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SBLC4005 Casestudy On Management For Statement Of Intention And Objectives

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  • Course Code: SBLC4005
  • University: University Of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • Country: United Kingdom


1. Understand fundamental concepts and principles of management, including the basic roles, skills, and functions of management
2. Describe the interactions between the environment, technology, human resources, and organisations in order to achieve high performance and explain the components and complexities of an organisation's culture and its impact on the manager
3. Understand the nature of change in the organisation and explain the ethical dilemmas faced by managers and the social responsibilities of businesses
4. List the elements and steps in the rational decision making process and discuss decision making, including group decision making, as it currently is practiced, identifying the constraints that exist
5. Discuss the various theories of motivation, develop useful guidelines in motivating employees and evaluate the alternative leadership styles to make a decision regarding their appropriate use


The main objective of this report is to analyse Casual Togs which is a production firm, 20 years old and has specialization in garment production. The company produces garments for women which are moderately priced. The industry has its headquarters in a city in the Midwest. Out of all the products created by the company, it sells a majority of it to large and middle sized wholesalers while the remaining is sold to retailers around the city. The industry ensures that all the garments they produce carry their brand label.

This reports aims at looking at the problems facing the company that can be said to be one of the oldest industries in the cloth business. It aims at establishing the problems and the circumstances that have brought about the problems. This is for the reason that the industry’s age in the business means that it ought to have mastered all the twists and strengths that they should have capitalised in. The problems they are facing are the problems that can be termed as teething problems which are supposed to be faced by the upcoming industries which are yet to establish and be known in the business. The report also aims at trying to look at the available remedies to the problems or how the industry would have avoided the problems from erupting(Grafton & Jardine 2016, p.176). 


Major Problems Facing the Firm

The company is being faced by a lot of problems which include: poor management style by the manager, intense fashion competition, deadly price competition, and a seasonal selling phase. The company mainly deals with the mix-and-match coordinate notion which they failed to parent, and powerful style rivalry has now advanced from bigger companies as well as from innovative, smaller firms with new fashion ideas.

The pricing strategy used by the company is poor as compared to the other companies. This means that company will have to face off with many companies that are up-coming and are led by fresh bloods who have new ideas and that understand the new market and the needs of the new market. The problem of the marketing strategy is the personalization of the company by the owner. The manager needs to ensure the pricing committee comprises of younger individuals who are qualified and who understand the current trends in the market (Bansal 2012, pp.122).

The main problem which is derailing the development and growth of the industry is the decision making problem. The manager makes the final decisions which are based on the feel of the situation strategy which means that the manager makes his decisions according to how he looks and feels the situation is to be handled. Even after giving the departmental heads the freedom of making decisions in their departments, the freedom is curtailed by the boss as he uses his power to make the final decision which he does no consultation with the heads so as come up with the best solution. This problem has led to emotional outbursts during the meetings between the owner and the various heads whose decisions and ideas which were in the good of the company were out rightly overlooked and ignored and other decisions reached that were of no significance and they felt they will not lead to a better company (Millmore 2007, p. 490).

Another problem facing the company is the inclusion of family and friends in the business. From the workers, the owner assures anyone who have crossed his way or who they are related of business no matter how high the prices are. From the workers, they feel that the manager needs to become more serious and put a boundary between business and family and friends.


What Led to those Problems?

With an end goal to build the precision of offers determining and to pinpoint particular explanations behind late conveyances, Cy organized a PC printout of every day's deals, as detailed by phone by field sales representatives. This printout was at first disseminated to the president, VP of offers, the business estimate chief, the treasurer, the generation supervisor, and the eight provincial deals directors. These individuals were situated at the association's home office workplaces. The printout was voluminous, regularly running at least 100 pages(Geller 2015, p.184-195).

Cy depended incredibly on his 'vibe of the circumstance' for deciding. Despite the point that the manager was the one who had the final say on the vital working and planning strategies, he had given the departmental heads the freedom to go on with a decision that they deemed was fit; he promised the heads of his support even on decisions made without consulting him. Notwithstanding his appeals that he needed not be counselled, all VPs and departmental heads met him every day, normally on the advance of the ebb and flow plan period's pieces. Amid each mild season, numerous style alterations and amount level changes were made. With uncommon exemptions, Cy settled on an extremely imperative day by day choices in those issues (Carraher, Buckley & Carraher 2018, p. 2).

The daily option sessions was set apart with passionate cataclysms from diverse heading staff. The meetings were unplanned and casual and distinctive meetings would convene under various circumstances with him. The meetings were informal or even in light of utilitarian issue lines. In the event that one individual felt that an everyday printout showed change 'X' paying little respect to regardless of whether it influenced his specialty, he would go to the president asking that the change is affected. On the likelihood that another workplace director or even a VP were present and dissented, definitely a shouting competition generated in the head's office. Generally, he remained emotionless amidst such trades, providing his select after all affiliates had wrapped up.

Some management staff said he was so merciful' that he should regulate the honestly electric meetings since they were troublesome and provoked wrong selections (Clark 2016, p. 466).  


Persuading CY to Change

Very frequently, individuals tragically focus excessively on the substance of their contention and insufficient on how they convey that message. Without a doubt, very numerous choices go the wrong way since data is introduced insufficiently. We would say, individuals can boundlessly enhance their odds of having their proposition prevail by figuring out who the central chief is among the officials they are attempting to influence and afterward fitting their contentions to that business pioneer's basic leadership style (Armstrong 2012, p. 25).

In particular, we have discovered that administrators regularly can be categorized as one of five basic leadership classifications: Charismatics can be at first abundant about another thought or proposition yet will yield an official choice in light of an adjusted arrangement of data. Scholars can show conflicting perspectives inside a solitary addressing and need to carefully work through every one of the alternatives previously going to a choice. Doubters remain profoundly suspicious of information that don't fit with their perspective and settle on choices in view of their hunches. Devotees settle on choices in light of how other confided in officials, or they themselves, have settled on comparative choices before. What's more, controllers centre on the unadulterated realities and investigation of a choice as their very own result fears and vulnerabilities.

The five styles traverse an extensive variety of practices and qualities. Controllers, for example, have a solid abhorrence for chance; charismatics tend to search it out. Notwithstanding such contrasts, individuals often utilize a one-estimate fits-all approach when endeavouring to persuade their managers, companions, and staff. They contend their case to a mastermind a similar way they would to a cynic. Rather, supervisors should tailor their introductions to the administrators they are endeavouring to induce, utilizing the correct popular expressions to convey the proper data in the best succession and organization. All things considered, Bill Gates does not settle on choices similarly that Larry Ellison does. What's more, realizing that can have a gigantic effect (Stevick 2011, p.19).

To prevent future problems what would you suggest in terms of ;  


Management Practice

"Atmosphere" is person’s recognition and opinions on their workstation. Numerous persons blunder atmosphere for ethos, reckoning that it can't be organized on the circumstance that it is too huge and deep-seated in the organization. Insightful supervisors understand the surrounding can be improved and that continuing out essential developments will move representatives from nervousness to inevitability and from detachment to organization. The surrounding is computable and significantly simpler to alter, while philosophy stresses the implied presumptions in an organization, which can be more impervious to change (Plummer 2011, p.180).

How would you adequately make and deal with an atmosphere that will enable your organization to manage authority and yield positive business comes about even in the midst of overall vulnerability? Following are six administrations hone that effect atmosphere:

  • Responsibility

Institute difficult yet sensible aims for agents to ensure effective performance will be of great help to the organization. Move crests implementation by interfacing persons to their effort sincerely and spiritually.

  • Measures: Frequently review reps' overall personal implementation. Construct loftier norms for the crowd which will thrust them into accomplishing their greatest.

Responsibility: Inspire persons to begin errands and chores which they trust are imperative. This creates reliability that operations authoritative asset correctly to achieve comes about (Fosnot & Perry 2016, p.29). 

Structural Change

The atmosphere may have a delicate vibe, however, it has a quantifiable primary concern effect. A positive atmosphere enhances singular engagement, upgrading execution and efficiency while enhancing business comes about. Gallup's current survey about engagement found that 11 percent of representatives were locked in, 62 percent were not locked in, and 27 percent were effectively separated. Gallup's correlation of the atmospheres of best versus base engagement quartiles exhibited a reasonable connection amongst engagement and efficiency, productivity, and more prominent profit per share (Staats & Eifert 2017, p. 539-566).

Numerous representatives put cooperation and acknowledgment at the highest priority on the rundown of keys to enhancing work environment atmosphere, yet every business atmosphere relies upon the objectives of the business. Spotlight on breaking down the sort of atmosphere you require, regardless of whether it's about development, clients, or cooperation. Fortunately, atmosphere is something that can be controlled, has a prompt impact, and does not require significant ventures. On account of, the CEO's progressions, in the event that she had been straightforward about them, clarifying why representatives were leaving and saying thanks to them for their commitments, the work atmosphere could have been kept up(Dawson 2015, p. 130).

Responding to Changes in the Competitive Environment

An association ought to involve and recognize variations with a specific end goal to be effective. It ought to likewise redesign items and administrations, enhance advances, and prepare workers to enable them to update their abilities so they can execute them in the new changed framework. While there are numerous negative impacts because of progress inside an association, these decrease with time. Any change actualized for the correct reasons utilizing the right strategies will have colossal advantages for the association, its specialties, its groups and every individual working in the association.

The association disposes of old advances and old working techniques and stays up with the latest with the most recent developments, Changes in laws and enactments bring down the dangers included, The association keeps pace with or outflanks its rival, New and effective methodology and models can be actualized, New administrations and items are presented and subsequently, new clients are picked up, Dangers are disposed of or if nothing else diminished, Effectiveness enhances for the association and for people, and The organization's turnover enhances in this manner expanding net profit (Dent 2016, p. 254).

Conclusions and recommendations

Despite the fact that charismatics may demonstrate an incredible richness for another thought, getting the last response from them can be troublesome. They've gained as a matter of fact—especially from the terrible choices they've made—to temper their underlying eagerness with a decent measurement of reality. They search out realities to help their feelings, and if such information can't be discovered, they will rapidly lose their excitement for a thought. Moreover, charismatics favour contentions that are attached straightforwardly to primary concern comes about and are especially excited about recommendations that will make their organization more aggressive. They are once in a while persuaded by uneven contentions that do not have a solid introduction toward comes about. By the day's end, charismatics settle on their ultimate conclusions systematically, and the choices depend on the adjusted data.

When endeavouring to induce an alluring, you have to battle the desire to participate in his fervour ( Walker, Seuring, Sarkis & Klassen 2014,p. 34 ). One approach is to marginally undersell the parts of your suggestion that arouse his advantage. At the end of the day, you ought to be set up to only recognize the things that he welcomes with energy and talk about the dangers of every one of those things. This will ground your proposition truly and fortify his certainty and trust in you. You likewise need to keep the dialog concentrated on comes about. Your contentions must be basic and direct, and you should utilize visual guides to pressure the highlights and advantages of your proposition. In the event that you don't give this outcomes situated data (notwithstanding when it's not requested), you hazard that the magnetic won't have it later when he needs it (Elias & Merriam 2015, p.198).

Maybe the most characterizing quality of cynics is that they have a tendency to have extremely solid identities. They can be requested, problematic, unpleasant, insubordinate, and even withdrawn. They may have a forceful, relatively confrontational style and are generally portrayed as assume responsibility individuals. They have a tendency to act naturally assimilated and act principally on their sentiments. Conspicuous cases incorporate Steve Case, Larry Ellison, and Tom Siebel (Elias & Merriam 2015, p. 198).

Amid your introduction, a cynic may get up and leave incidentally, accept a telephone call, or even carry on a side discussion for a broadened timeframe. He will request of both your chance and vitality, locking horns with you at whatever point the open door emerges. The mastermind dispatches a volley of inquiries, and it isn't close to home; with a cynic, it is. Try not to give it a chance to get to you; simply experience your introduction coolly and sensibly. Fortunately you will know very quickly where you remain with cynics. You can quite often rely upon them to reveal to you what they are thinking in light of the fact that about their solid identities.

To induce a doubter, you require as much validity as you can collect. Doubters tend to trust individuals who are like them—for example, individuals who went to a similar school or worked for similar organizations. On the off chance that you haven't built up validity with a cynic, you have to figure out how to have it exchanged to you before or amid the gathering—for instance, by picking up an underwriting from somebody the doubter trusts. Doing this will give the cynic a chance to keep up his better position while permitting you than straightforwardly examine issues on his level. Validity can be exchanged (from a partner, for example), in any case, it must be earned, and you may need to experience some extremely forceful addressing to build up to it (Kleindorfer, Singhal & Wassenhove 2015, p.482-492). 



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