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Social Psychology Perspective And Collaboration

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Discuss about the Social Psychology Perspective and Collaboration.



The student was assigned a registered nurse who was supposed to guide her through the practice in the health facility. However, there are instances that conflict arose between us regarding my practice. This conflict resulted from lack of effective communication. Effective communication is paramount in nursing practice. Ideally, the way in which nurse interact and communicate has a strong bearing on the patient’s recovery and experiences. Effective communication impacts on the quality of care provided to the patient (Bays et al., 2014). Additionally, effective communication among nurses is vital in developing mutual relationship that improves the nursing practice. There is a plethora of literature that touches on communication framework that can be used to create and ensure proper and effective communication. This paper is seeking to apply the analytical framework for communication that was developed by Walker and Avant to address the issues that are canvassed in the case study.


Interpersonal Communication

Effective interpersonal communication is affected by numerous factors. These factors include the willingness of nurses to share information promptly (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). In a clinical setting, nurses should be able to express their fears openly. The expression of desires and wants should be openly expressed. It suffices to point out that nurses are supposed to share among themselves the nature of skills that they possess and those that they lack (Thomson, Outram, Gilligan, & Levett-Jones, 2015). Sharing information about one’s skills is imperative when assistance from colleagues is sought. Interpersonal communication can be aptly described as the communication and interactions involving individuals in a workplace (Pfaff, Baxter, Jack, & Ploeg, 2014).

Interpersonal communication works best in cases where individuals know each other very well. This fact means that in interpersonal communication, people share a lot. Interpersonal communication requires active listening so that the information can be understood correctly.  The strength of interpersonal communication is a pointer to a cohesive workforce and a determinant of success in workplaces (McCabe & Timmins, 2013). It is paramount to note that retracting words after they have been spoken is not possible because the damage will have been done. Therefore, before communicating anything, it is imperative to weigh the possible repercussions.


Analysis of Scenario and Ineffective Communication

In the scenario, it is imperative to point out that is a strained relationship between the registered nurse and the student nurse. It is clear from the scenario that effective interpersonal communication was not effectively done. The registered nurse appeared to be very arrogant to the student nurse. In fact, this arrogance is displayed right in front of the patient. The breakdown in communication makes the patient to be much more worried about his condition. Additionally, the student nurse finds it impossible to learn effectively. As a result of the ineffective communication, the student nurse has lost confidence in himself/herself. To this end, the student nurse may fear expressing his/her strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, from this scenario it can be understood that the registered nurse who has experience in the nursing practice has failed in providing professional guidance to the young nurse.

There are several elements of ineffective interpersonal communication. One such element is lack of maintaining eye contact (Matziou et al., 2014). It is paramount to note that interpersonal communication requires that both parties keep eye contact in order to gather any other non-verbal cues. Maintaining proper eye contact in interpersonal communication shows the level of interest when communicating (Foronda et al., 2014). In this scenario, the registered nurse appeared to have bulged into the room and ambushed the student nurse by hurling insults that results in the loss of dignity to the later. Additionally, maintaining good eye contact becomes imperative in fostering interpersonal relationships in a workplace. Through proper eye contact, nurses are able to establish strong professional relationships where they can learn to share their abilities. It suffices to point out that lack of eye contact shows much disinterest in communication. In situations where people communicate and yet they cannot face each other waters down the importance of the message (Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016).

Ineffective communication is further strengthened by lack of active listening (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). It is vital to note that in order for people to communicate effectively, they must listen to one another actively. In active listening, the listener always pays keen attention to what he/she is being told. Actively listening may require note taking for purposes of reference. In this scenario, both the registered nurse and the student nurse had no active listening. The registered nurse just appeared and started hurling insults and behaving unprofessionally. The registered nurse only appeared to be barking orders to the junior nurses. This case presents imbalances that seems to exist between the registered nurse and the student nurse. In promoting effective communication, people should always be sensitive to each person’s feelings and aspirations (Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016). Additionally, registered nurses have the competency to communicate effectively, they are in a position to impart knowledge (Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016). This attribute is essential in making that the patients under their care are able to make informed decision and choices (Doherty et al., 2016). Further, competencies associated with effective communication helps nurses to relate with each other without problems. There is need to ensure that information between nurses is passed properly, accurately, and clearly to enhance teamwork (Matziou et al., 2014; Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016). Teamwork is important in promoting continued care, improve patient outcomes, and minimize risks to patients.

The use of verbal mode of communication is considered to be very effective in communication. Communication should also focus on the use of non-verbal communication cues such as the body language (Foronda et al., 2014). Poor communication leads barriers that creates a feeling of alienation among young nurses and patients in a health facility. The behavior of the registered nurse to reprimand the young nurse in front of the patient was not good professionally (Bagnasco et al., 2016; Foronda et al., 2014). As a result, patients are often left complaining of poor services and care in the hands of nurses. There is a lot of evidence that suggest that poor communication contributes to negligence, neglect, and increased cases of malpractices among nurses (Bays et al., 2014).  Additionally, insufficient time leads to inability to implement effective communication in many clinical situations (Matziou et al., 2014). Nurses are required to develop proper interpersonal relationships. This relationship is reflected on the ability of nurses to ask relevant questions kindly (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Additionally, it has to do with the provision of information in a manner that shows interest, do not scare, creates feelings of trust, harmonious relationship, and acceptance (McCabe & Timmins, 2013). Effective communication in a clinical setting canvasses the ability to ensure expression of concerns for fellow nurses and patients (Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016).


Application of the Framework

In the scenario, the registered nurse should have used the right strategy to ensure proper communication. There are some important aspects that the registered nurse should do to avoid communication breakdown in the clinical setting (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). There are several ways in which the analytic framework for communication can be applied to contribute to effective communication. Nurses should improve their verbal communication skills (Foronda et al., 2014; Bays et al., 2014). This can be done through effective use of strategies to curb a possible fall out in communication. Nurses ought to be encouraged to apply and use friendly language when communicating with each other (McCabe & Timmins, 2013). Additionally, nurses must learn how to use euphemistic words to avoid instances of displeasure among them. It is imperative that nurses should employ some level of comfort in communication.

Furthermore, nurses should learn to use non-verbal cues in communication (Bagnasco et al., 2016). In this scenario, the registered nurse should have used non-verbal skills to communicate with the young nurse without necessarily drawing the attention of the patient. The use of non-verbal skills requires that nurses increase their awareness of body language (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014; Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). In this regard, a fellow nurse can be able to effectively interpret and read the emotional and physical signs. Nurses are supposed to be honest and respectful to their colleagues and should learn to correct one another in a professional manner.

Additionally, nurses should learn to manage their voices. In voice management, nurses should use appropriate intonation and pitch (Doherty et al., 2016). This helps in the establishment and maintenance of rapport between nurses. Voice management is critical in communication as it enables nurses to communicate effectively (Matziou et al., 2014; Williams, Ilten, & Bower, 2016). It is vital to point out that yelling at each other in a clinical setting compromises the quality of health services. In communication, it is important to share ideas and help each other to learn. Effective communication provides a perfect environment where novices can learn from expert nurses (Matziou et al., 2014; Bays et al., 2014). It is imperative to note that communication is central in building strong working relationship among nurses. Trustworthiness and confidence are key in striking power balance between nurses. Moreover, effective communication should be culture sensitive (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Cultural competence is required in nursing more so in cases where transcultural communication is concerned.



Nurses play an important in the provision of healthcare. Nurses are integral in caring for patients. It suffices to point out that a nurses who joined a health facility recently lacks the confidence and as such is often prone to pressure. This situation may lead to affect the optimal function of the teams. It is important that effective communication is practised among nurses. When there is proper communication, confidences among nurses is enhanced and patients are given the best healthcare. Ideally, communication has a positive influence on patient’s treatment and recovery. There is need to encourage nurses to communicate effectively. Effective communication contributes to satisfaction between nurses and their patients. It is imperative to note that registered nurses should be able to assist junior nurses to learn all the competencies in nursing. In a nutshell, communication is at the core of good nursing practice as it creates confidence among nurses for efficient healthcare.



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