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Research Report On Reliabilty And Validity

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  What were the research findings? For analyzing the hypothesis on the effects of stress on the memory of a person it is important to understand the two perspective of hypothesis conducted for completing the research study. It is important to notice that is there any difference on the basis of procedure of conducting the test or on basis of time (Blonna, 2014). For commenting on the reliability and validity of the results of a hypothesis, it is important to understand the difference between the observations from the participants in the interview session. A self assessment test was conducted with about 20 participants and it was found that the response of the participants was different in two different sessions (CAO, LIU, TIAN & GUO, 2012). In the first session the participants were full of stress and the memory of the participants did not work that much as compared to the session after the break. It was found from the experiment that the memory of the participants responded more effectively when there is less stress, i.e. after the break. As the participants got time to rest, their mind went through a restoration period and the capacity of their mind to memories the words increased. Hence, it was found from the hypothesis that a human minds works better when the stress level is low (Carmines & Zeller, n.d.). What Statistics were included in this section? For conducting the research different types of participants are used, those who faces stress in their daily job. Through the research different types of variables are used that are analyzed to get the outcomes of the research (Franzen, Robbins & Sawicki, 1989). These variables are of two types. One is dependent variables and the other is the independent variables. Dependable variables are different from that of independent variables because of their dependency with other variables. The variables that are directly related with stress and memory capacity are dependent variable whereas those variables which are correlated with the other variables are independent variables. Here in this hypothesis, the correlation between the dependent and the independent variables are utilized to get a huge difference in the observation of the hypothesis. These variables are compulsory for conducting a research study. The variables are collected by conducting the interview and self assessment program in which the T-test was done with the use of the variables (Kirk & Miller, 1986). The variables collected can be represented in tabular format that will help the researcher in solving the research problems. Here the data that sates that the participant is able to “answer how many questions” and “job of the participant” are useful variable that helps to find the outcome of the research.   Did the authors report any reliability data for their measures? What were they? Did you note construct validity in this experiment? If so, what type? Yes the author has provided reliability of data because the author has supported the data with a personal interview and self assessment session that proves the reliability of the data collected for analysis in the research study (Aven & Heide, 2009). The measurement of number of words remembered by each participants, result for each session, etc. are the examples of reliability of data that is been used in the research study. The hypothesis also shows signs of construct validity because it is conducted on the basis of the personal interview and self assessment of the participants. No external source of data is been used in the hypothesis. Describe the possible research findings and measures that would be used to assess the experimental outcomes. The results from the interview can be used as variables which would help in statistical analysis. Through statistical analysis the finding and measures can be utilized to get the final outcome of the research study (Koc & Erdemoglu, 2010). The variables can be used to find the standard deviation to know the difference in the observation of the variables and correlation and regression to know the inter dependency of the variables. From this measures and findings the outcome of the research is obtained that shows the statistical analysis of the data. The statistical data for how many words the student remembers, stress level of the student, etc. helps the researcher to make the statistical analysis with numeric values and this further helps to find the actual outcome of the hypothesis (Sherif, 1987). Define the proposed statistical methods as either descriptive or inferential with a specific example that supports your choice. Here in this hypothesis, descriptive statistical analysis is used to show the results of the findings and measures (Litwin, 1995). The analysis done explains the outcome of the report and provides enough information to know the final outcome of the hypothesis. Hence, the descriptive method is suitable in this hypothesis. This hypothesis generally depends on descriptive analysis therefore a descriptive statistical method is been used in this research study. This shows that the variables used in the hypothesis are reliable and valid because it is supported by a personal interview and self assessment of the participants (Acaroglu, Suhonen, Sendir & Kaya, 2010). Discussions After all the research work has been done it can be said that the research findings are certainly supported the hypothesis to a great extent. After thoroughly examined of the research studies one can easily find impact of stress on the memory of human beings. As it is told in the hypothesis human brain can be certainly affected by daily life stress to a huge extent (Schubert, 2009). The memory power can be decreased if the level of stress exerted on brain is increased. For example the persons who have been working regular for about 14 to 18 hours and have lack of sleep can lose the memory power to some of extent. Was the research reliable? Why or why not? The research work which has been done is certainly reliable. As shown in the research work, human brain can react to stress. It can cause shortage of memory to those who are very busy and have lead to live stressed life for their studies or work or for some other reasons. A lot of important statistics c

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