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Describe about the Social Media Report of shutdowncanada?


Case study:

#shutdowncanada (, 2015) is a protest movement that started during the first week of February, 2015 where the indigenous people in the country of Canada were carrying out different rallies and boycotts and many road blockades throughout all the places in Canada and it was seeming that this protest movement was gradually becoming more and more larger and was considered another big movement since Idle More More (Toronto Sun, 2015). This movement known as #shutdowncanada was further described as callout for all the communities in Canada.

There are a number of issues that is tackled by this event. Such as the mass incarnation that is happening to indigenous people, the murder of a number of indigenous people and conducting extraction projects on the lands of these people.


The participants in this protest page have been of a number of varieties. There has been hundreds of users who have posted on this protest issue in Twitter. Most of the users have posted and twitted a number of times in this issue on any single day. Considering the issues in this case in the three time points it has been observed that on the time point 9 the number of points have been less, but again in the next time point that is in 11, there has been a very good increase in the number of posts and in the other time point it has been seen that the number of posts have increased to a huge extent. The time point here considered first was time point 13 and there have been more than fifty tweets in a very short span of time. Since it has been observed that the passing days the number of tweets in this page has been increasing.

There is one user who has been more active than any other user. Even though there have been quite a number of users who have been very active in this twitter campaign. However, this particular lady has been active and has been posting a number of tweets on #shutdowncanada. The lady Treesha Roar (fake name) has also posted a number of pictures on this issue of the indigenous people. Even though she has posted some tweets of her own, the more number of tweets has mainly been those which she had retweeted from others. This user has primarily posted a number of photos of the protest. As compared to the links or posts the number of photos posted by her has been much more. Further, this user has played an active role in this campaign. She has mainly been giving photos of the protest carried out and also gives the details of the news concerning the campaign that would be aired at different times in the news channels. Hence it can be stated that her primary works that she carried out in this campaign was to post photos of the campaign, retweeting important tweets and giving any vital information about the airing of any news on the issue on the news channel.



As has been stated earlier there has been a huge number of tweets that has been posted in twitter on this campaign. In the time point 13 the number of tweets has been the most as compared to the three time points. The number of tweets in this time point has been approximately seventy. The next time point with the highest number of tweets has been the time point 11 where the number of tweets has been more than fifty. The lowest time point is time point 9 where the number of tweets has been less than thirty. Hence from this trend it can be understood that the number of tweets has been increasing with the increasing number of days and the campaign is gradually gaining grounds.

There was a picture that was tweeted by an user named Marie Kuch (fake name). This particular tweet received the highest number of retweets. This picture showing a women protesting for the #shutdowncanada campaign had been retweeted fifty three times. According to me the reason behind retweeting this particular photo would be because among all the other photos of the campaign this particular photo could bring out the emotions of the people who were behind this campaign and there genuine grief regarding the issue.

The use of @ has been very prominent in this page. It can be seen that there has been a number of tweets where the sign @ has been used and other tweeters have been referred. This indicates that in most of the cases the tweets have been directed to other users with the intention to popularize the campaign. Another thing that is of significance is that in most of the tweets the number of pictures are more rather than the use of text. In fact the use of text is the lowest as compared to the use of links and photos. This essentially means that the people who are actually involved in the protests even outside the virtual world are mainly the persons who are tweeting in these campaigns.

Further one more thing needs to be noted here, that is the campaign primarily started with the issue of the indigenous people. Throughout the three time points one thing can be stated that the campaign stuck to its main concerns in this three time points and it did not shift its focus to any other related issues.


The campaign #shutdowncampaign was mainly focused on the injustice faced by the indigenous people. Through the social media Twitter, the campaign focuses on making all the people aware of this issue that they are facing and also it is helping to bring together all the people throughout different parts of Canada. Hence, it can be observed that the main task that the social media page is doing for this campaign is to popularize the campaign for it to spread to all the parts of the country and also make everyone aware of this existing problem and support them with the issue.



Toronto Sun, (2015). #ShutDownCanada: First Nations people plan nationwide protests Friday. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Feb. 2015]., (2015). #shutdowncanada - Twitter Search. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Feb. 2015].

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