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Question :

How you will go marketing a product or sevice, include situational analysis. swot analysis, customer and competitor analysis,4Ps of the marketing mix ?



Answer :


Marketing a product and convincing the customers to buy it, is one of the techniques which is difficult to handle and yet too convincing task. In present era, there are so many alternatives of the same product that there is a dilemma as to which companies would be able to provide with the best services as and so when required. If one is buying a mobile from a shop, then he/she has to find what other mobile phones are coming in the same range, he has chosen. There is a need to be fully (Kotabe & Helsen, 2014) equipped with all the knowledge so that he does not regret with the product quality later, rather try to hover more on his choice. This is only possible when the management of the product and the customer relationship management has been properly taken into consideration. As per the organisational development, the history of the organisation is well-settled and people are continuously being employed to work in it to enhance the productivity and creativity factor. All over the world, Samsung has tried to spread its recognition, thereby, allocating more than 5lakh people in the different countries especially almost all countries like Australia, India etc. the output being increasingly appreciating for all those who want to earn profit and revenue from it.


Heading towards the development, one has to face all the technology changes as well as difference in the factor to upgrade the operating system in the Samsung mobile phones especially. The phenomenon could be ranging from the more focused approached to a higher differential ranging factor, which supports the basic distribution of the product. In mobile phones especially of Samsung, there are problems of battery, operating system and its updation. Generally the updates are seen to come on it after a long time with no guarantee on the older phone software. The people have to lure to a market share which is definitely increasing, with the launch of new product of the same company. Hence, here, one can experience a lot of humdrum along with many opportunities striking the way. The sellers have the best experience and they are able to advice a proper defined ranged according to the 4P’s of marketing, which they follow, namely, product, promotion, price, and place. The Samsung Mobile phones have to target the customers and retain them to position their aim at the right product within the time limit. The mobiles have become a status symbol for many and those of whom try looking forward to those which are best according to the comparison with other brands. The product is said to be properly processed from the wholesaler to the customer and there is a benefit to every person in this transaction.


Situational Analysis

Political forces

The packages and the material is under the trial purpose so that any disturbance or woes can easily be managed according to the duties levied on them. The launch of a product and the development of the opportunities try to knock the doors which will help in keeping the market trend high and generate the better environment with new demands and opportunities. There is enforcement of the political factors like the taxation on the Samsung mobile product according to the organisational set which varies from time to time and according to the manufacturing of the mobile phone. There is a more specific arrangement which varies according to the international and national markets where the rates of the product vary as per the product instability.

Economic forces

The policy to have certain margin generally fights the forces to economic factors which have the confidence to gear up the savings of a customer and driving them to better credential factors which leads to the level of employment. (Woodside, 2014). The Samsung mobile company has to consider and bring out the better revenue yearly so that they can manufacture the products on a larger scale with new technologies. This surely helps in assigning work for the unemployed people with the exchange in the rates and the growth.

Socio-cultural forces

There are certain extensions of the product which improves and revised the existence of the positioning, trying to come up with lessened cost and improved product approach. The concept to test and market the prototype generally depends on how the market is launched and the opportunities depends on the way to scan the marketing success and development. This will help to maintain the imaginative cultural and the socio-cultural environment to create and effective communication with the customers of the shopkeepers.  Depending upon the demand of the customers, there is a variable transaction which variants as per the frequency with which the product is being purchased. There is a possibility that Samsung has to face competition with the other mobile phone companies but it is the customer who has to be rigid to decide that it is a long lasting less problematic and easy servicing organisation, providing the benefits to the people on their loyal work.

Technological forces

The transaction to settle up the strategies of the customer tries to benefit from the society which will have orientation turning the table according to the opportunities that lie on the way. The Samsung mobile company tries to focus more on how to shift towards the values and the competitive approach which has a development to reach the technology, attain a better economic effect on the income and the rules and regulations are being receptive, accordingly. The Mobile Company Samsung sometimes have to undergo a great work of analysing, which will bring a different approach to the rise in technology. The recent introduction of the Samsung note series tries to fully induce all the features, suitable for the customer and to be able enough to operate in the need.

Legal Forces

In order to determine the opportunity which has a variance in the segmentation and the annual usage, there is a growth which anticipates the marginal use, with the varying strengths according to the change in the concept and the conceptualised response. The legalities and the forces which are required to follow by Samsung Company are under a proper guidance and there are certain engineers allotted to look for the same. Conventionally trying to place in all the training forces, the Trading act of practicing, have its impact, leading to a rise in the development of (Chaston, 2014) the product as per the product management.


Competitor Analysis

The competition in the market is growing with time. With the eruption of different technologies, all the people want to be engrosses in such type of system which is able to maintain and improve their phone quality. This is one of the range which defines building a better reputation and Samsung Mobiles have successfully tried to do so with their differential trademark on their mobile phone. The pure oligopoly competition at each level defines the monthly budget of the mobile and the brand name is affected according to that. The companies try to fight with the other brands to reach the level of competition, trying to bring a raise to the standard.

Customer and client Analysis

The customer retention is only possible if he/she is properly trained to acknowledge that the product he/she is buying if of the best quality and it will clearly differentiate the cycle to exam the different extensional approach. The customers of Samsung mobile phones try to examine how many schemes and cashback are available which bring a fixation to the size and the marketing structure. To conceptualise with the needs of the customer and profitability, there is a need to create a policy which will be able to manage all the products with a great efficiency and segmentation, trying to outline and label the marketing sales which will be important to segment the convenience and health, modifying approaches which leads to sustainability and the quality, in the best schemes provided.


SWOT Analysis

The people via different locations are able to track that where they will be able to get the product in the best price range. There are Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats which try to lay down the basic system of management.


The people are directly able to lead to a favourable factor which is basically supporting the external organisations, directly influencing the factors which can affect the characteristics. There is a need to remember and examine how the opportunities are engaged which will lead to an organisational set-up of the Samsung mobile Company along with management of the financial set-up.


 There are certain strategies which are important to be met to attain a specific and measurable approach which will be able to have better action in time as per the reasonable and timed schedule. There is a need to set up strategy which will have differentiation in the cost as per the strategies and the focus will lead to mainly setting up the mind of the customers with higher quality.


There are times when the companies are not able to promote their product according to their availability. This can lead to a downgrading impact in the market as the customer won’t be happy with the work and the money spent to publicise it. The Samsung Company tries to hide all its weakness, thereby, bringing an overall cover-up to the situations, which can lead to stability of all the factors like revenue and profitability of the organisation.


The positioning and the promotion along with the product and the pricing scheme tries to mainly influence the strategies as per the addressing scenario which has an appropriate addressing to the discussions which will be able to organise the product and the services. There are other competitors in the market who try to bring a strong impact on the company rise and it is the organisation itself who has to take care of its existence.

Financial and Marketing Objectives

In order to bring the technologies in hand, the customer has to be assured that the organisation is going to work hand-in-hand, providing all the essential services as soon as the problem is logged into it.

  • Specific- The work of increasing marketing strategy is generally within its limit with an approach to systematically program all the technologies, intending to a larger customer demand in the market.
  • Measurable- The product can be measured in terms of dollars or the currency, according to which it is achieving success.
  • Achievable- one can achieve the objective which would lead to a better and a smart approach to buy mobile
  • Realistic- The people have a desire where they can differentiate and communicate more on the factors which will have specific hold on the market with a measuring approach, leading to different actions.
  • Time Specific- It is required to achieve the target in time to balance the analysis of the management revenue.

Overall Marketing Strategy

The effective cost to manage the leadership cost and efficiently planning the range of the product which is comparable yet effective enough to attract the Samsung customer to buy the product. This will achieve the realistic approach and improve the level of success, thereby, maximising sales along with a proper funding to the organisation.

Segmentation & Targeting Market

The research is mainly for discussing that the preference factor should be more to buy those which have and provide a better trending information leading to a coverage of the price and advertise the product to reach higher standards of sale. The brand and the packaging factor generally attracts the people, convincing them to sale the procedures as per the development approach, leading to remain in the ideas which will be modified and launched only after being tested by the customer.


Marketing Mix Strategy

Product- The marketing strategy generally tries to aim towards the production strategy which will be able to include the brand and try to keep the price as per the demand of the general regular customers.

Price- The plans are exercised as per the information which will end up with a proficient technology as well as the price available in the market in order to maintain a competency factor too.

Promotion- There are places where the promotion and advertisements through posters can help people acknowledge about the new product of Samsung in the market.

Place- The distribution of the mobile phones are not equal. This could be tracked with how much demand has been there in a particular city, which will enable to enhance marketing in a certain area.

Budget &Implementation

The planning and the budgeting plan is implemented as per the yearly sale. The records help in detecting whether people are interested in buying the phone or not. On implementing the survey and researches, it was found that many people run after Samsung mobiles as there is a great promotion of every product in the market awakening the customer to be updated with all the updates and the functioning in their mobile phones.

Evaluation & Control

To control the product, there is a need to take feedback from the customer on the usage which will notify how the product is helpful or ruining their need. It is very important to look whether the customer is satisfied with the plan or not which will evaluate the process according the refinement plan. The assurance to directly attach with the achievable and realistic objectives will outline the need of the customer.


With the efforts of coming up with new and efficient technologies, the people try to mainly try and use the recent technology product which will outline their personality as per the evaluation. The decisions of the purchase of the product has to be minutely decided and discussed because it will ultimately effect the product share and the preferential rate will automatically affect the demand with which the people are reviewing the group products as well as other products. 



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Kotabe, M. M., & Helsen, K. (2014). Global marketing management. Wiley Global Education.


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