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Provide a Report on "Network Mangement".



Over the past decade, technology has advanced immensely and along with it, the use of all the interdependent communication networks [1]. All the companies today needs to ensure that they have well developed network management facilities in order to keep up with increase in networking field.

This report provides a background for network management and its related areas as well as highlights the main functional areas of the network management. The technical details of the network management are discussed in this report along with its architecture. The report also points out certain advantages and disadvantages of the network management and the improvement that has been done in this area over the years. 


Background and related areas

For all sort of enterprises, networks as well as the distributed processing systems have become an important part. With the rapid increase in the number of people using the service and the availability of more applications, more complex networks are now available to support them. A wide range of solutions both hardware and software as well as devices are available in order to manage the networks efficiently [2]. The huge networks needs a system with network management tools as they cannot be managed and monitored by the human supervisors alone. Some of the main areas of the network management includes providing security to the network from the unauthorized users and performance management. Apart from security and performance, the compliance of the network is also crucial to maximize the productivity of any business enterprise.


Explanation of the topic

All the measures, techniques and processes that are related to the networking systems are collectively termed as network management.  The various functions of the network management is popularly known as FCAPS, which is an abbreviation for the fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management and security management [3]. The five domains of the network management operations are defined as follows:

  1. Fault Management: All kind of issues related to the network are identified and properly rectified. Various preventive steps are adopted to avoid the recurrence of the same faults. For the prediction of errors, the trend analysis ensures the availability of the network.
  2. Configuration Management: This management is concerned with the collection and the storage of the configurations from all the network devices, making the configuration of the devices simple, tracking of all the changes in the configuration [4]. Apart from this, the configuration management also involves the coordination changes of the hardware and the software components of the network as well as providing proper modification of the existing systems.
  3. Accounting Management: In this domain, the distribution of the resources that is to be done optimally among the enterprise users are determined. Appropriate and relevant billing methods with proper statistics of usage are used for the users.
  4. Performance Management: By collecting and analyzing the performance of data, the overall performance of the network is managed. Determination of the present efficiency of the network is determined in this domain so that the network can be enhanced in accordance with the future performance targets [5].
  5. Security Management: This domain involves the authentication, encryption as well as the authorization for the security of data. The whole network is provided with protection from unauthorized access and issues including hacking.

Technical details

A network management system includes both the hardware and the software components in addition to the existing network components. The various software that are used by the system to accomplish the task of managing the network are placed in processors including the front-end processors, routers and terminal cluster controllers [6]. The whole system of network management is designed as a unified architecture that contains addresses as well as labels assigned to every point as well as the attributes of every element and link that is familiar to the system. The feedback of the status information is provided by the active elements of the network to the control centre of the network [7].  Every node of the network or network management entity (NME) comprises a set of application or software that is dedicated to all the functions related to network management. The tasks that are performed by each of these NMEs are as follows:

Collection of all the communications related statistics and the activities related to the network.

From the network control centre (NCC), responding to various commands including transmission of statistics that are collected to the network control centre, changing certain parameter such a timer, providing information related to parameter values and active links, artificial traffic generation in order to perform a test and when there is a significant change in the local conditions, sends relevant messages to the NCC

Figure 1: Architecture of the Network Management System

(Source: Created by the author)

Advantages and Disadvantages

The various advantages of the Network Management are as follows:

  • Better Monitoring Abilities: All the hardware components as well as the software related to the network can be monitored with the help of network management. The administrators of the network can monitor the various performance aspects of the system including data capacity as well as transfer speed and accordingly adjust to the required demands [8].
  • Policy setting: One another advantage of network management is Policy setting. With the help of this, the administrators will be alerted of any unauthorized access.
  • Better Productivity: With the help of network management, administrator are able to make sure that all the systems and the processes functions in the correct way, without having to spend too much time in looking for a problem. Thus, in this way the productivity does not gets hampered.
  • Better Security: Network management helps in providing protection against all the threats including viruses and hacking, with the help of its firewall systems that search, identify and eliminate all kind of viruses.
  • Centralized Data: All the information can be found conveniently by the users whenever needed with the help of the centralized data access [9].

The disadvantages of the Network Management are as follows:

  • High Price: The purchasing cost of the network wiring and the file servers are high.
  • Complicated Handling: The whole substantial network is complex and complicated and thus to properly handle it, network supervisor are needed
  • Transfer of Viruses: Even though firewall identify and eliminates majority of the viruses, if a system gets attacked by a virus then the same virus can get transferred to the other systems throughout the network.   

Improvement about the topic that has been made over years

Over the past few years, with the advancement and improvement in the network technology field and the decrease in the cost of the related technologies, huge amount of data are getting produced. These data needs to processed and mined at a much faster rate and for this network management systems that are based on big data and Hadoop are being used by majority of the companies throughout the globe [10]. Some of the capabilities of the Hadoop technology includes efficient data storage and its processing by making proper use of HDFS and MapReduce.   


This report apart from giving a background related to the network field and highlighting the main network management areas, also elaborates on the technical details of the network management along with its architecture. Advantages of the network management including better monitoring abilities and better security is pointed out along with certain disadvantages such as high price. This report concludes with stating the progress that has been made over the past few years in the domain of networking that includes the introduction of Hadoop technology. Thus, it can be said that with the advancement of the technology and new innovations being made, network can be managed more efficiently in the coming future. 



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