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Skills Required For Event Management Add in library

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Discuss the PDP or personal development plan is a helpful tool for professionals and students?




PDP or personal development plan is a helpful tool for professionals and students who desire to achieve distinction in their respective or desired field. PDP uses the concept of reflection so that one can be on the same track. All the changes that are required to be taken in one’s life to keep them on track and to improve one’s weak spot, personal development plan is required. It enables one to see and assess their improvement and helps them to determine what skills are required in near future. It helps one towards building success and goal setting. Students who are interested in pursuing Event Management can build a career in planning events. Event management students mostly need to organize events like festivals, ceremonies, concerts, convections, conferences and parties. The most important aspect in event management is to understand the audience. Event planning refers to the process of coordinating and planning an event. The demands for people who are involved with event planning have increased with the passing time.

Skillsand Knowledge Required In This Field

Many skills are necessary for a person who wants to pursue a career in event management. This course demands that the person who wants to be an event manager should be outgoing, with good communication skills, social skills, coordinator, etc. It is very necessary for a person to be able to interact with people of various cultures and communities.

Inerpersonal Skills

Social skills and communication are two important skills required in pursuing this carrier. Students who are interested in pursuing event management should at least posses these qualities. It has become important for people to have these skills in an office or workplace. Event management is a field where one is expected to communicate with others. One who is interested in pursuing event management must be bending on to improving their soft skill. These days there are many clubs and institutes present that can help a person to improve their communication and social skills. A person who works on building good interpersonal skills is mostly successful in their personal and professional lives. Customers want to do business with people who have strong communicating skills and work well with team. Event management business is mainly customer oriented and thus people involved or willing to be a part of this business should posses this quality.

Time Management

It is a process or an act that involves planning and controlling the time spent on any activities. Time management is performed to improve efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of a process or a job. It is system that is designed with a combination of tools, processes, methods and techniques. All the things that are to be performed are sorted in the order of their priority. It gives the people an insight in the work that is to be done. It automates the system and eliminates tedious task and paper work largely.

There are various advantages of efficient time management that contribute a lot in the management and completion of day-to-day task.

One squanders his or her time on those actions or activities that we like. One feels glad to do these things but many persons cannot do it because they do not adjust their tasks according to time. This is the reason they cannot get time to offer their needs and become happier.


We should expend time on consequences rather than just hard work. A vast number of people claim that they use a lot of time on explicit task but they get zero result. Time ought to be devoted according to responsibilities and its actions and in some cases according to significance of result obtained by job. The task should be given the right amount of time so that it can be completed on schedule. This quality is one  of the best  quality or skill that should be developed by people who wants to purse a carrier in event management.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are not just about entertainment, they help to mould the personality of a student and help them in various ways. This helps the student to inculcate values like broad mindedness, self-control, empathy, acceptance of difference in the society and so on. Co-curricular actions make possible in the expansion of various domains of personality and mind such as logical development, social development, emotional development, aesthetic development and moral development. Creativity, Energetic, and Enthusiasm, Positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of extracurricular activities.

People can take up various extracurricular activities; some examples are sports, debates, musical activities, drama, art craft, recitation competition, declamation contest, etc.

Methods To Develop Skills And Knowledge

  • Active Listening – One should provide their full concentration to what other persons are saying, taking time to comprehend the points being made, asking appropriate questions, and should not interrupt others while talking.
  • Speaking - Conversation with others to express information efficiently
  • Time Management – One should know how to organize owns as well as others time.
  • Critical judgment - Using reasoning and logic to categorize the weaknesses and strengths of substitute conclusions, solutions or approach to various problems
  • Coordination - Adjusting events in the event of others actions
  • Persuasion - Persuading various people to change their behavior or minds
  • Social insightfulness - Being conscious of understanding and reactions


Personal development plan or PDP is an important aspect in tracking all the developmental changes in the path of achieving the goals. Planning the steps is very important, as it will guide the person to follow them one by one. If a person gets right motivation right from the beginning than it will be easier for him or her to go forward and achieve the desired goal. Event planner needs many qualities to succeed. Various skills that are needed by an event planner are discussed in this report. The most important skills in this field are communication, social and coordinating. One should inculcate some of these qualities as it can help them to grow in any particular field they want to or are interested.  


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