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Imagine that you are selected as the screenwriter for a new Back to the Future film. Your sponsors ask that you select a modern figure from popular culture and send him or her back to the time of the American Revolution. Do not select a political figure for this Assignment.

Part I: Introduce your individual. Who are they today? Why are you selecting this person for the Assignment? Give context for the person you have chosen, as people in the Revolutionary Era would not be familiar with this person.

Part II: Next, put the person into the historical time. What role will they play in the events – for example, a leader, a rebel, a supporter, an artist? You get to decide. How will your individual respond to the American Revolutionary efforts? You will write a short narrative of their adventures. This can be written as an essay, play, or short story.


Part -1

Mr. Johnny Depp is a popular actor in today`s popular culture era. Mr. Johnny Depp is suitable for the role because he has this image of playing the role of people who have been in the past. His role in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was well appraised. From the viewpoint of a screenwriter, he would very well suit the role of a revolutionary in the American Revolution era. The people of that era shall not recognize the actor as he is from today`s generation. Mr. Depp has a nature to see things on equal scales and is a very socially aware human being. The inner character of the actor would assist him a lot in bringing out the character in the film.

The Screenplay:

Part -2

The actor is a present day celebrity with a worldwide fan following. The actor enjoys his work and the fame that he has with him. He travels to global film festivals and is heartily welcome by the fans everywhere. He does not have time to go for adventures and spend some time alone in peace; the usual routine has put him into boredom. Therefore, the actor has decided to go to Japan for some adventures and sightseeing. On his way to Japan, on the flight he meets a Japanese Scientist who sits on a seat next to him. Since the journey was long and Mr. Depp has an interactive nature, so he starts talking to this man. The name of the scientist is Hoshino Nagakawa. They talk about World War 2 between Japan and America, and the American Revolution. Mr. Depp takes an inquisitive interest in knowing the viewpoint of an outsider on the revolution. Mr. Nagakawa says many a things, which our actor is unaware of, and there starts an argument between them. The scientist is a genius, who is presently working on a “Time Machine” and offers Mr. Depp to secretly go on an adventure to the past and see the history with his own eyes and realise the truth of the American Revolution.

On reaching Japan Mr. Depp accompanies the scientist and his curiousness to know more makes him agree to travel on the time machine. After sitting inside the machine, within a flip of an eye blink he reaches in the year 1766. People on the road are staring weirdly towards him, as they were not acquainted of a man with such dress and hairstyle. The actor sees a huge protest against the British rule and the loyalist (Shea, 2011). There were remonstrations going on for the colonisation of the thirteen colonies, which would create the United States of America. Mr. Depp had never seen such cruelty and inequality in the American society before this. He decides to be a revolutionary and help the people.

1766: Taxes levied on the colonies

In the year 1766, the British had imposed a huge tax on the colonies to raise revenues (Woodard, 2011). The revolutionaries protested in a huge mass as the taxes were high, they had already paid huge taxes, and 25000 soldiers fought the French (Moore, 2005). The Parliament had imposed a tax on the use of paper money. The sugar act took place after it, which imposed duties on many articles (Carlson, 2012).

1767: The Townshend Act

The next year, the Townshend Act came into force, which imposed a huge tax on paper, glass and tea. There were many protests and bloodshed, as the British was very prejudiced. The demonstration went on and many innocents were killed (Allison, 2011). Mr. Depp sees a new world and forgets about his own life, which he used to live. As a revolutionary, he became very popular amongst the mass and an enemy of the British Empire. Year went by like this, America attains it freedom, and the formation of colonies takes place. The death of the martyrs created an ample amount of respect in the heart of Mr. Depp. He then returns to the present time. He was agitated, devastated but was happy that he could become a part of such a huge revolution he realises the true meaning of freedom, and feels that the present generation should not waste the sacrifice of the revolutionaries. Mr. Nagakawa feels happy to see Mr. Depp and realises that Mr. Depp has enjoyed a very long vacation and then he sends him back to that day when he had started his journey.

Difference with today`s United States of America:

In today`s modern America the situation is very different, people are free, the government of America is for the people, of the people and by the people. There is no injustice on the citizens and the nationals of other countries.   



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