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Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction

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Discuss about the Service Quality and Customer satisfaction in branded hotels in kiev.



The main purpose of this research is to evaluate the effect of service quality in the branded hotel in kvei. This part of research proposal will provide a systematic direction to conduct the research study. The research methodology chapter will incorporate the philosophy, approach, strategy, data collection method and sample selection. Those will be the essential to get effective information and data to solve the problem of the research study.

Research Objectives

  • To explore differences on customers’ service quality perceptions among branded hotels in kiev.
  • To evaluate the impact of different service quality standard on the customer satisfaction in branded hotels in kiev.
  • To evaluate the challenges faced by the branded hotel during the implementation of service quality standard in kiev.
  • To recommend `different ways to overcome the challenges encountered in the implementation of service quality standards in kiev.
  • To propose strategies to increase customer loyalty

Literature Review

The importance of service quality and customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector

Understanding the consumer is an effective factor for the success in the hospitality industry. According to the Chen and Chen (2010), the service quality and customer satisfaction are more important in the luxury properties, where the guest expects the high-quality service. In addition to this, service quality, customer satisfaction and positive customer experience play a very important role in the organization success because it will become a reason for the customer that they wish to return to the hotels and stay longer. Moreover, customers also recommend the establishment to others. Hence, operators of the hotel must take care on the quality of the service that has been encountered by the guest. In the present context, when most of the hotels deliver similar facilities than the survival of the branded hotels depends on the quality of service offers by the hotels to the customers.

In contrast to this, Ryu et al (2012) stated that difference within the culture gives an impact on the customer belief related to the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Along with this, customer mostly focuses on the luxury but somehow the customers also concentrated on the space, time and freedom that should also describe the perception of the customers. Moreover, Ryu and Han (2010) described that pricing is an indicator of the luxury service. At the same time, the business customers were given more focused on the pricing as compare to the luxury. As the high price service also leads to an expectation for the good quality services, large rooms, pleasant atmosphere, and good location in the branded hotels. Service quality refers to the degree of difference between the expectation of customers and the service that are actually perceptions of performance. It also refers to the particular service comparing that performs with the customer's general expectation from the service consumed by the customers.


Service Quality

As per the view of Siddiqi (2011) that there are mainly three types of services quality offers by the hotel i.e. service experience, physical product, and food and beverage service quality. In addition to this, the stressed the improving the service quality in lights on the branded hotel of the whole world to motivation required that support brand image. The personality traits of the front-line employees of the hotels should correlate with the customer perception and the hotel managers are also train their personal for the ensure delivery of politeness, friendly and respectful services. Nam et al (2011) support the view of Siddiqi (2011) that quality of service is an important factor that determines the behavioral intention and customer’s satisfaction.

As per the views of Rahmana et al (2014), SERVQUAL model is used to identify the difference between customer’s perception and customer expectations. It is an approach in service quality that will manage the business process in the context to ensure the service quality as well as full satisfaction level of the customers. The SERVQUAL model has used a service quality framework that has been developed by the Zeithaml which aim to measure the scale of service quality in the service sectors. Along with this, Ali and Raza (2017) supports the views of Rahmana et al (2014) that SERVQUAL model has been measured with the help of 10 aspects i.e. access, competence, courtesy, credibility, communication, responsiveness, tangibles, security, credibility and understanding the customers. It is helpful to measure the gap between the customer expectation and customer experience. This model is used within the service industries that helps to understand the perception of the service needs of the customers and also provide measurement related to the service quality.

According to the Ajam et al (2014) SERVQUAL model is applied on the internally basis in the service industries to know the perception of the customers and the overall objectives of this model are to achieve the improvement in service. SERVQUAL model provides information related to the perception of customers for service and the level of performance that has been perceived by the customers. With the help of this model, hotels will able to estimate the information related to the comments and suggestions of the customers. Along with this, it also able to take information related to the impression from employees with due respect to the expectation and satisfaction level of the customers. On the other hand, there is very less evidence by which the customer can access the quality in order of expectation and perception gap.

In favor to this, Peprah and Atarah (2014) states that SERVQUAL model can enable the organization to access the service quality in order to the perspective of the customers. It also helps for the comparison within competitors in order to the common aspect of service.  Through this, it will able to access the perception and expectations of the internal customers and also an organization can track the perception and expectation level of the customers over the time period.

Further to this, the quality of service is the difference between the expectation level of service and performance level of the service. In contrast to this, Xie and Heung (2012) stated that poor quality of service by the hospitality lead to the dissatisfaction level of the customers. There are some factors that are responsible for maintaining the quality service and gap i.e. reliability, tangibility, assurance, empathy, and responsiveness. All the dimensions of the service quality affect the satisfaction level of the customers. Along with this, evaluation level of service quality and customer satisfaction affects the measure of the success of business at thebottom level. The branded hotel in the Kievremains competitive in thecontext of customer satisfaction and the hospitality industry search many investors who are willing to meet all requirements of the customers.

In support to this, Clemes et al (2011) stated that service quality pays a very powerful attention to increase in profit and market share that will help to meet the overall expectation of the customer. It becomes a strategic factor that will help to differentiate the service quality from the other competitors. The service quality of branded hotels does not only increase the customer satisfaction but also it also contributes to the market share and returns on investment. On the other hand, quality of service is an essential tool for the success of the organization in the competitive environment, which also influences the decision-making process of the organization. It will help to improve the relationship between the customers and the company. Moreover, Ooi et al (2011) described that h hospitality industry is facing theproblem of increased competition and environment pressure that will result in the globalization, economic situation and technological advancement. The branded hotels are focusing on understanding the needs and demand of the customers and also set out the strategies that are responsible for the success of the organization. In oppose to this, mistake to make the provision related to the quality of service increase the level of cost by which reputation of the organization will suffer.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction means to deliver goods and services that will create a specific level of the perceived value towards the customers to remain positively engaged with the hotel industry. The highly satisfied customer means the customers that their actual performance is more than the level of expected performance.

The level of high service quality and customer satisfaction is known as the fundamental factor that will help to improve the overall performance of the hotel as well as the tourism industry. According to the Jahanshahi et al (2011), the managers of hotel industry consider the business that can make the high profit by satisfying the customers. At the same time, the satisfied customer did not provide the guarantee that they will avail the service again. In the hotel industry, the success of the hotels depends on the customer satisfaction so the companies always striving to receive a high level of customer satisfaction by providing service quality. As per the views of a scholar, there is 10 useful requirements to evaluate the quality of service i.e. reliability, responsiveness, credibility, tangibility, security, communication, understanding the customers, and competence.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

In favor to this, Han et al (2011) stated that all operators of the hotels are continuously trying to increase the quality of service as the satisfied customers will lead to the overall success and customer loyalty. The customer loyalty has two magnitudes such as behavioral and attitudinal. The high-quality service of the customer will lead to the positive and higher repurchase behavior of the customers. Along with this, brand image is basically referred that what comes in the mind of the customers from the direct experience of the service that the customers have from the organization. Customer satisfaction is to be an indicator of the future income and profit of the overall company. In addition to this, the quality of service in the hospitality sector is the great indicators for the satisfaction that will help the company to catch in the competitive era. The service quality of the firms is realized at the time when the quality of product maintains the competitive edge. The relationship between the service quality and loyalty of customers refers to the positive feeling that will result to receive the higher expectation level of the organization. The satisfaction level of the customers is an important factor to create and reinforce the long-term relationship and customer loyalty between the customers and service providers. Moreover, the satisfaction level of the customer is directly related to the customer loyalty.

Branding and Service Quality

According to the Kassim and Asiah Abdullah (2010) that to overcome the challenges encountered in the implementation of service quality standards, the branded hotel should motivate the employees that will help to do their work well. Along with this, the hotel should solve the problem of the overconfidence within the employees and provide them the accurate knowledge that will help them to attract more and more customers. In addition to this, management should ensure the employee those have direct contact with the guest. The company should provide proper induction by which they understand the values and culture that will help to increase the customer satisfaction and maintain the quality standard.

Research philosophy

Research philosophy will provide an appropriate direction to the researcher to conduct the research and it will be associated with the belief based on the ontological and epistemological. With the help of research philosophy, the researcher will easily develop an understanding related to the topic and issue. Mainly, there is three research philosophy i.e. realism, interpretivism, and positivism that will helpful to provide knowledge in the research issue (Collins, 2010). The positivism is used to focus on the social phenomena that influence the individual who gives real outcomes related to the research issue.

On the other hand, interpretivism philosophy is used to assure the subjective nature of the research topic and suitable for the qualitative approach. In this research, the researcher will use the interpretivism philosophy by which the researcher will investigate the customer feedback on the service quality that is useful for the hotel operator to increase the quality of service (Creswell, 2013).


Research Approach

The research approach will helpful the researcher to determine the effective that will useful to accomplish the objective of the research study. Along with this, there are two types of research approach i.e. inductive approach and deductive approach. Inductive approach is useful for the development of new theories (Levy and Lemeshow, 2013). On the other hand, the deductive approach focuses on the existing theories testing that is also known as the top-bottom approach.

The topic of the research study is subjective in nature that will motivate the researcher to use the inductive approach in the study. Along with this, with the interpretivism, philosophy inductive approach will suitable because this research is mainly based on the views and thoughts. The deductive approach will not in the research study by the researcher because it is relevant to the positivism philosophy and perception, attitude and beliefs of customers and employees of hotels are not measurable (Robson and McCartan, 2016). The researcher will use an inductive approach that will help to create a new theory in order to see the impact of service quality of branded hotel on the customer satisfaction in kevi.

Research Strategy

The research strategy is an effective aspect of the research methodology that will evaluate the ways of the data collection that are used to solve the research issue. There are various types of research strategies such as experimental, survey, case study and many more. With the help of research strategy, the researcher can enhance the consistency of the research that will helpful to solve the problem and to achieve the overall research objective (Pickard, 2012). In this research, the researcher will collect all information with the help of case study and survey method. Along with this, the researcher will collect views and thoughts of the existing customers and staff of the hotels with the help of survey method. With the help of survey method, information will be collected on the effective basis and discrimination will reduce in the research study.

Data collection method

In the research methodology, data collection is a very important part. The researcher will collect the useful and appropriate data that will helpful to solve the research issue and achieve the objectives of the research study. Mainly, there is two types of data collection method i.e. primary data collection method and secondary data collection method. The primary data will collect with the help of various sources i.e. survey, questionnaire and observation method and the data that will be collected with the help of primary data collection method will be new data (Creswel and Clark, 2011). The researcher will also collect the data with the use of secondary data collection method. The secondary data will be collected with the help of annual reports, journals, government reports and many more. The secondary data collection method is less expensive as compare to the primary data collection method (Crowther and Lancaster, 2012). The researcher will also use the primary data to increase the worth of the research study and it will be collected with the help of a questionnaire. In this research, the researcher will use particular 4 hotels and will collect the data with the help of on- site survey by distributing the questionnaire.  The researcher will collect the data by distributing hard copy in the hotel and also by using E-Survey by using e-mail service. Along with this, the on-site survey is more realistic for the researcher to collect the information related to service quality and customer satisfaction in the hotels. The researcher will talk to the employees of the hotel because the researcher will also want to take information from the employee about the customer satisfaction and service quality. The researcher will select 5 managers from each hotel and take the information with the help of interview method.

On the other hand, in this research, the data collection method will be helpful to analysis the issue with the help of past and present existence of the data that will maximize the significance of the research study. The quality of data will need to maintain before, after and during the data collection process.


Sample Selection

Sampling is the process of the selection of the participants within the defined population that helps to collect desire information and data to solve the research problem. The appropriate sampling method helps the researcher to identify proper observation among the target population. There are two sample selection method i.e. probability sampling method and non-probability sampling method, which is used by the researcher to target the population to collect the data. In addition to this, probability sampling method known as the method that will give equal chance to the research participants and reduce the biases. At the same time, non-probability sampling not provides an equal chance to all participants in the target population. The researcher will target 60 participants from each hotel and 300 participant’s onsite from online.

Gantt chart

Grant chart is a presentation of the project schedule that will show start date and end date of the service elements. It is also known as the bar chart. The no of weeks and timescale that can be taken for the completion of research can be described as below-

Name of Activity

Number of Weeks












Research topic selection











Design aims and objectives of the research











Secondary information collection











Designing questionnaire











target population and sampling Selection






















Analysis of findings











final draft











Submission of report











From the above discussion, it can be identified that the research will take the time of 10 weeks. On the other hand, some activities take more time as compare to rest activities.


The research study will have to be organized in an ethical manner by the researcher that will help to increase the reliability of all research outcomes. The researcher should use the right of privacy and the researcher will use all information and data as per their own view. The researcher should effectively manage all issue that will arise in the research study (Murchison, 2010). The main issue in this research will arise related to the confidentially, rules and guidelines, misuse of the information, utilization of authentic sources and many more. Along with this, the handle of ethical issues will protect the researcher against the legal implication of the research study.

In addition to this, the research study of the researcher will become damage if the researcher has any doubt related to the integrity and objectivity (Smith, 2015). Hence, it will be the responsibility of the researcher to maintain all the issues in an effective manner. For the fabrication of data, ethical consideration will play a very important role in the research study. The ethical behavior of the researcher will be very effective because it will encourage the researcher to maintain accountability, respect and trusty environment.

Expected outcomes

The research proposal will enlarge the understanding and effectiveness of the service quality and customer satisfaction in the branded hotels in kiev. The research will facilities the in depth understanding of the service quality standard that will affect the customer satisfaction in luxury hotels. In addition to this, the research will also specify the challenges faced by the hotel towards maintaining the service quality standard and also provide a recommendation to overcome the challenges in the branded hotels in kiev (Mallinson et al., 2013). The research will explore the various outcomes that will attain by the hotel operators after maintaining the service quality standard in branded hotels. Moreover, the aim and objective of the research will receive with the help of gathering data, analysis, and findings. The research proposal will be significant for the hotel operators as well as the readers that will helpful to retain the knowledge related to service quality standard in the branded hotels.



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