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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Discuss about the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.


Context and industry information

Sexual harassments in the workplace are recognizable to be the type of inequality on the foundations of sex. Discrimination is different to the standard of similar conduct that exists among female along with male. The report shows the evidence of sexual harassment in restaurants within Australia like North Sydney Restaurant. Workplace sexual irritation in North Sydney Restaurant remains as international condemnation as sex prejudice and the breach of human righteousness. The report focuses on examining operations of waiters within North Sydney Restaurant (Kensbock et al., 2014). The ideas presented are essential in the provision of the best solutions and recommendations to solve the existing problem among waiters. Cases of sexual irritation in the place of work among waiters lead to increase loss in revenue and absenteeism that lowers output in the work environment and satisfaction of job (Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 2013). Sexual harassment among waiters within the North Sydney Restaurant remains to be a pervasive and underreported to the authority. Legislation within the restaurant along with its incentives has not been able to eliminate and control the situation. However, strong workplace policies within the restaurant can help in prohibiting cases of sexual harassment through the provision of relevant ideas. These ideas can aid in offering training in the workplace and the complaint progression that protects employees and employers from revenge that seem to present the most assure in reducing sexual nuisance.

Aggravation in the restaurant results from the unwelcome conduct based on color, race, sex, religion, age, genetic information, and nationality. Harassment in the place of work like in restaurant operations has been regard to be illegal. The practice result to the offensive conduct that lowers the productivity of waiters within the operations of an organization in the marketplaces (Penrod & Fusilier, 2015). In the operations of restaurants, sexual harassment becomes illegal when the behavior is pervasive or severe adequate to make the place of work considered to intimidating abusive or hostile by responsible employees. The counterproductive behavior that relates to the gender of an individual in North Sydney Restaurant occurs with the reason or consequence that violates the dignity of waiters. The practice aims at developing the intimidation, degrading, aggressive, offensive, and humiliation setting. Therefore, sexual irritation in the North Sydney Restaurant occurs due to needs for sexual favoritism, unwanted advances of sexual desires, and other oral or physical behavior of the nature of sex that interferes with service or performance of work of an individual. The harassments in restaurant develop the hostile and offensive work environment among the waiters (Bothra, 2012). Besides, cases of sexual nuisance arise when any outline of unnecessary verbal, physical, or non-verbal behavior of nature of sex arise with cause that violate the self-respect of an individual.


Nature of the problem

Sexual harassment among Australian restaurants has failed to have a significant consideration to control the issue. Lack of awareness on how to deal with the situations affecting waiters is necessary by making it tough for the management to propose adequate outlines to address such cases (Otim et al., 2015). The issue creates the crisis to continue to affect operations of the restaurant. Influence in action occurs since the equality of male together with the female at the workplaces continues to be a noticeable problem in the current world. Effects resulting from the issue motivate many researchers to focus on learning how to control such effects by looking at how the problem affects operations of waiters in the North Sydney Restaurant. The report concentrates on the exploration of several factors within the restaurant that result from cases of sexual nuisance, particularly in the night operations. According to McDonald (2011), expected result of this study shall apply to facilitating the process of evaluation of sexual irritation. Besides, development of appropriate regulations is necessary in the creation of best plans that waiters can use to control and handle cases of sexual harassment during their operations within the organization. The designed questions will be necessary for targeting the nightlife for employers and workers during their activities in Australia community (Eaton, 2014).

The research will focus on the development of different research questions that will be applicable during the interview. The discussion will help in getting differences of opinion of various waiters who operates within the North Sydney Restaurants. The research questions will comprise of the qualitative and quantitative problems to come up with the best recommendations on how to control cases of sexual harassment within the restaurants (Tinker, 2011). The plan will focus on looking if the organization is aware of the cases of sexual harassment among its workers or not. It will also discuss the best strategies that are necessary to be inclusive to aid in the reduction of sexual irritation among the waiters during their operations. Through the interview methods during collection of required data, the presentation of ideas will help in exploring if the restaurant has been able to provide the healthy environment to its waiters who complain of sexual harassment (Rimalt, 2012). Therefore, the origin plan of the investigation will target at showing the examination of the sexual harassment that waiters experience when they perform their operations.

The report focuses on the presentation of the different definition, measure, and monitoring of sexual harassment that remains as a challenge to several services of waiters within the restaurant. The used research methods focus on the examination of cases of sexual harassment that is underreported leading to the reduction of efficacy of policies and legislation in the workplace. The study also aims at developing appropriate measures necessary for reporting cases to depress case of the nuisance in the workplace (Toker & Sumer, 2012). The violation of human rights keeps being on the rise without proper guidelines to punish the perpetrators. In North Sydney Restaurant sexual irritation occurs when the person harassing requests or push the worker to do sexual favors to remain in the career, get a support receive an increase in salary, and avoid receiving some adverse consequences like demotion or dismissal. It also enables an individual to obtain some other opportunities that relate to the work


Review of the evidence

From the interviews, it is evident that sexual nuisance remains to be the form of a breach of civil rights. The study shows that harassment can result from the case where employees make unwelcomed advances of sex, desires for any manner of sex favors or physical or other verbal behavior like the sexual behavior of the employment of the worker. It also results from the cases of making a submission that aims at the denial of such action in place of work on the foundation for decisions of employment that affect the worker (Isik & Kulakic, 2015). Besides, it leads to the creation of intimidating, offensive, or hostile working conditions that result from the conduct of irritation. It is evident from the views of waiters’ employed at the North Sydney Restaurant that the sexual nuisance includes the series of behaviors (Mushoriwa, 2014). The responses remain to be from mild annoyances to severe abuses that can include forced sexual action. Therefore, sexual irritation is a style of illegal unfairness and the psychological and sexual assault among workers in the workplace.

For cases of sexual harassment to occur, the study reports that an individual has to be the sufferer of any circumstance expressed in the definitions mentioned above of cases of harassment. Every organization or society has its socio-cultural outline where the conditions show what are considerable to be the cases of sexual irritation in the place of work. As reported by Rocha (2015), apart from the waiters, sexually irritated worker can be any person, man, or woman in a management position, the customer, a colleague, a friend, or even the stranger. In most cases, harassment can occur to a person when they are completely unaware that the behavior of an individual towards their counterparts is disgusting or the conduct constitutes sexual irritation. The person who does the harassment in North Sydney Restaurant can remain uninformed that his or her activities can be illegal when taken to court dealing with gender and equality in the workplaces (Hyunmin, 2011). Those who are sexually irritated choose their victims based on their personality. These components can include age, deficiency in assertiveness, deprived education, perceived passivity, little confidence, as well as some areas of vulnerability.

Sexual harassment exists in different forms such as verbal, non-verbal, and physical. In verbal harassment, include suggestive comments and jokes of the sexual nature that goes along with sexual proposition or sexual threats to workers in their workplace (Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Rape: College Students Report Their Experiences, 2016). Non-Verbal harassment includes original, suggestive pictures or objects, commentaries of graphic, or evocative or abusive sounds. The study on the sexual harassments on operations of waiters may be insufficient in the sense that the number of respondents may not be enough in attaining the correct process of creating decisions (Mainiero & Jones, 2013). Some of the respondents to the questions obligate to them by interviewer may intentionally offer incorrect information that may lead to damaging effects on the result of the study. The outcomes of the survey can also remain influenced by the call for more time for the exploration to reach a conclusion.

Methodologies used

Effects of sexual harassment on restaurant operations are essential to the advancement of their business operations around the society. The method selection helps in influence how to gather appropriate information applicable to regulating cases of future incidents of sexual harassments in restaurants. The qualitative research method will let the examiner look at the effect of sexual harassments on the setup of businesses. The use of qualitative method permits the understanding of different factors that affect the rising cases of sexual harassment on organizations (Shrestha, 2013). The outcome of the study will provide the accurate baseline on methods to take that focus on controlling incidents of harassment within operations of North Sydney Restaurant. Data collected through qualitative, as a research method may be useful in cases of making policy by setting the limits for appropriate programs and rules. The systems can facilitate the creation of stresses on amenities that offer adequate methods to limit sexual harassment disaster in restaurants. Qualitative research method plays a role in realization on how to employ other business thoughts and examinations to control issues of sexual harassment in organizations (Rocha, 2015). Therefore, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in this report form valuable material for reference to other evaluators on the modes of dealing with increased cases of sexual harassment in restaurants.


Limitations and gaps

The exact results of the examination may not succeed in creating appropriate methodologies appropriate to moderate consequences of sexual harassment within restaurant operations. In most cases, the illustration of a survey that shows parameters in the investigation will require following essential considerations before starting the process of collection of relevant information from waiters. According to Koo (2014), the gap results during the computation of data. Data calculation might fail because of the attendance of scarce resources as well as time restrictions in the process of learning the factors that result to sexual harassment on the restaurant. Moreover, limits in the exploration may occur in the course of choosing the important basis of getting support data to be valid in the course of assessment (Sexual Harassment: Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 2013). Besides, essential content present on the usage of websites makes researchers face oppositions in compiling the last plan of data that shall apply in the examination.

Findings and implications

Many waiters in restaurants who have undergone sexual abuse during their operations fail to report their cases because of the panic of not seen, to be honest. The harassed panic reporting cases regarding harassment because they panic that they may fail to get a job promotion, fear of getting a caution and kept in the documentation that can lead to their interdiction by the management. They also panic of eviction from the career and get shamed from other workers who will laugh at them in the process of firing. According to Wynen (2016), there is a need for organizations to provide a healthy environment that allows the reporting of cases of abuse making the violence, as the approach can help in lowering such cases within the restaurants. There should be the appropriate law set in place to look at the right of every employee and any employee who goes against the law and abuses the fellow should face the law. Employers need to monitor their environment regularly to make sure that they are free of behaviors of sexual harassing. Many employees have shown that cases of abuse are on the rise and managers are the sole perpetrators.



Sexual harassment among waiter in restaurants remains to be one of the great issues that might harmfully influence the operations of such organizations. The exploration of cases of sexual harassment in this paper endeavors to reduce if not eradicating the consequences of harassment within the restaurants making many people exposable to sexual nuisance person. However, a person committing the harassment might be a woman or a man, and it is not required to be of the opposing gender. According to study, sexual harassment continues to be an active region in restaurants because most of the harassed person still believe it as a taboo that they cannot report the harasser to the authority. It results due to the social environment, values, norms, as well as culture. There exists a small point of clear coverage of the concern dealing with sexual irritation in the workplace based on gender in the Code above of Practice that the responding organizations are a party. The particular matter of sexual anger has not yet achieved the soaring level of precedence within the framework that deals with a collective bargain in the restaurant. There is a need to perform an extensive research and debate on the issue to assist in filling the legal loopholes.


The behavior of physical harassment in the workplace includes casual physical contact such as brushing the body, touching, pinching, sexual assault coerced, or intercourse. Therefore, there is a need for a proper understanding of cases of sexual harassment to be necessary as it helps in shedding light on the basic forms of sexual (Kensbock et al., 2014). The management of the restaurant should be able to conduct a day-to-day or weekly assessment to find any issue that might be affecting their inputs during operations. Before starting of the implementation strategies against sexual harassment among waiters, it is important for the management to have a precise definition of what managers and waiters might be meaning while reporting cases of sexual harassment at work. There is a need for designing an effective enterprise-level policy on workplace focusing on sexual harassment by ensuring that it monitors the condition. The organization should also be able to develop the harassment complaint and follow up different procedure based on clear and well-communicated channels for complaints. The complaint process should aim at identification of actions and precise mechanisms of support to victims. Lack of cooperation on sexual harassment preventions will require input from the broad cross-section of the managers and workers. Besides, management should encourage their union representatives in the workplaces to play the active role towards prevention of sexual harassment at workplaces.



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