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Semiotics And Sport Communication Research

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Discuss about the Semiotics and Sport Communication Research.



Communication theory is based on the technology that is transmission of information that may be through a computer or a written word and has to be between people, people and machines or machines and machines (Chandler 2017). A sense of impact of computerization and telecommunication is present that is almost like all writers have gone on line with something by now. There are exceptions of few fictions that has been shaped in a serious way with the help of the communication as suggested by some of the renowned writers. Communication process is regarded as the flow of information from one person to another and this can be regarded as the only one activity that controls, manages and plans everything. In this essay, semiotics is a communication theory and advertising has been chosen as the professional practice that is going to be talked about in this entire assignment. In this essay, the communication theory will be explained along with the role of the semiotics in the process of communication and its impact and its usefulness in their profession of the advertising. The utility of the semiotics along with the decoding process in the different branding and promotional activities will also be explained. Different images have also been used in this essay that will help in understanding the use of the semiotics in the advertisements like the print media.

The theory of semiotics is all about the social branch that has the primary motive to investigate the significant human practices that has special cultural and social circumstances. Semiotics also tries to explain the making of the social practice as it has been defined by some as the signs of life in the society (Holmberg and Holm 2017). Semiotics is that hidden sign in advertising that persuades the customers to buy the products. The semiotics eventually became the major approach in the cultural studies in the late 1960s (Quinn and Quinn 2017). Lastly, it can be said that the attempts of the advertising are to connect to the cultural myths that is present in our society of advertising. There is a need to understand the products and how they are linked with the advertising world. The tendency of advertising is to be critiqued that is a part of the social institution that has helped to perform the neutralizing function that is the dominant ideology of the culture (Skarpelos 2017).

In case of the advertisements, the semiotics help the advertisements to become easily identified with the target market. In most of the advertising plays of common reference, knowledge etc. is to make them relevant to their group of target consumers. For an instance it can be said that the ads which focus on the retro look might refer to the era of the Doordarshan news reader, that has black and white ambiance and the target would be the people of 30 of their era (Utoyo 2017).


Semiotics can easily be used to decode the advertising as well as for the creation of the advertising. In case of the advertising, the work of the semiotics is to help them put in the subtle cues that will attract the target audience towards their product, service and brand. Creating awareness about the semiotics is often used in the world of advertising so that it becomes helpful for them to decode their hidden meanings that has been left behind in the ad (Viana 2017). Some of the specific hidden persuaders are also willing to purchase the product that has less amenable ideas when purchasing the product. The creative team works and the designers has to work on ads that is relevant to the semiotics when working on the purchasing order of the product. The creative team members and the designers are working on the ads that needs to be kept in common the concept of semiotics (Visconti 2017). The symbolic semiotics is something that is most common in the world of advertising. The symbol stands for something that has more meaning in their association. The clothes, background and expressions etc. are all under the usage of the semiotics that is responsible to convey things in particular. In the professional field of advertising, semiotics is something that is solely responsible to attach some of the positive feelings that includes the emotions and the moods that are associated with the logo of the brand and the visual imagery (Wingstedt 2017). The pictures that has been used along with the settings, colored pictures used, the logos that consists of the serif non serif, curved, straight and the different fonts that are used to serve on the impacts of the brand that has the consumer carriers in them. The usage of the semiotics along with the different other things in the world of advertisement needs to grab their attention that has made an intended target market along with the inclusion of the men, women and the kids if they are done in the right way (Jolani, Pahlavannezhad and Khojaste 2017).

For an instance the ads of the automobiles along with the primary themes can be used in the advertising world. There is a concept of the great outdoors that has drove through long open roads and with a sense of escape and space. There is always the visual imagery of the machoism and ruggedness that is evident in most of the automobile ads (Williams 2017). Taking into consideration the alcohol ads it can be stated that there are different visuals of a happening party scene that shows that the people who are drinking the brand are being hawked as a part of their party life. Mostly, in case of the male deodorant ads the irresistibility plays a major factor where the deodorant acts as something which is very charming and by applying it women from all around comes attracted to them. In this case, the women in the vicinity have come all around to assault them, usually the men are young, attractive and glamourous who are taken as the models in the advertisements. Other male products like the shaving cream in the advertisement of the Old Spice that is the iconic in the category have an adventurous, outdoorsy kind of sport visuals.

In most of the persuasive advertisements there is a dependency on the semiotics that has been ordered to work on for improvement. Hence, getting the look of a campaign in any of the media forms that includes the digital, television and the print media has to consider almost each and every element that has the framework of the visuals. This could easily be decoded in order to understand this that will go very well with their age group, gender and the SEC of the selected target consumers.


Usually the semiotics is used in the professional world of advertising that has the significant message to use the symbols and signs. The signs that has been used in advertising is an exact representation of the different things that has been signified and whereas in the other cases this may be considered as the symbol that has been associated with it. The notion of the signs and symbol has been used as the conveyer of the ideas that has been initiated from the ancient times in Greece specifically in the fields of philosophy and medicine. Advertising tends to be associated with certain brands and products that has a particular set of beliefs in the minds of the consumers. As per Balci and Özgen (2017), the social status, membership of particular social groups and a sense of social individuality has been signified by the chosen products that the consumers intend to consume. The functional ideology of the advertisements has identified by the latent meanings that includes creating it with various signs. In order to decode the meaning of these signs, Lee (2017) has identified the three most essential elements. The first element is the structure that needs to be formal in the advertisements that has been successful in creating a relationship goal one sign higher than the other places of the advertisements. The second is the consumers that are not able to read the different connotations of the signs and the third is the connotation that already exists in the cultural background of the consumers.

The advertising is a part of the communication marketing that is solely for promoting the products. Most of the commercial ads are found in the newspaper, billboards, televisions and magazines. There are various persuasive techniques that has been adopted by the consumers both with the help of the verbal and the non verbal techniques that will make them convert their message goals to the target audience. These will also influence the life style of the people and the attitude of the people. The pivotal role that has been made in the world of advertising is that its identification of the target market audience. Semiotics is also used to decode the advertisement as well as to create them at the same time. In order to become effective, the advertisements have a tendency to reflect the shifts that is already present in the popular culture (Oswald 2015). 

In the decoding process for an example in the print media, the semiotics is utilized to analyse the slogans and the images present in certain advertisements. There is a need to study the signs, the formal structure of the advertisements in order to understand the complete analyzation of the semiotics. Through the use of the concept of the visual grammar, Kress and Van suggested that just like the grammar that is a language which describes how the texts, clauses and the sentences are combined, the visual grammar also describes the few of the depicted elements that includes people, place and the things. A theoretical framework has also been stemmed in the seminal work of the social semiotics that has been used to analyse the visual communications. The language is also termed as the language of the semiotic that uses its resources that will be used to express how the communication is made in the real world of social setting. The interactive images that is used in the messages for communication could also reflect the feelings. These feelings could easily be interpreted through the gaze of the participants and the social distance of the participants. There are two types of pictures that includes the offer and the demand. In case of the demand, the participants could directly look into the viewers and could easily make them want something whereas in the ‘offer’ pictures, the participants are offered an information that needs to be taken in by the viewers (Holbrook 2015).


In the advertising world, there different types of symbol that includes the images, text, sound and the process. In case of the images, this is the most common form in the world of advertisement that is used in order to make the products sold (Grow 2016). The restaurants that sell the fancy desserts is a main entry to the market that has to be on the grounds of the billboard advertisements. There is a strategic way to create the billboard advertisement that has been placed just three two miles away from the freeway exit, to where the restaurant for example is located. The picture of a dessert can be placed on the billboard that will help the passer to arouse their appetite and even attract them to the restaurant. There are some of the relevant images that needs to be promoted and that is a common symbol that will help to suffice. For an example if the image of the skull is taken along with the crossbones, just beside a packet of cigarettes, the advertise will reflect that it is harmful in nature, that is smoking (Epure, Eisenstat and Dinu 2014).

The text will be used to serve as a symbol in the advertising medium and often one word is used to convey the entire message that has the same effectiveness just like that of the picture (Forceville 2017). For an instance the word communist can be flashed on any screen during the political advertisement. This is designed in the political advertisements that will help to disparage the political views and the policies of an opponent. Particularly, in this case there is a significance of the left leaning approach that has been symbolised by words like socialist (Emiro?lu 2017). Hence, a positive message can be drawn that will help in conveying an endorsed political candidate by using words such as the conservative or the bravery so that the candidate can be set apart from his selected opponents.

The sounds that are often used in the advertising world, are in a sort of a universal language that will convey the mood and the essence of the message (Danesi 2017). The actual content of the music has to be the symbol for which the products are being advertised or in other words relevant to what it is actually advertised. For an instance, the catchy jingle that will be used in the advertisement song might be at a particular place in the radio business. Eventually the jingle is meant to be stuck in the memory of the specific target audience and could easily become a symbol that could be recalled when it is needed (Chavez 2017).

The use of the semiotics in the world of advertisement is through many ways. For an example if in the advertisement a crocodile is used that does not mean that the target customer will remember the crocodile but definitely the logo of the company which is the crocodile itself. The crocodile is not used in its literal meaning. In fact, the semiotics is used to employ the repeated use of the symbols that will signify the product (Butkowski and Tajima 2017). The effectiveness of the message is instantaneous but the branding takes place by the introduction of the symbol that will take a months’ time to be generated if not the years for the establishment. When the advertisers do this through repeated repetition the combination of the symbols that brings the images, words and the music altogether in one coherent and meaningful composition.

The Semiotics has different branches like the syntactic and the pragmatic in the professional world of advertising. Semiotics can be used in marketing and advertising that will help in providing it with different benefits. Semiotics is also used in the campus advertising that is usually unofficial in nature (Belk 2017). This is often used in the form of the posters and the stickers that has made a reason for adopting the different the measures that has a proper synchronisation with its environment. A significant aspect that needs to be care of is all the details that has been avoided in the comparative study that is primarily without any sort of ambiguity. Semiotics is the only reason that made it possible not only to observe it but to justify its existence that has a sign of its existence (Cosenza, Colombari and Gasparri 2017.). Semiotics can also be used in the communication theory that has been referred to as the basic reason to renovation, maintenance and conception. This has been referred with the use of the different signs and the symbols that will ensure people making an appropriate measure not only in understanding those signs but also making a proper use of them. In the domain of marketing, not only can it sell the different products but also has the responsibility to establish the brand value at the same time. The effectiveness can be understood from the extended fact of the company that has made ability to repose its brand through the different symbols and the signs (Bell, Warren and Schroeder 2014.).

In the promotional campaigns that has been initiated helps in the identification of the different symbols that is important to make the situation lead into the later stages of the dilemma. There are some of the inevitable features that is present in the organisation that has a limited marketing strategy and budget that will make the department understand its maximum returns. Hence the marketing department is required to understand the different resources that is available to them that is within the constrained range of the marketing budget that can be finally harnessed in an opposite manner.


Semiotics in the world of advertising and marketing is rapidly changing. The credit goes to the communication and the distribution of the technology that is growing at a global scale and has a significant transformation (Chandler 2017). The consumers are also changing and they no longer consume the brands that has a projection of their escapism and aspiration that were in their past. Semiotics can be turned as an absolute sense of their unique features.

The decoding in the advertisement was coined by Kettemann (2013), that has helped in the analysis of their real word and their images. There is a clear assumption that the reality is a quite different from the fiction that has the moral supervisors. The decoding process can be applied on occasions in the advertising practice that also has a drawback that is a satisfactory to the constitutes (Butkowski and Tajima 2017). The decoding process in the communication theory refers to the translation of the received messages. This message epitomizes the receiver’s constructional ideas and interpretations. The traditional form of semiotics was applied to the structural form of the print media.

The importance of the semiotics lies in the beneficial programs like the communication, innovation that has rooted itself in the experience of the human beings. Semiotics helps also in the shifting of the brand that has followers and are responding to their culture and creation. There is a need to consider the cultural environment that are useful in creating it even (Campbell 2014). There is a need to consider the cultural environment that must be created as well as responded. When they will see the responses they must ensure how they can implement better things that will help them to prosper.

There are some of the suggestions that might to improve the different market strategies of the semiotics in the professional world of advertisement (Kim and Johnson 2017.). There is always a need to hire professional when using the semiotics in the advertisements like the advertisers and the engineers. The use of the different high level thoughts that are matured enough to use the semiotics in the techniques of marketing. The use of the semiotics must be exactly related to the characteristics of the product that is being advertised. The relevance of this can lead it to an opposite effect (Kettemann 2013). In case of the visual semiotics that is found in the print and the visual advertisement is that the methodology needs to be well perceived and examined. Some believe the fact that the mere use of the visual semiotics can help to compromise the credibility of the interpretations in a descriptive and qualitative way of research, that has a primary reliance towards perception and its simultaneous senses that needs to be at work and might have a negative influence on the outcomes of the study (Kettemann 2013). the methodological tools need to be ensured on the dependability of the findings of the research.

From the above analysis and observations about the semiotics in the advertising profession it can be said that the strategies in the marketing is quite valuable and affective in any organisation. The pictures and the symbols used in the advertising world with the help of the semiotics has not only increased its popularity rate amongst the customers but also leaves an ever lasting impact on them. Using the conditions of the semiotics in the advertising world will help in providing a pictorial representation within the company that will help to make an attractive preparation with the help of the professions. At the end of this essay, one will get a complete understanding of what semiotics theory is and how it has helped and influenced in the professional world of advertising. A few recommendations have also been provided so that it might help the ones working in the professional field of advertising. With the help of the different articles a complete analysis of the semiotics has been made that has effectiveness in the world both marketing and advertising. The utility of this process has also been explained along with its pros and cons that will help one in its complete understanding of the factors of the semiotics.



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