicing of the BI which are familiar to hold the front end with the Excel add in and the web based spreadsheet portals. These are important for the new users for quickly running and writing the reports for answering the data questions. The budgeting and planning is based on holding the in-memory OLAP database where the Excel has been able to write back to the centralized database with the combined power of central base applications. The modelling, where Jedox has been using the tools of the business requirements form a KPI calculations through the set of the business unit costs with holding the Activity Based Costing and the budgeting process. The integration of the data is generally employees through the hold of the ETL for the reading and the writing to the forms of the database patterns. There have been ERP, Salesforce and the Qlikview applications for the same. The Jedox has been working on the diversity and the applications for the different use case patterns for the deployment of the budgeting to the enterprise class solutions. This is able to handle the different prospective of the users with the hold of the scalability factors. With the changing process, there have been logical starting points where the BI tools does not completely allow for handling and writing back the functionality. These are set in the terms of the budgets, forecasts, planning as well as the handling the different cost collections methodologies. Jedox has been able to set and handle the steps for the incorporation of the disclosure management with the visualization for the most well BI vendors who lack the visualization of the recovery of the different data features. The limited data recovery features are based on the integration with the third party products with the space available. This is able to handle the expertise in the form of the specialized forms as well as the limited options for the online training. We have been looking for the variety of the customers who are bale to program and implement the products of the Jedox based on the integrated planning and the budgeting. There have been simulation changes for the modularized structures with the complex calculation details. The OLAP has been set for the writing back as well as the different business rules calculations with the concept driven modelling. For the unified solution, there is a need to set up a proper plan and act towards the forecasting of the unified business intelligence details with the competitive edge management. The Jedox is based on handling the data discovery along with the written back process with the capturing and calculation of the present data values. This is evolved through the progress set for the ROI.

The consolidation plan is mainly set for the handling of the lower data quality with the multiple source and the manual process analysis. There have been significance based on the optimized planning and the consolidations with the reporting which focus on the growth structure and analysis. Jedox has been able to find a proper relationship with the interactive visualization to properly discover the insights and the understanding of the strategy behind all the scorecards. The Jedox is able to eliminate the Excel chaos as well as adjust the reports for keeping the setup with the control of all the dynamic dashboards with the success charts. There have been dynamic dashboards with the success charts for the sharing and the collaboration of the data.

Description of the Jedox functionalities employed

For the implementation of the Jedox, there have been different data driven operations with the short term planning as well as the strategic planning setup which are mainly to handle the forecasts as well as the scenario planning. The consolidation of the features are based on currency management as well as the reporting of the audit trails. There have been different multi-current management systems with the financial reporting and handle excel based structures for the automated board and the analytics features.

Demo Inc. needs to focus on handling the capturing values from all the investments based on the business analytics capacity. For this, there is a need for a proper material which is mainly set for the deployment of the functionalities.

The key strengths are mainly to hold the functionalities with the excel interface where the data is modified in the real time and the users can easily switch from the vew of the consolidated data pattern. There have been different additional features of the model which are mainly to handle and create the budgets for the simulation of the applications. The major components of the JEDOX are mainly to handle the institutive write-back with the streamlining of the processes which are mainly for the capturing and the calculation of the data. For this, there have been excel add-in for handling the communication with the front-end capability of the linking of the different number of the workspaces. The work clients can only work on the data centralization with the allowing of all the local reports to be completely converted into the server based applications. These are mainly to analyze the data of the company with the power of computing and memory. The tools of the extraction load import the data automatically with the SAP interface. Jedox has been mainly for handling the power of computing with the OLAP calculations for the acceleration of the GPU components as well as the activation by the server. There have been different extraction tools which are for the handling of the different current relational database systems like the Oracle, MySQL and the other links of the JDBC interface.

The different adhoc analysis and the productive analytics are mainly for proper reporting structure with the automatic scheduling of the reports. The dashboard is set with the graphic benchmark tools and the performance measurements where the major supportive features are the email phone and the other tutorials. For a better performance, there have been performance based on the demand planning as well as the budgeting process. The business intelligence is based on the different versions where the major focus has been on the self-service functionalities in planning and holding the different capabilities. The price discrimination for the goods and the services is based on fixing the costs and the variable costs and demand curve. For this, there is a need to identify the maximization of the profits which are set under the offered lower prices to the new customers. There have been search and the transaction of the cost efficiency with the greater focus on the switching which is seen to be more costly for the customers. The price discrimination is able to improve the factors relating to the cost ownership as well as the switching costs which are based on the using of the data mining techniques with the competitive advantages.  

Recommendations to the CEO

For the appropriate recommendations, there is a need for the good lock-in value position with the focus on the sophisticated business intelligence tools. These are mainly for the tailoring of the credits as well as the market exploitation. The CEO, should be focusing on the entities with the managerial experimentations of the different issues as well as the factors which are major reasons for the handling of the loss and the volumes of the customer complaints. There have been significance of different pressure from the stakeholders and the other areas related in the stock value growth. The CRM is able to handle the accounts along with setting the services which are important for the customer ability to pay and make good recommendations to allow the customer in price negotiation and the modification in the terms of the payment. The autonomy is mainly set for the subsidiary power for handling the market which is completely depending upon the technology and the advancement setup of the different opportunities. The Jedox needs to work on the complementariness which bundles all the goods and the services which are able to provide a better offering as well as the evolution of the e-commerce. For this, there have been positions where there are companies employees through the lock-in and the novelty factors. The applications are the Mail-Stream optimization which are able to reduce the cost for the prints and the mails. Hence, for this, there have been building of the applications where there are DM system process which could not meet the appropriate requirements of the payment and the other exceeding credit card limits.  There have been different use of the high switching costs which is not affecting the customer satisfaction. These are able to tailor the products and the other credit services to the customers with the higher level of the satisfaction and the loyalty. The factors for the success are mainly in the mail order business which do not guarantee about the success on the online e-commerce. The running of the subprime credit business are mainly without any BI and the CRM and so the CEO needs to focus on the above perspectives so that he is able to manage and set the company with proper objectives and compliance. 



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