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Write a research report about the given topic, "Research on Programming"?


Executive Summary

This report is mainly concerned with the programming languages that are used for making the viruses, worms, Trojan Horse etc as well as for making the security of the internet. Now day’s majority of the users uses internet and are much aware of the security. The different programming languages help in securing the internet.

A. Report Layout

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Outline of the thesis

In this technology drive world, the usage of modern technology through different programming languages helps not only in the advancement of internet security but also helps in covering up the loopholes in securing the internet. Internet security doesn’t limit itself in securing the internet browsers only but also extends its security towards the operating system as well as other software in the computer system (Gold, 2013). This is because; other than the external drives, internet is another major way through which the viruses, worms, Trojan horse, malwares and spywares can enter the system and damage the data and information within the system. There are several steps that are adopted to fight against these viruses and worms. The data are encrypted using the programming languages that are used for securing the internet and the system.  

This research will be dealing about the programming languages that are used for securing the internet, the requirement of securing the internet and the methods of reducing the ill effects of the viruses, worm’s etc. to the system thereby making it safe for all the users.

1.2 Problem Statement

With the increase in hacking and entry of the worms and viruses, now days there are several antiviruses available in the market that are made based on different programming languages. The consumers get confused sometimes in choosing among the antivirus that will be suiting best for the system and the user. In this report, the researcher will be discussing about different internet security procedures available in the market based on the different programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Perl etc. The problem regarding the selection of the best internet security and the causes of the internet security will also be discussed.

1.3 Research Questions

  • What according to your opinion there is a requirement of internet security?
  • What is the available programming languages used for coding the antivirus programs?
  • What are the reasons according to you compels you to use security system for your internet?

1.4 Previewing the structure of the research paper

1st chapter: Introduction: This section will be focused regarding the topic of internet security briefly along with the programming languages that is essential for securing the internet. In addition to this, the problem statement on this issue is also discussed along with the research questions.

2nd chapter: Literature Review: There are different ways of attacking the internet and finding loopholes for attacking the computer and internet system. So, for securing the internet and the computer system, there are several programming languages that are used for securing the system as well as the internet. So, this section will be discussing about the different theories and programming languages that are in use for securing the internet as well as the computer. The pros and cons of the different programming languages used for securing the internet and system will also be discussed vividly.

3rd chapter: Research Methodology: This chapter of the research work will be concerned with the methods of data collection, research approaches, research design as well as research philosophy. This helps the researcher in analyzing the research topic in the most methodical manner for the better understanding of the readers.

4th chapter: Results and Findings: This section of the research work will be concerned with the results and findings that the researcher has received from the data collected for this research work. These research findings help the researcher in in-depth understanding of the topic.

5th chapter: Discussion and Analysis: This section of the research work will be analyzing the findings and results of the data collected by the researcher for this research work. This facilitated the researcher in understanding and gaining a thorough knowledge on the topic.

6th chapter: Conclusion: In this tech savvy world, with the growing importance of the internet, security of the internet is also increasing in a rapid way. There are various securities available in the market that is made of several programming languages for securing the system and the computer. The researcher will be summing up the different research results related to this topic.


Chapter 2

Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

Gold (2013) commented that internet now days have become an inseparable part in everyone’s life. The usage of internet has facilitated the users in coming in contact with each other very easily and made the world small in dimension. Ziegeldorf et al. (2013) also had a view regarding this topic is that in this modern era of technology and internet usage, the security of the internet is essential for every user for protecting their systems. This section of the research work will be dealing with the concepts of internet security and internet safety, different types of internet attacks and the ways of securing the internet. Along with this, the need and requirement of internet security and the pros and cons of different programming languages that are used for securing the internet are also discussed vividly.

2.2 Internet Safety and Internet Security

Kim and Chung (2013) commented that internet security and internet safety are the closely related terms but there lies a hairline difference between the two terms and understanding these terms help the researcher in better understanding of the research topic. Internet security is the application of the programming languages in securing the internet from the hackers and 3rd party unauthorized users. With the advancement of the technology and programming languages, there are several languages available in the market that is used for securing the internet. On the other hand, Pawlik (2014) had a view that internet safety is the protection of the internet from the outside threats and risks. Both internet security and internet safety is essential for preventing redundancy of data, protection of internet and maintenance of safety.

2.3 Different types of internet attacks

With the increase in internet usage and usage of modern technology, the attacks on the internet have also increased to a considerable extent. There are different types of internet attacks that are discussed below-  

Virus- According to Nie (2013) a virus is itself a program that gets activated in the system by attaching themselves to the files and executable objects in the system. Viruses reach the system through cracked software, email attachments, internet and CDs. The file virus attacks the executable programs through “.com” and “.exe” extensions. The script viruses are written using different script languages such as JavaScript, BAT, VBS, PHP etc. and they infect Linux and Windows command and service files along with  HTML if it allow the scripts to execute.

Worms- Kim and Chung (2013) commented that worms are also the programs that imitate themselves from one system to another system without the actual use of the host file. It is generally a 99-line bootstrap program that is jotted down in C language along with reloadable object file in Sun-3 and VAX flavors. Worms generally exist within the Excel and Word files and will discharge a document that has “worm” macro in the document. The worm generally uses a trap door in the SMTP mail service that uses a bug in the debugging codes for executing a command interpreter across a mail connection.

Trojan Horse- Pawlik (2014) had a view that Trojan Horses are the malware programs that are generally found in “.com” and “.exe” executable files. Trojan horses are generally termed as security breaking program that infects the Operating System of Windows that are most popularly used.  Generally, these programming languages enter the system, through various sites, attached files and extension files.

Spyware and Adware- According to Nie (2013) Spyware and Adware are also the programming languages that also the common attacks through internet. It initially tracks downs the findings of the user’s search of the internet and on the basis of that the users are provided with the services. It is a modification of the HTML package that enters the computer through the web browsers, browser theme, enhancements and games. Gold (2013) also commented on the fact that the adware’s are also the programming languages that are displayed with the advertisement of the web browser of the user.

2.4 Ways of securing the internet

There are several ways of securing the internet from the attacks of the viruses, worms, adware, malwares and Trojan Horses. These are discussed as follows-

Encryption of data- According to Ziegeldorf et al. (2013) encryption of data is the conversation of electronic data into cipher text form that cannot be understood by the unauthorized parties and can be easily understood by the intended sender and receiver. The data are encrypted to maintain the integrity of data, authenticating the data as well as to prevent the redundancy of data. The modern algorithms of encryption are used for securing the IT systems and maintain the confidentiality in the communications. Generally Java and C programming languages are used for powerful encryption of data.

Usage of firewalls- Firewalls are also an effective method of securing the internet from the hacking and unauthorized users. Pawlik (2014) commented on the fact that the programming languages that are used for the firewalls are C++, Java and Python that helps in making the firewalls strong enough to prevent 3rd party interruption. Firewalls pass the message in the most selective way by screening out the messages that are prone to attacks.

Usage of secured Email- According to Kim and Chung (2013) the usage of secured email system is another efficient way of securing the internet from the hackers and unauthorized trespassers and users. The virus, Trojan Horse etc all attaches themselves in the extension files of the emails and while the users download it, these infected programs enter into the computer system thereby damaging the system extensively. To prevent this, the users need to stay alert regarding these emails and should not download or open these files. The automatic downloading modes need to be disabled for preventing these attacks.

Secured way of web browsing- Nie (2013) had a view that the users have a tendency of browsing the internet and entering the restricted sites. This is a way for attacking the IT system and breaking the security of the system. In order to prevent this, the users need to take the web browsing in a most serious way. The tools need to be used for deactivating the IP addresses trackers that reduces the spread of worms and viruses in the IT systems.

2.5 Need of Internet Security

It is essential to secure the internet with the increasing attacks of the internet. Pawlik (2014) commented that with the advancement of the technology and usage of internet, attacks regarding it are also increasing in a rapid pace. So, in order to prevent data redundancy and manipulation of data, internet security is essential.

2.6 Pros and Cons of different programming languages used in internet security

There are several pros and cons regarding the programming languages used for securing the internet. According to Kim and Chung (2013), Java can be used since it has a huge support base, and have application servers such as J2EE for web based applications. The C and C++ language if used gives speed and efficiency at the time of single HTTP transaction. The PHP can be easily embedded in the HTML and integrates well with apache. The Python is relatively easy for linking the C code and is well expressive and clean.

In contrast to this, Ziegeldorf et al. (2013) commented that there are certain cons also using these programming languages. Usage of Python makes the system slow for certain tasks and the unusual syntax such as usage of white-space frightens the people who are used to C- syntax. Again, PHP is also slow and the language is vague. The absence of dynamic language features and huge implementation overhead for CGI makes the Java language used for internet security a bit difficult. The C and C++ language are easy programming languages and are prone to attacks.

2.7 Summary

In this section, the different programming languages are discussed that are used for securing the internet. Along with this, the different kinds of attacks along with the programming languages that are used for making these viruses, worms, Trojan Horses etc. are made are also discussed vividly.


Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction        

According to Pawlik (2014), research methodology is a specific process through which we can carry out our own study and do the respective research on the basis of which we can figure out the effective business decision from the collected raw data and information. In short ‘research methodology’ is the study for carrying out the research. In research methodology, there are two broader types of classification which are qualitative research and quantitative research. In qualitative research it helps to understand the motive of what, how, where of the behavior of the people on whose reply the whole study depends and also reasons of their reply criteria. In quantitative research it deals with the statistical and mathematical analysis of the data and on the basis of these analyses also the evaluation of the results. To carry out this research successfully we can do some types of research as experiments, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, participants and non-participants observation, observation trials etc.

3.2 Research Design 

Kim and Chung  (2013), commented that Research design refers to a schematic outline which describes how an investigation will look like. In short through research design we can get the whole blue print of the study which describes the whole virtual structure of the study starting from the collection of data, what instruments to use and how to use. The whole research design can be of three types as exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. In this study the descriptive design of the research study is chosen where the whole structure of the design and also the quantitative part of the design can be analyzed. This descriptive structure includes the surveys, observations and analysis of the data and also the facts- findings analysis.

3.3 Data collection Methods

In a very easy way data can be divided into two parts. One is primary data which are collected from the direct contact with the respondent and also doing the open ended interview through the internet users and also on the basis of the survey which is done through the questionnaire process and on the other hand the secondary data is on the basis of the others analysis of the research on which the re analysis is done from this point of view and most probably the sources of the secondary data are journals, magazines, analysis reports, etc.

3.4 Hypothesis

For doing this research in a successful way, distributed the questionnaire which is prepared to do the analysis among round of 100 internet users through which it can easily deduce the facts that how many people are concerned about the internet security and for this process what types of protection they take. Among those 100 users 50 of them are responded back which helps to carry out the research work successfully and to deduce an effective conclusion.

3.5 Summary

In this whole chapter it is discussed the whole about the techniques of design, collected data, methods, hypothesis which will be used in the analysis of the data and information which is used and also give the detailed view of the step to step approach and the guidelines how to carry out the research and also discuss about the whole content of the research methodology.


Chapter 4

Results and Findings

4.1 Introduction

In the previous chapter it is discussed how the data will be collected and how to analyze them for the better understanding of the topic. So to analyze the topic the whole questionnaire is prepared which is distribute among the internet users related to my research work which looks like as given bellow

4.2 Quantitative Analysis (for users)

  1. For how many years you are using the internet?


No of respondents

Total respondents


1-2 years




3-5 years




6-10 years




11-15 years




More than 15 years




Table1: use of the internet

In this above graph, it shows that among the 100% of the user’s 14 % are using for 1-2 years, 40% are using for 3-5 years, 20% are using for 6-10 years, 16% for 11-15 years and only 1o% for more than 15 years are using the internet.

  1. Which devices you use maximum for accessing Internet facility?


No. of respondents

Total respondents


















Table2: maximum access of the internet

In this graph, it shows that now days 20% of the users are using from the computers, 40% are using from the laptops which are more, 10% are using from tablets and the rest 30% are utilizing their phones for internet access.

  1. To what extent are you concerned about the internet security?


No of respondents

Total respondents


Most likely
















Very less




Table 3: awareness of the internet security

In this graph, 40% and 20% of the users are concerned about the internet security most likely and likely, 15% of the users are neutral and 12 % and 10% are less and very less concerned about the internet security.

Chapter 5


1. It is deduced that more than 40% of the users are using internet for 3 – 5 years, and it shows that recently for 5 years the use of the internet are increased in a higher rate as it tells that now everything is getting to be possible through the internet connection. So in today’s life internet is going to be the best resource of everything.

2. Maximum numbers of the users are using the internet from the laptops and phones as mostly the every time the internet connections are connected from these two devices so the getting effected from the internet threats of these two devices are increasing day by day.

3. Hacking, virus attacks are also increasing day by day which can cause the deadly damage to the devices so the internet users are getting much more concern about the internet security because the attacks of the intruders are also increasing in a rapid rate.

Chapter 6


As going through the research which I completed by now it gets cleared that internet security is one of the rising concern for everybody because now days about 95% of the people of 100 are using internet in their daily basis. So if we have to pay our taxes, bills and also to do our online shopping etc internet is the most things which we needed. So to protect our devices, to avoid to get attacked and to protect our personal information internet security is the foremost important things to do.


Reflective Report

By going through the above study I concluded that internet security is the most important factor to consider in our daily life. As everybody is getting busier in day by day so to reduce the time consuming work to short span most of the things are getting computerized so that in less time we can do much more work. To reduce the consuming time and to do the much more work the usage of the internet is increasing in a rapid manner. As we all know the thing which has the good side to consider also have the bad side which can effect more rapidly to users. So to decrease this numbers of attacks and to get protected from the internet threats now internet users are taking different steps which can control these types of attack and also many types of security is also introduced.

By going through this study I came to know that the hackers and the intruders are also using different types of the new technologies so that they hack the others computers and can steal the user’s personal information and also can corrupt the hard disk of the computers which can crash the whole computer system and also introduced the different types of dangerous malicious viruses. Some of the internet threats which can cause to the serious damage to the computers system are viruses, Trojan horse, malware, adware etc which attacks through web browsing, emails, CDs, DVDs or the external hard disk etc. as noticed that some types of viruses attacks the computers in such a way that the users cannot even realize that they are replicating automatically in numbers that they are occupying the more space of the computer’s memory, some others can track the IP addresses, email address so that they can do the leakage of the important data of the emails. Since these attacks of the internet threats and their security issues are increasing with the advancement of the internet technology.

After gathering that much knowledge of the internet security I can clearly understand one thing that to give the security of the internet threats is not that much easy and that cannot also be reduced in a full manner. So to protect ourselves we have to do the daily measure which can kept us free from threats and among that daily measures some are using firewalls, securing web browsers, securing emails, using of the encrypted format of the data . Through firewalls we can make barrier between our computers and the outside world which can checks and even do the primary scan of the very data and information which is coming and going to and from the computers. By encryption and decryption of the Data we can coded the messages to a coded form which only can decoded by the sender and the receiver of the messages. It can decrease the redundancy, misuse and the loss of the data. By securing browser we can prevent the hackers to track our web history, to open the unwanted pages and the sites. In most basic protection from the internet attacks we can install the updated antivirus which can give the basic protection from the virus and also prevents to get opened the unwanted harmful web pages automatically.

To carry out this project and to get the practical scenario of the today’s internet attacks and the security provided from these types attacks I had done a surveys of the 100 internet users and did the quantitative analysis of the answers which I get from the 50 users who responded back to me and all the protection which I have discussed is fully on the basis on the problem which the responded mentioned.

Most of the users are already very much concern about the internet security and are taking the various measure to protect themselves from the threats and only few more users are there who are neutral that they are not that much concerned about the threats facts and also have to tell and give them the knowledge about the internet threats and the required protection from the internet threats and how to take it and what to do. These protections help in giving the data security, data redundancy and to maintain the data integration. To do the internet security we can use some of the programming languages among them some are c/c++, java, PHP, Python etc.

By using python we can clean and expressive the internet browser and also easy for the web developers to use but also have the some disadvantages which is come generally with all the advantages are that it becomes very slow for some program, and also very hard to choose the exact server which will be suitable because in some of the web browser it gets slow. In PHP, it is very good for the beginner of the programming, it can be coded in HTML language and also get the good integration as I tell it also have some of the cons that are through this PHP implementation it might can change the code of the programming without the note which can might cause the security error. By java as language in pros side we can get the more commercial support as much more tools are available to do the work and also the have the applications server for some of the web based applications and in its cons side it is highly executed language in which the chance of the errors are maximum and also have the lack of dynamic features of the languages.


Reference List

Kim, K. and Chung, K. (2013) IT convergence and security 2012, Dordrecht: Springer

Gold, S. (2013) “Getting lost on the Internet: the problem with anonymity”, Network Security, pp.10-13

Pawlik, A. (2014) “Safeguarding the future of the Internet”, Computer Fraud & Security, 2014(6), pp.13-15

Ziegeldorf, J., Morchon, O. and Wehrle, K. (2013) “Privacy in the Internet of Things: threats and challenges” Security Comm. Networks, 7(12), pp.2728-2742

Nie, X. (2013) “Security Threats and Countermeasures in the Internet of Things Based on RFID”, AMM, 380-384, pp.2817-2821


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