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Critically evaluate the key theories and models that underpin various contemporary resource integration management practices and informed choices with regard to their validity and reliability for general adoption and critically analyze key strategic concept or factors guiding or affecting planning, policy development, implementation and management of resource integration in an NZ business.



The resource integration management is the process of managing different resources and integrating them so that the organization can achieve efficiency. A business organization has access to different kinds of resources which are used together for the business operations and performing business related activities. The basic function of a business organization is to utilize different resources and develop a product which can be sold to the customers. The resource integration management is the process of integrating different tangible and intangible resources for manufacturing the final product. The organization needs to examine various techniques through which it can integrate these resources and increase its efficiency (Land & Greene, 2000). In integrated resource management method, the organization optimally uses all the resources of the organization so that the output of the organization can be achieved successfully and efficiently.

The business organizations need to perform a number of activities to achieve success in the marketplace. Fletcher Building Limited is one of the largest building material construction supplier companies in New Zealand. It has more than 20,000 employees and has more than 34 business units spread all across the globe. The company operates in five division, building products, international business, distribution, construction and residential and land developments. The company delivers high quality products and services to the clients which are used to enhance the quality of life of different people. The building materials will be used for building highways, tunnels and bridges. It is one of the fastest growing manufacturing product suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The business organizations need to perform a number of activities to accomplish their operations or complete their projects. All the business across different industries undertakes some sort of project; however, the business organizations need to optimize its strategies so that it can address its demands and customer requirements (Kleinaltenkamp, Brodie, Frow, Hughes, Peters & Woratschek, 2012).

Resource Planning

The resource planning refers to the planning process in which the organization ensures that sufficient resources are present within the organization when they are needed. These resources include the financial resources, production process, information technology and human resources. The project management realm of the organization is responsible for the resource management of the organization. It is also important for the organization to execute and monitor a project successfully. The goals of the resource planning are to ensure that different equipment and machinery are available in the organization. The workforce of the organization is equipped with the skills and talent for any new or specific role and there is adequate number of workforce to execute a project successfully (Peters, et al., 2014).

The company has successfully positioned itself at a prime position in the Australian and the New Zealand market. In order to attain this position, the company has implemented several resource planning strategies. These strategies have been helpful for the organization in the execution of different construction projects from renovation of the houses to the construction of the entire building. Being the largest construction companies of New Zealand, the company has to handle a large number of projects simultaneously.


The project management of the construction work is a complex process. Most of the construction companies have a large number of projects which are needed to be executed simultaneously. The organization needs to strategize its resources so that all the projects can be executed simultaneously with minimal resource requirements (Salonen & Jaakkola, 2015).

In the project management of these construction projects, the project manager allocates different resources to different projects at different times. It is done so that the organization can execute a large number of projects simultaneously. The project management is also important in benchmarking against the competitors and establishing the industry leading standards. Currently, most of the organizations are implementing the resource management principles in their operations so that they can they can achieve the optimization of the resources. In the present times, the competition among the business organizations has intensified and the profitability margins have reduced (Vargo, Maglio & Akaka, 2008). In order to attract a large number of customers, the companies are reducing their charges for these projects. Therefore, the efficient use of resources has a major role in the business operations of the organization. It is important to increase the profitability of the organization as well as compete with other people. Resource management is also essential in meeting the industry standards. With the increase in competition and industry rivalry, most of the organizations have started managing their resource efficiently. It is also beneficial in increasing the quality of the product.

The project management is a significant aspect of the construction industry which can be deduced from the fact that the concept of project management originated in the construction industry. It is crucial for the construction sector as these companies have to manage a large number of projects on time and with limited budget and high level of risk. The construction project is complex, large and usually involves substantial costs with little to no profit margins (Gummesson & Mele, 2010). Therefore, resource management is important in managing the construction costs, and managing the resources and the budget in the best possible manner. The resource management also ensures the final deliverable meets the quality standards, quality assurance is important in the construction industry as any kind of negligence can create dangerous situations for the company.

The resource management is also important for the organization as the project environment influences the success of the project implementation. The project environment encompasses factors such as availability of resources, legislative environment and physical conditions such as the weather, competitors and the location of the project. In the project or the resource management of construction companies, the management develops a number of objectives or strategies such that the operational activities of the project are accomplished within a specific time frame (Grönroos, 2011). In the project management, a large number of departments come together to work on a single project. All these departments have different expectations and outcomes from the project. It is important to align the scope, cost, time and quality of different departments to execute the project successfully.  The resource management of the organization assists in specifying the project budget, project timelines, maintaining the quality standards and developing the project team. It also contributes in procurement of the labor and other resources for the organization. It is also important in proper control, planning and estimating the entire construction project. The construction project is large and complex and requires skilled and talented workforce. These projects may face challenges arising from improper communication. The project management requires effective communication mechanism for resolving conflicts among different project participants.

The capacity development of the organization is dependent upon its forecasting activities. All the construction companies including Fetcher Building conducts a demand forecast to analyze the future demands. After a thorough analysis, they plan for the capacity, process and operations so that the customer demand can be fulfilled. In addition to it, scheduling and control methods can be used for effective resource management and capacity development. If the organization is unable to address the current demand, it can conduct outsourcing as a mode of capacity generation.


Policy Development

Fetcher Building has developed several policies and guidelines to ensure that all the construction projects are executed simultaneously and with efficacy. The organization needs to manage these projects within limited budget, time and resources. Therefore, construction companies need to maintain strict control over project schedule and costs. It controls the organization from over-budgeting and wastage (Edvardsson, Tronvoll & Gruber, 2011).

The company has developed a large number of policies regarding communication between different team members, worker’s health and safety and coordination of resources. As discussed above, the human resources are the most vital aspect of the organization’s resources; however, their management is still a complex process. The management should ensure that the workers’ health and safety are maintained during the operations of the organization (Turner, 2016). The organization has made policies for the same. Before the construction project, the construction site is evaluated for the risks. In the resource integration management, the risk assessment is a vital component. In this phase, a risk assessment is conducted regarding different risks such as operational risk, construction risk and other risk to identify the possible risks which can be encountered by the organization. A policy is developed by the organization to address the risk posed by the project (Baron & Warnaby, 2011). The company makes all the provisions such as providing safety equipment and machinery for the employees. The employees are trained for safety principles.

In addition, company also makes policies regarding the effective use of organization’s resources. Different project managers should ensure that the resources of the organization are used in the optimal manner. Besides the physical resources, there are intangible resources such as knowledge existent in the organization as well as the skills of the employees which are critical in the success of the organization. The organization should also ensure that there is equal distribution of the tangible and intangible organization’s resources so that the organization can achieve maximum efficiency (Papke-Shields & Boyer-Wright, 2017). The construction projects are complex and require effective methods for the communication and resolving conflicts among the participants (Kerzner, 2013). The operations management is essential in reducing the operational cost while increasing the quality of the products. It can increase the timelines, reliability and the quality of the products.

Implementation and Management of Resource Integration

As discussed above, resource integration is crucial for the construction organizations like Fetcher Building. The company has developed a large number of strategies for the resource integration practices. All the resources of the companies can be categorized into three main categories, namely, intangible resources, tangible resources and the human resources. The tangible resources include all the physical devices or equipment of the organization. The infrastructure of the company, telecommunication system and other equipment required to carry out the building construction are considered a part of the tangible resources (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). These resources assist the organization in its business operations or the employees use them to carry out the daily activities. The tangible assets refer to the fixed assets such as machinery, building and the land of the organization. In addition, it also includes the current asset to the organization which refers to the inventory (Larson & Gray, 2013). In the current organization, the inventory comprises of the construction equipment and material. It also includes cash and other financial assets.


The intangible resources are non-physical resources of the organization. It includes the knowledge, patent or the intellectual property of the organization. In addition to it, it also encompasses the good will, brand image and the copyright of the company. It can be critiqued that the current company has intangible resource of brand image and goodwill. The company has a long history in the Australian and the New Zealand market. The company has successfully implemented a large number of successful projects in both the countries (Schwalbe, 2015). The gross revenue of the company is 2.5 billion dollars which shows the strong financial position of the company in the domestic market. Along with it, the company has also ventured into a number of international projects in the nearby countries. It shows the good brand image of the organization. The company has also skilled labor and higher level staff. Fetcher Building has implemented a number of knowledge management strategies for the effective resource management. There is a proper communication and information management system. The company follows a proper mentoring and training system for training employees. With the mentoring, the skills can be transferred to the new employees of the organization. The human resource management of system regularly analyzed the changes in the skills and the technological developments. They assure that the workers of the company are well-equipped with different skills and knowledge. The company also implements regular training sessions (Snyder, 2014). In addition to it, the company also has an effective information management system for managing the information. All the important changes and key information are stored in a centralized system. This system can be accessed by the authorities and the official personnel. Along with it, relevant employees can also access the information pertaining to their department. This method increases the efficiency of the organization as a whole. However, the company also ensures that the sensitive information of the organization is protected. It has made control measures for the IT security. The company has implemented firewalls and passwords so that unauthorized person cannot access the confidential information of the organization (Walker, 2015).

The third of the organization is its human resources. In the construction industry, the proper management of the human resource is important as these projects are complex, large and requires large number of human resources. Improper communication between different team members may result in conflicts among the participants (Eriksson, 2013). The company has one of the largest workforces in the entire Australia. Fetcher building has implemented several recruitment strategies to hire the best workforce in the industry. Proper screening is conducted so that the employees recruited in the company are talented and skilled. The recruitment of the candidates is conducted in various stages, in the first stage, the technical skills of the candidates is selected (Leach, 2014). In addition, in the next stage, the personality and the temperament of the candidates are determined. These methods ensure that the candidate has appropriate skills and personality which aligns with the organization culture of the company. The company also implements a number of strategies for increasing the employee engagement within the company. The company ensures that the employee attain a high level of job satisfaction from their work and attain a sense inclusiveness with the work and the organization. The employees should remain motivated to conduct the job to thee best of their ability (Verzuh, 2015). The organization also assures that the employees have the right support, information and the tools for excelling at their work.


In order to conduct efficient management of resources, the company conducts a survey with the employees of the company and asks for their requirements. Afterwards, the company makes provisions to address the requirements of the employees. Asking for the employee feedback assists the organization for the efficient management of resources (Bryde, Broquetas, & Volm, 2013). The employee feedback also assists the organization in taking actions and initiatives to increase the employee engagement with the organization. It can be used for developing effective employee targets, creating incentive schemes and creating staff engagement targets. The initiatives of organization can be implementation of communication programs, recognition awards and learning and development programs to increase the efficiency of the organization (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). Moreover, it has also implemented several strategies to increase the diversity of the workforce.

The company implements the resource integration principles in the management of all the three resources. During the implementation, the organization allocates different resources to different projects. For the effective management, various software tools such as Gantt Chart can be used. The allocation or the implementation procedure of the organization is dependent upon the resource planning process. In the resource planning, the managers plan the quantity and the quality of different resources. The resource manager generates statistical data relevant to different resources. It helps in allocation and distribution of the resources optimally. The manager ensures that the organization has all the required resources at a particular time. If the resources are not available, it is the responsibility of the manager to outsource the work or address the issue in any other manner. There are several challenges in the implementation stage also (Hwang & Ng, 2013). Sometimes, the work goes behind the schedule which requires extra resources. It jeopardizes the entire planning process of the organization.


Conclusively, it can be stated that the resource integration management is one of the significant aspect in the construction industry. The companies operational in the construction industry have to undertake and execute challenging projects. These projects have low margin, long duration and high risk profile. As a result, the organization needs to conduct optimal planning. The business organizations perform resource integration planning process for the optimal resource allocation throughout the different phases of each project. It ensures that the maximum productivity can be achieved with minimal resources. In each and every project, the business organizations need different kinds of resources. The resource integration process ensures that the organization has all the resources at a given time. Fetcher Building is the leading construction company in New Zealand. It has undertaken and executed a large number of construction projects in the country. Along with it, it has also executed a large number of projects in the foreign countries. The company has an access to a number of resources. The main resources of the company can be categorized into tangible resources, intangible resources and human resources. The tangible resources of the organization refer to the physical devices. On the other hand, the intangible resources of the organization refer to the non-physical devices which include intellectual property, patents and the tacit knowledge within the organization. The company has developed an information management system for preserving this information. The third resource of the organization is its human resource. It is a vital resource of the organization as the success of an organization is dependent upon its human resource.



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