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Rough Draft: Home School Verses Public School Add in library

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Describe about the  rough draft of the thesis is based on the compare and contrast about Home school versus Public school?


Introduction –

The rough draft of the thesis is based on the compare and contrast about Home school versus Public school. There is a discussion about the difference in Home school education and the Public school education. Both education style are having their own advantages and dis advantages. According to the survey (Homeschool World, 2015)in U.S parents are focusing more on home school in comparison to the public school. The thesis consist of the discussion about the impact of home school and public school on success in their life. 

Home School versus Public School–

Now a days parents in US are declining more towards the home school education system so that their children are always under their eye(Dougherty, 2002). And are aware of their performance regarding their studies. Home school is the education system in which children are giving education inside the home by their parents or tutor.

Home school –

Home school is now a days famous in US parents. Parents thinking have changed then are trying to provide their children maximum education in the home by the help of any tutor or by themselves(Public Schools, 2012). Parents are always concern about their children so they are declining towards home school education system. There are various advantages and disadvantages of home schooling –

Advantages –

  • The positive environment of home help children to learn and grasp knowledge easily.
  • Parents can motivate their children easily to concentrate on their study in comparison of public school teachers.
  • The basic knowledge regarding subjects can be provided easily by parents with a practical knowledge as well(Homeschool World, 2015).
  • It helps parents to increase their household income level.

Disadvantages –

  • Parents sometimes are unable to give proper and complete knowledge regarding the every subject.
  • Parents are not certified teachers so the knowledge given by them may not be updated regarding subjects(McKay &Guscott, 2005).
  • The home school students may face communication problem in comparison of public school students.

Public School –

Public school are the school which are owned by government or any private organization. The students in public schools belong to different environment and families(Poole, 2009). Public school charges money for providing education to the children as well as they provide the certificate.


Advantage of Public school –

  • The education provided by the public school are updated and according to the requirement of the student.

  • The teacher of public school are updated regarding their skills and knowledge with a proper certification.

  • The students of public school are confident about their communication skills and knowledge regarding any of their subjects in comparison of home school student(Spring, 2011).

  • Public school is having students from different environment so every student get an advantages of interacting with different environment students and know about their culture and etc.

  • The techniques are different and updated of public school in comparison of home school.

  • The certificate provided by public school is better as home school education do not give any certificate(Spring & Spring, 2008).

Disadvantages of public school –

  • There is a chance that the study material provided by public school is outdated.

  • The techniques used by public school may not be beneficial for the students.

  • As there are many students, the faculty may not be able to concentrate on every students which can demotivate them from studying.

  • The public school teacher sometimes can be unable to identify the weakness of the student regarding any subject(Webb, 2008).
  • Sometimes students are afraid of exposure due to their weakness which a teacher was unable to identify in it which session.

  • In some public school the education fee is so high that parents are unable to pay and their children have to suffer in education.

  • If public school is having negative environment then the students can be harmed from that in a negative way('The role of school and school health services', 2012).

  • There is chance of physical or mental harassment of children in public school which can give a negative impact on the children.

  • Some public school do not allow the physically challenged students in their school which may de motivate a challenged child mentally.

Conclusion –

The rough draft is about the thesis topic. The topic is comparison of home school from public school. Both the education system style is different and they both have disadvantage as well advantages(Ziarnik, 2003). Above in rough draft is a brief discussion about the education systems of US i.e. the public school and the home school education system. Now a days parents of US are adapting more home school education system.


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