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Provide a brief introduction to the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).

1. Describe the problem, as much as possible in terms of the observable or measurable symptoms it manifests, for example: employee unrest, frequent industrial action, high absenteeism, workplace bullying/harassment, low morale, loss of profit, sabotage etc.

2. The issue/problem should then be considered and analysed in terms of concepts/models/theories drawn from any two topics studied as part of this subject. To give some examples, your group may choose to adopt different negotiation tactics, change the existing recruitment and selection method, or re-design jobs, or arrange special training program and so on. Try to choose the topic that seems to offer the most useful insights into the problem. Topics must be taken from HRM course.

3. Design a change program or set of activities and procedures utilising some aspect or aspects of your analysis (actual action plan). The change program should be
intended to solve or improve the situation. Please note you are not merely being asked for a list of recommendations.



It is important to have better human resource management according to the way which will help the company to have a stabilised approach. There is a need to develop strategies to align the company, in issues, mainly relating to the globalisation. The challenges are required to be met and maintenance (Jansa et al., 2014) of the practices can help in sharing the opportunities towards a growth of the market. There is a need to analyse how the business are able to spread themselves and become globally working. The aspirations of the staff are mainly to include towards the resources, which are able to build finances according to the statements. The Maruti Suzuki Company have people who are multigenerational and the innovative ideas contribute to better conventions. The company is renowned to hold the segments which are able to manufacture the best products and there has been continuous growth on a larger scale. It has been the largest producer of the automobiles and have tried to integrate bringing in support for the customers as well as excellence in the business fields. Even after ups and downs the company has tried to overcome all the situations but the issue related to the labours which are working in the organisation could not be resolved since a long time and there are still assaulting blames for the same.  


Problem observed

As per the analysation, it has been seen that the evolution of the professionals are mainly influencing the policies and the abilities in the company which are challenging enough to manage the determined solutions, leading (Kerzner, 2013) to a unanimity in the federation, which will have a better investment in the areas of more expenditure too. The problems that led to working by the Commission of the labours generally involved inequality from the people of Maruti who turned to provide discrepant wages to the labourers. There were people who raised voice against it, but everything came to a shut. This incident made some innocent worker go behind the bars and some were not offered their wages. The contract of the worker is the source of discontent mainly for all the people. To face the challenges by the company, there were certain challenges that were required to be faced:

1. There is a need for the management and continuous guidance to the employees making them aware that the behaviour that could help in keeping the work in the office to an optimising flowing structure. The company always removed certain workers from the company in order to allot and recruit some new ones.

2. The development of the leadership qualities to dominate on the people who are working generally spoil the place and the system of the single act affected and ruined the image of the organisation.
3. Compensation to recruit and look for allotting with the ability of skilful labours is challenging. The plan to successfully learn and implement the work can bring in retention to the staff, thereby, benefiting the health and the welfare costs.

There are employees who seem to exist for a very short time and are least interested to give their full determination in the work for the time they are spending. There is a need to identify the problem in the organisation which will help to manage all the amount of attention which the employees tend to take. The workers should be given proper guidance so that they can improve in their efficient working. With the development of mainly employment leading to the actions and the decisions, there is a need to describe the employee for an administrative approach which will emphasise more on the involvement of the employee and taking care of productivity and motivating all the workers. The recruitment techniques and the HR should focus on mainly giving better allowances which will keep enthusiasm in the work and the attitude which is involved. The quality of work which is done is mainly on the cultures of safety providing quality of circle and the life programs to enhance the better climate in the organisation. The issues and the performance surely affect the image of the organisation and the employment of the people is completely affected. The state to reach the compensation and manage the risks are rising high. The human resource tem has to look forward for all the work according to the behaviour and the (Ludvigsson et al., 2014) symptoms which are carried out. There seems to be a bullying process by the old employees in order to track and get introduced with the new ones. The eradication of the people who are less working and employing new ones, after not explaining the task to the workers has become the major problems of the Maruti organisation. HR team makes it sure that there are not much problems related to this and the morale of a newly joined employee does not go down due to less profitable environmental or not friendly people. The human resource development generally outreach to the technologies which have a better approach in implementing and preparing a plan of the attention to a motivation for securing the job. Hence, certain people find it difficult to speak in the crowd. Time is able to grasp all the problems and bring a change in the way it carries all the processes to deal with the other people.

It is important to maintain a strong relationship with the disciplinary measures to have an increment leading to implementing of tardiness. The people and the HR has to look forward to a way where he can use his strategic mind to develop and improve, removing all the problems. The process to (Moreau et al., 2013) hold a disciplinary position generally comes in form of noticing a better warning on the verbal form. The report to write is required to trained, thereby, effectively trying to arise and get in the better techniques which will prevent the employees from any problems.

HR Issues

Certain plans can be set-up which will bring a difference in the phase of the work which is going:

1. The management of a long term focus plan to represent the objectives are mainly on the link which will have a link to maintain the plan and the projects. The process of retention and employing the skills to keep the high productivity can only be possible when there are valuable assets to manage the packages that are being delivered to the employees of Maruti. Proper care and treatment can lead to advantages and growth.

2. The role of the management is mainly to ensure that the organisation is analysed through the strategic development and planning involving, top-down and bottom up procedure. This should be made sure at the time of recruitment that the departments of the HR tries to take in all the skilful people who are worthy of working in the organisation. The storage and details could easily analyse the company policy which would store a better productive growth in Maruti.
3. Main focus on the perception is to maintain the productivity where the efficiency would lead to the management of the resources according to the gains in the company. The workers at the Maruti should receive proper treatment from the HR and their ideas should be asked much before which would be beneficial for both the company and the worker.
4. The organisation has to reach to a stage where the development is mainly on the basis of the training which is given under a certified approach and registration. The business will pay at a regular working place managing the skills along with the promotional efforts to cover the payments of the employees. The HR should not throw all the people out of the company rather, help them to get a better training and get the best work done out of them. There is a need to move and retain the growth as per the (Shepherd, 2014) problems which are associated with environmental developmental.
5. According to the above case study, towards the decentralisation of human resource management leads to management which has a minimalistic to a role in the activities where the report by PUMA says that there is a reduction according to the control of the process which needs an approval and according to the performance of the management team. The main focus should be on the health and the safety factor which would assure that the obligations which are imbibed on it are specific for better planning, taking care of health.
6. There are risk in the organisations and the leakage of information of the office can surely affect the rise of the development. The discrepancies should be handled and tried to be avoided for a commitment to the work in accordance to the staff which will participate more in the policies of better employment and contracts.
7. The employees need to be trustworthy towards their working schema and the discipline factor will cover all the legalities, representing the references which would surely resole the disputed and reduce the issues relating to the HR work in the organisation.
8. The act of outsourcing has become the best alternative which could assure that there will not be any problem and their involvement in working would be to a good level. (Amarakoon et al., 2013). The employees would be able to hold better qualifications with an easy retrieval of the better information. The contracts and the consultants are required to hire mainly the details, labelled under the event which would seem to be different and relevant enough to qualify.
9. The act of payroll and to assure that the HR is maintaining the records of all the salaries and the benefits which have to be levied upon different workers. This problems should be configured and the interface will automatically head, resolving the problems, benefitting the queries to spread all the work throughout. This will increase the enthusiasm in the labours and they won’t be dropped out.
10. To maintain an environment of equality all the queries of the employees should be resolved under the HR team of the Maruti who would guide and answer all the questions which can affect their sabotage. Every citizen has a right to ask if he/she feels anything is going wrong against him.

Be representative and try to focus on your skills

The people need to be representative enough in order to flourish in all the fields as per the equipment. There is a complement implementation of the improvement in the quality of the product which would surely enhance the satisfaction of an employee too. The design construction can lead to a development (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014) in utilising the resources which are reformed to make success enough in the packages which are able to contribute to an organisational skill management. With the better communication system and driving a culture where there is a real to attain accountability factor will have the balance of emotional intelligence as well managing all the failures of life.

1. There are times when people count in to leave the office. If the job or the work does not sooth you, then one should (Kuo et al., 2014) divert towards the work of his interest. This will surely bring a development phase, removing any negativity as well as attaining the missions which would help in a brighter morning tomorrow.

2. A courage to personalise and manage the conflicts as per the revolutionary approach brings a stability to the work. There is a need to sort the matters before the people become in the worst circumstances or if there are workers who are not as skilled as their potential is said to be. This is a better place to manage the human resources and trying to implement them as per the schedule.
3. There are many types of people who are ready to influence the working environment. They are mainly needing a support and courage to evaluate the behavioural measure to quantify the situations and the working environment.


The human resources are important to bring all the functions to be performed in the organisation under the guidance of a single supervision. There are efforts which needs to be put in for dealing with the people who are pessimistic towards the different approaches. The people have to analyse the fact that all the employees are important and they should be given treatment as per their rewards and their quality of work done. For those who have been able to build in a team of people, there are linkages and the clarity to manage the model role to authorise and support all the important set of expectations along with some of the factors which are going to influence on an individual level. The performance generally tries to face all the consequences where the people have to compete and clarify all the objective approach leading to a better performance. The main conclusion is that the HR are mainly to bring in the firms towards a closer collaboration which will have a different impact on the development. the levels are managed according to the higher growth and retention factor which would easily simulate the way which would increase the load of work accordingly.



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