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Smart Cyber Security Survey And Challenges

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What Is The Effect Of Cyber Security Challenges On Business?

What Are The Sources Of Cyber Security Threats?

What Requirements And Elements Should Be Observed By The Business And Government To Prevent From The Cyber Crime?




Cyber security is essential for business because the range of crime has been increased. It becomes as known issue in now a days in the business. Technology has become advanced and the issue of cyber security is faced by almost every country. It is the research proposal which will focus on research design and methodology. Literature review in this research proposal will describe the scope of cyber security along with the challenged of cyber security in the business. The risk of cyber security attack depends on three factors such as threats, vulnerabilities and impacts. Good cyber security is essential for the management because it able to prevent undesired surveillance of and collecting of intelligence from an information system.

Project objective

The aim of this research is to recognize the challenges of cyber security in the business. There are many companies that faced issue regarding cyber security. The main objective of this research to find out the issues related to cyber security


Project scope

Cyber security is wider and it is required for the business to safe and protects the relevant information regarding employees and clients. Thus, the scope of this project is huge; the topic of this research proposal is one of the challenging issues in today’s world. Literature review will reflect the various aspects of cyber security which is necessary for protecting the data. Primary and secondary issues will be used to accomplish the research.

Literature review

Social networking platforms have changed the way of people and it become easy for the people to interact each other in an efficient manner. It is not made for initiating the connections, but has handled to sustain the progressing interconnected by engaging people in various interest of their choice. Facebook has mort ha 1 billion users and more than 1 billion tweet made every week. It has been evaluated that The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and Jasmine Revolution have epitomized that the growing community of thousands of people can mobilized for a reason by social media.  On the contrary, London riots were supposedly fuelled due to social media (Wells, Camelio, Williams and White, 2014).

Cyber security is a complex issue and cyber attackers can derange infrastructures such as control over the financial and air traffic and create influence with matching the terrorist attack in the physical space. Cyber attackers are able to steal the information of corporate such as personal information of the employee and the clients of the company, intellectual property and financial activity records (Taylor, Fritsch and Liederbach, 2014). Cyber attacks have become more economical. Cyber security challenges has become more complex issue that cuts across various domains and demands for multi layer initiatives. It has been evaluated that damage by cyber attackers to the corporate world cannot be recognized instantly and even in some case, may even move unobserved. In case cyber attack is progressively defended, it would be able to cover the tracks and ascription of a cyber attack would become very difficult to recognize in some scenarios.  It has been analyzed by researching on topic that there are no international and government laws to get help in tracing cyber attacks. It makes more difficulty for the business to fight against the cyber warfare (Reddy  and Reddy, 2014). It is the responsibility of the business to make policies and procedures and establish the IT team so that possible prevention can be done in the business regarding cyber crime.

It has been found that cyber crime is most challenging issue in preset world and it is proved by research which has been conducted on 25 global companies. It was the research that found that the digital data has become mpre wider. Technology has become advanced in the world but the innovation in technology brings so many threats for the business. There are various cyber security risks such as Ransomware, the internet of things (IOT), Malware, social engineering and fake advertisements and feedbacks. Ransomware is considered as the latest risk which is able to access the financial information of the user and make the payment to the cyber criminals. The IOT is able to access the sensitive information of the user in their system. Social engineering includes maneuvering the person to disclose their relevant data along with information by using the technique of phishing (Wang and Lu, 2013). By publishing the fake advertisement the internet, enhance the cyber crime in the business.

Cyber attack has faced by many companies in all over the world, however, the possible step against the protection of these cyber attacks, government has taken various step to meet the issue of cyber crime. It involves the evaluating the system and security of network. Different countries have been taken initiated step to prevent the cyber security challenges in the organization such as China and US have made a cyber security laws (Von and Van, 2013). It has been researched that Australia is facing the issue of cyber security as it has not efficient knowledgeable staff of cyber security. That is why the demand of cyber security in the Australia is at peak.

It is essential for the protection from cyber attack to establish National Structure for Cyber Security. It would have been involved various roles and responsibilities for stakeholders and focus on creating public private partnership model (Klahr, Shah, Sheriffs, Rossington, Pestell, Button and Wang, 2017). It should be able to enhance the trust between the companies and government. To prepare procedure of cyber security management has been established and the head of cyber security should be appointed with various responsibilities. Along with that Cyber Command is required for preventing forces to protect the Indian Cyberspace. The Cyber Command should be authorized with defensive and offensive cyber weapons (Elmaghraby and Losavio, 2014).



  • Cyber security is able to prevent from various cyber attacks and enhance the safety while working.
  • Lack of cyber security may lead the business in adverse situation and the personal and official data can be corrupted by cyber criminals.

Research design and methodology

A research methodology contains numerous methods and techniques to research and accumulate certain requirements and information from resources and journals. There are several methods being considered to research on the topic.

Research methods

There is various methods has been taken to execute the research but the main focus has been kept on quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative research is able to give quantitative data and able to gather the information and data regarding cyber security challenges. Qualitative data has been taken to collect the quality data from secondary sources for the selected topic.

Research approaches

There are two approaches have been considered that is quantitative and qualitative approaches. Qualitative approaches are being used in then research to evaluate the reasons, views and opinion related to selected topic. Primary and secondary sources helped to analyze the data effectively by analyzing the collected data from articles, journals, websites and research task (Abawajy, 2014).

Data collection

Enthusiasm has been reflected while researching on the selected topic so that research program could be initiated in efficient manner. The aim behind conducting the research is to make aware business about the challenges of cyber crime. Primary and secondary information has been utilized to collect the information.  The information from primary sources have been collected from direct respondents while secondary information has been collected from the used data such as journal, articles, websites and research sources (Reddy and Reddy, 2014).

Sample and techniques

Random sampling technique has been chosen due to huge amount of gathered data and information regarding selected topic. It is effective technique which provides opportunity to information to select.


Research strategy

It is important to accomplish the research within timeframe so that the possible results of research can be come in efficient manner. An action plan has been made to analyze the various activities of research with timing.

It is important to focus on target market and to gather the relevant information; primary and secondary sources are being opted to set the target market. Primary resources such as questionnaire and interview criteria has been used to gather the data while articles, journals and other used data has been utilized in the context of secondary resources.

Selection and ethical consideration

The procedure of selection has been accomplished after analyzing the requirement of the research. Ethics consideration defines that what is correct and incorrect while researching. Data has been collected with fair manner

Limitation of the research

There are several issues has been found while executing the research which influence the research in the form of limitations. These limitations are mentioned below:

  • The required time is not enough for this research and for better evaluating random sampling technique has been used.
  • The selected topic needs depth research and due to lack of access data related to topic could not be observed.
  • The reason of limitation is lack of data but the qualitative approach has been used to cover the information

Time schedule

Serial no.


Initiating date


Completed date



Selection of topic

10 September, 2017


11 September, 2017

Selection regarding topic has been made.


creation of plan

12 September, 2017


14 September, 2017

Plans will be prepared


Implementation of the plan

15 September, 2017


19 September, 2017

Data will be selected for the research topic


Data collection

20 September, 2017


24 September, 2017

Selected data will be opted for the execution of the research


Analyze the data

25 September, 2017


30 September, 2017

Technique will be used to analyze the data


Conclusion and recommendations

1 October, 2017


4 October, 2017

Data and information will be concluded by evaluating the data.



It has been concluded that various organization in all over the world are facing issues of cyber security challenges and the range of cyber attacks has been increased in the form of various attacking approaches such as malware, Ransomware, social engineering, hacking the data sand many more. This research has been made for making aware about the challenges of cyber security and raises the voice against the prevention. The focus of the research is on a collection of quality data for growing the constancy and authenticity of the research program.



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