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Understand marketing terminology and marketing concepts and appreciate the basic practices and problems in marketing and marketing management Work as a group together with other members to research and compile a report on marketing plan of a specific company.

Demonstrate skills in evaluating marketing strategy opportunities through selected readings and case analyses

  • Different members of the group will look at different area and orally present their findings within their team
  • Deploy analytical frameworks systematically and consistently.

Appreciate the relationship between elements of the marketing mix in different business and environment settings

Synthesise theoretical material with practical and actual trends in the market to generate proper discussions and critique.

  1. Research-informed Literature

Extent of research and/or own reading, selection of credible sources, application of appropriate referencing conventions.

How well you provide evidence of reading into relevant literature sources.

Indicating these sources on your slides as appropriate.

  1. Knowledge and Understanding of Subject and Analysis

Extent of knowledge and understanding of concepts and underlying principles associated with the discipline.  Analysis, evaluation and synthesis; logic, argument and judgment; analytical reflection; organization  of ideas and evidence.

Demonstrating understandings into the key Marketing Management concepts in your part of the presentation.

Demonstrating how these insights fit into the overall group presentation.

  1. Analysis

Analysis, evaluation and synthesis; logic, argument and judgment; analytical reflection; organization  of ideas and evidence..

A clear statement of objectives for your part of the presentation.

Conducting analysis in line with these objectives.

How well your objectives/ coverage fits into the overall group presentation.

  1. Practical Application and Deployment

Deployment of methods, materials, tools and techniques; application of concepts; formulation of innovative and creative solutions to solve problems.

How well you apply your academic concepts/ insights to the context of the organization being reported to.

The quality of the practical insights/ recommendations made to the company.

The contribution of these practical insights in the context of the overall group presentation.

  1. Skills for Professional Practice

Attributes in professional practice: individual and collaborative working; deployment of appropriate media; presentation and organization.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Oppo is one of the leading global technology and electronics service provider. The company has tried to deliver the most delicate and latest mobile devices for the smart phone users. The company has targeted those customers who expect many features from their smart phones. Oppo is rentlessly in the pursuit of higher standards and latest technology in hardware. Since, the launch of the product in the market, the company has consistently strived to deliver to its users with higher level of technology around the globe. The company has successfully launched its smart phone in the market in 2008 and began international expansion from 2010. Currently, it is available in more than 21 markets across different countries. Based on the feedback of the customers, the company has adopted the strategy of rapid development in their smart phone, firmware updates as well as to reach to a wider section of people (Jackson and Ahuja 2016). This paper will highlight the 7Ps of marketing, segmentation, targeting and positioning , PESTLE analysis as well as the SMART objectives.

It is necessary to understand the characteristics of customers and their behavior in the market so that it becomes easier for the company to satisfy the customers. As it becomes difficult for the company to satisfy the customers, it is vital to divide the market into certain segments. This segmentation must be done for a certain period of time because the demands and needs of the customers changes along with the passage of time. Oppo may use the management driven method to divide the entire market where the managers use the observation strategy that are relevant to the characteristics of the product (Lu 2017). Oppo has divided the market into groups, based on different dimensions and variables in the economy so that it becomes easier to differentiate between the consumer’s needs, choice and the buying behavior. The company has also taken steps to profile each segment of these people. After identifying the particular segment, it becomes vital to evaluate the attractiveness of this particular segment and to choose the particular segment for the target market. The handsets of Oppo are available from mid to high range and the company is trying to expand the customer base with their exceptional smart phones so that the consumers decide to stay with their particular brand. The company is trying is to expand in the developing market which is regarded as the main target market for the growth and expansion of Oppo. The company has achieved growth of 30% during the last five years in South Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East countries. Oppo has also chosen Singapore to launch some of its special handsets such as N3 and R5 (Sykes 2014).

It is important to know the market competition, demands, positioning and probability for the success of a particular product in the market. The company focused on celebrity endorsements which is great marketing initiative. Oppo has succeeded in the past few years because of its immense effort to make the brand strong. It has also emphasized on manufacturing premium quality phones in the market. The company has targeted to offer the product at a  competitive price when the market starts to shrink. The company has targeted the customers who prefer to buy the handsets at an affordable price with all the relevant features (Tarannum and Hassan 2016). It has specially targeted the youth customers who prefer to buy handsets with the latest technology and features. The cricket and the Bollywood team are the main key in the marketing strategy of Oppo. The company is also utilizing a huge sum of money on the entertainment vehicles so that it can reach the general mass and thus create widespread awareness (Chen and Ann 2016). Oppo is also paying special attention to customers who wants better quality camera that is regarded as one of the best differentiator with the passage of time. The company is also investing a huge sum on cutting edge technology in its different devices such as VOOC flash charge technology. Moreover, the tech savvy customers are the  targeted customers of Oppo . The company has targeted to sell its product through offline mode rather than online purchases. This will provide the customers best purchase experiences. Oppo has also focused on the 360 degree approach to connect with the customers across different platforms. The company is also organizing several online campaigns such as “Non-make up selfies” with the different celebrities to make the awareness campaign more interactive and interesting (Sjamsoedin and Saerang 2014).

SWOT Analysis of Oppo

The development of the smartphone industry has helped the production chain to grow mature and take its form. It has become a profitable business in assembling the different parts and modules of the smartphone industry. Oppo is dependent on low price to boost up the sales in the market that helps in managing the brand equity and thus establish a solid brand image with the help of differentiated brand positioning. Oppo has concentrated to focus on hardware as well as different design interface and thus they are regarded as an important feature of the company. Oppo also concentrates on building durable as well as highly customized phones . The amss customers are the targeted customers of the company for the great features and the altest innovations and technology in the phones (Gupta et al. 2015).

Oppo has tried to establish itself in a short span of time in several countries such as China and India. The company has also offered high end specifications for its products at an affordable cost. Moreover, it has also offered multiple models with different innovative designs and features such as selfie expert. It can be said that Oppo has marketed its product well through barnd endorsement with different celebrities. Oppo also manufactures headphone, blu-ray players that played an important role in capturing the market. The parent organization of Oppo is also trying to expand gradually with the passage of time and thus capturing the market (Armstrong et al. 2014).

There is intense competition with the other mobile companies. Moreover, Oppo does not have a proper differentiation from the other smartphone brands in this particular segment.

Oppo can bring a high technology phone with all the features with a  proper battery backup to compete with other brands such as Samsung and establish itself as  a strong brand in the market. The company can further expand through joint collaboration with the different sports events in different countries (Cavazotte et al. 2014)

As there is intense competition in the smart phone industry, it is becoming difficult to sustain in the smart phone industry. Moreover, the smartphone industry has high brand sensitivity and low brand loyalty which are considered as an important threat to the company. These intense competition may lower the profitability rate of the company because the competitors will always try to attract the customers with their products. Moreover, the change in government rules and regulations can negatively affect the profitability of Oppo.

Oppo is considered as a subsidiary of its parent organization i.e BBK electronics. The key competitors of Oppo are Lenovo, Xiaomi Samsung, MicroMax, Samsung and many more. The 7Ps of Oppo is described below:

Oppo is one of the leading brand in the smartphone industry. The company deals with marketing and manufacturing of a wide range of mobile phones. The company has focused on the MP3 players in the beginning, however from 2008, it has stepped into the smartphone market and thus created better and new opportunity for the customers in smartphone industry (Raghavendra et al. 2016).

Oppo has expanded its intenational presence in several global countries. Moreover, its products are also easily available in almost all countries. The company has also made several divisions on the basis of geographic locations to meet the requirements and demands of the people. The most important division of the company i.e. Oppo Digital is operating independently and it is based in the Mountain View in USA. The company also has full control over its strong supply chain which includes distribution of the product from the manufacturing plant to the targeted customers (Alrasheedi et al. 2015).

Oppo is trying to capture the youth who will be attracted to purchase the product with high quality and design at an affordable cost. The company is also targeting the high end market and it has adopted premium pricing policy. This has helped to keep the prices of the product higher compared to its competitors (Kusumawati et al. 2014).

Oppo has adopted aggressive marketing policy and launched several advertisement campaigns which will highlight the innovative feature of the product. The company has also entered into sponsorship programs with the International cricket council to become the official partner.

The employees who are engaged in Oppo company plays a vital role in mianytaining healthy relationship with the workers. There are several employees who are involved in product development, customer service, promotions and sales.

This factor is responsible for the services that are provided by the company so atht they can deliver quality service to the customers. Oppo has set up certain rules and procedures so that they can handle the complaints of the customers in a better way (Babin and Zikmund 2015).

Oppo has tried to fulfill the needs of the customers by incorporating the changes in the physical layouts according to the demands of the customers. Moreover, it can be said that smartphone can also be used for providing additional substitutes in delivering better quality products.

The political environment of UK is suitable for the growth of smartphone industry. Although there are certain challenges in this country, however, it can be said that the security concerns are much higher in this industry. Thus, it can be said that the political factors in UK are suitable for the growth and development of Oppo

The prices of smart phone devices are fair in this country, although there are certain companies which sells the smartphone at a much higher price compared to other smart phones. The slow economic growth and recession can affect the sale of smart phone devices (Strauss 2016).

There are certain brands which symbolizes status of the people. Oppo is such a brand with which people can click selfies and images of some special moments spent with their friends and families. People can also access the internet through this smartphone from anywhere in the world (Xia and Gan 2017).

There are certain rivalries of Oppo such as Apple, Samsung and many other devices. With the growing innovation and technology, it becomes important for Oppo to cope up with the latest technology.

The laws and the patents are increasing in the smartphone industry and it is important for Oppo to cope up with the existing laws in the UK market. Although, there are several litigation in the smartphone industry , the market players are in continuous competition to adapt to the changes accordingly.

The company must also comply with the manufacturing laws in the country and thus follow the environmental standards accordingly. Oppo must take special care not to damage the environment while carrying out its production process.




· The company can increase the revenue by increasing the market share.

· Oppo can also take further time to  innovate new product into the market.


· The company has developed advanced sales metrics analysis to report to the stakeholders.

· Oppo has also aimed to set certain standards in the company

· Oppo has also launched a series of new hardware updates for specific growth objective


· The distribution system with the retail stores and online stores has improved with the passage of time.


· The company has faced steep competition with the other competitors in the smart phone industry.

· Oppo has also set higher standard growth for particular areas where the company has invested a huge sum of money.

Time Bound

· The company is trying to achieve the market share within a specific time.

· It has targeted a wide market and it has set specific time for the growth of the company.


Thus, it can be said the goal of the company is to offer a wide range of smart phones to the customers at an affordable price. The company has targeted the youths in different countries and thus provide at an affordable cost to the customers. It can also be cocluded on the basis of PESTLE analysis that the marketin environment of UK is suitable for the development and growth of Oppo.


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