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Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the research on managerial work and explain how research on teamwork should shape the future of research on managerial work.



The basic method of research for gathering information about different things is Research. There is also a need to observe the various interrelated things and aspects. Thus, research is the basic and fundamental things around which the other things revolve to obtain information about anything. It is not just watching things happen but a deep understanding to get some valuable information.

The researchers depend on scientific observation for different research works. Science uses observation as means to start and a way for final validation. An experienced worker hardly believes in hearsay and only trusts his or her own observation. He or she will only consider the report if it is firsthand evidence. Instead of using ears and voice, it is important to use the eyes for making an observation (Vinnova 2009).

Scientific Research helps in achieving certain goals like a specific discovery or verification of a theory. It should be carried out according to a plan for in depth understanding of a concept. There is a need to remember the outcome and result of activities and natural memory would be insufficient. With the passage of time, it gets difficult to keep a track of things. Writing down and recording is a convenient way out. It minimizes the chances of an error or mistake.

Sense organs play a decisive role in observation for an in-depth analysis of the gathered data. With the use of standard tools in research process, the research can be directed to its real nature of functioning. It is only through research that primary and reliable information can be collected (IFAS n.d.).

The advantages of research on managerial work   

1. Research is one of the main procedures for collection of significant data and information, especially for studying human behaviour. It is important to activate the senses for seeing and noting down everything which is visible. This direct method is almost the first step in right direction in terms of data collection.
2 The data which is ultimately collected is usually accurate in nature. It gives a sense of reliability due to coming from confirmed sources. With proper research, the methods of observation get a boost which makes in depth analysis simpler. Whenever a direct study of the concerned situation takes place, it always comes handy (C Journal 2012).
3.Due to proper research, the reliability of the gathered data increases. In some of the other research techniques, the small details often get overlooked. Research is a vital method which improves the precision of research outcomes. Sometimes, even the smallest of details can reveal a lot of things. It is particularly true in case of research work.
4. During the conduction of a research activity, feedbacks may be collected from the respondents. Sometimes, the follow up action is also decided based on these respondents. However, with observation, the problem of solely depending on respondents is reduced to a great extent. Thus, it’s possible to maintain a balance through observation.


5. Verbal responses also play a crucial role in various research activities. With proper observation, it is possible to understand the verbal responses on a specific aspect of the research. It is important to have a better understanding to avoid mistakes and plan the next course of action (National Archives 2013).
6. At times, research for a long period of time is usually the need of the hour. The market has wide range of technological modern gadgets which can serve the purpose. These devices are more often designed for specific tasks but they also have flexibility. Thus, it is possible to make observation for a continuous long period.
7. Some of the research activities can be demanding in nature. However, it is not the case with observation. This simple activity can be carried out smoothly as it is not very demanding in nature. As a result, it is also unbiased across working abilities which is again a plus point.
8. Proper identification of a problem is necessary to come up with the right solution. It is possible to achieve the same with complete observation. Thus, it only gets easier to conduct an in-depth analysis of the problem with the help of observation.     

Disadvantages of research on managerial work

1. Just like the other things, there are certain limitations with the process of observation. One of the major drawbacks of observation is that it more often fails to study the past problems. It could be challenging at times to benefit from observation when it’s unsuccessful.
2. Due to the lack of other reliable options, one has to often find a way out with the available documents. There is no such formula of 100 % success rate and observation is no different. When its fails to deliver as per the expectations, one has to look for other options at hand.
3. Certain research activities require controlled observation for best results. There are many instruments or tools available to conduct these processes. Although most of them work effectively, these could be quite expensive and will burn your pocket. It is not possible for everyone to afford these machines (USC 2015).
4. Research helps in various activities by more ways than one. However, it is almost impossible to study different opinions with the help of observation alone. It is a big drawback as opinions can sometimes play in crucial role in research activities or experiments.
5. It is not possible to study and understand attitudes solely based on Research. Working according to a plan involves particular information of the units to be observed and the things to be recorded. But these observations are not always effective to reveal anything about the different attitudes of respondents.
6. Sampling cannot be utilized due to observation. At times, instead of gathering information of data on large scale, sampling is enough to provide a better insight. Thus, the process of research is not always the best way to achieve the right kind of results.
7. People often have limited time for certain things. On the other hand, observation usually requires a lot of time. There could be long wait in order to let an event take place for studying it in depth. Thus, limited time may restrict the role of observation (CCL 2010).
8. The real presence of observer in the process of observation in relation to the upcoming event could be unknown. It is a large drawback brought about due to observation. Thus, this procedure comes with its set of disadvantages.
9. Research alone will not be able to provide answer to every question. It can act as one of the means of solving the problem. However, overdependence will not provide you with the expected results or outcomes every time.



How research on managerial work can help in shaping the future of an organization

Through effective research, it is possible to collect data and information. Thus, by studying the behaviour of human figures, one can identify the weak points to focus on the bigger task at hand. Training can be imparted as per the specific needs in future. The data collected is more often reliable and accurate. This can be also used as a point of reference in taking the important decisions of future. Observation takes care of minute details of a research result which could play a decisive role in the future of the organisation.

The respondents often play a crucial role in a research. With observation, the dependence on these respondents will reduce. As result, the research could be carried out from an independent point of view based on the circumstances. At the same time, it would help out in studying and understanding different verbal responses. Thus, research could be carried out smoothly onto the next stage. This will be helpful in more ways than one for the researcher in course of time (SHRM 2013).

With modern technical gadgets, it becomes all the easy to observe and record things. Research can take place over a larger time period which is good for the researcher. It would reveal a lot of things and will make it easy to face challenges in the near future. In various working abilities, it will not give rise to bias issues in future. Observation isn’t very demanding unlike some of the other things which are good for the healthy functioning of the research (Journals Library 2013).

Proper observation helps to discover the present and future problems. Thus, it will be possible; to study and understand an issue step by step. With a full scale in-depth analysis, it would be possible to come up with the solution of the problems at hand in future.


There is no denial that observation provides a great opportunity to carry out research activity. However, the value can be solely determined when it’s done correctly. Observation can be crucial aspect of a research operation but other perspectives should be also considered. There are two key components of an observation, object and the subject. Direct observation involving the presence of observer is more straightforward than the indirect means which need a mechanical device.

Scientific investigation depends on observation to a great extent for the fulfilment of different goals. Standard research tools determine the nature of working of an observation. Results derived from different types of observation may not be measurable every time. Experimentation, evaluation, interpretation, theorizing and investigation are also dependent on observation, especially in the field of science.

Research helps clearing the doubts on various conceptual facts. However, there are shortcomings with the method of observation which cannot be denied.



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