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Software Engineering- Processes & Methods

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1. Provide a name and logo for your Organisation. Write 2 paragraphs describing the objectives and vision of the organisation.

2. Provide a list of definitions for Keywords related to the Organisation and System. List the Major Stakeholders that might be involved in this Project.

3. Choose two different Potential Users of the Proposed System, and for each user role, Describe the User Profile and give an Example High Level Scenario of how they would use the New System.

4.Write a Paragraph titled ‘Scope and Constraints’, in which you describe at least 4 high level broad Objectives of the Project.  

5.Prepare a detailed, Prioritised list of User Stories describing part of the New System.

6.Sketch a high-level draft Concept of the user Interface for the Component of the System you anticipate being developed in Sprint Cycle 1 described in part 5.



The report explains background information of the specified project. Definitions of the keywords as well as list of the stakeholders associated with the project are also provided in the present report. In addition, potential users for the proposed system are identified along with major stakeholders involved in the project. Moreover, prioritized list of the user stories and profile as well as high-level concept of user interface for component of the system are presented in the study.

1.Name of the company: Web Solutions

Logo of the company:

 Being employed in Web Solutions, it is  required to provide a project brief that will be helpful for the client in order to understand the project and identify the possible outcome that can be resulted at the of the project, which can fulfill their demand. As the client organization has 50,000 visitors in every year, it is difficult to manage them, keep their database and update the system in order to provide modern facilities (Sudha et al. 2016). In addition, the organization is looking to develop their income through selling tickets as well as accommodation online. There is nearly 20 % of total number of visitors like to come from overseas. Along with these, no bank details are presently stored in the office. Therefore, it is required to provide new system that can allow the visitors to register for a membership. The proposed system would assist to facilitate online tickets as well as accommodation along with special deals to the customers.

 Moreover, the new system allows the visitors to get membership status (Bronner, 2016). On the other hand, returning visitor can be defined as the person visited the site already in past 12 months. In this perspective, it is required to have login system that helps the users to buy tickets through online. In addition, the business would prefer to enable the customers to pay through online and help the customers to avail the service easily (Nagadapally et al. 2015). In this aspect, it is required to include secured payment system in the new proposed system and allow the customers to save their payment details securely. It assists to make the process easier for future purchasers. Moreover, it is important to provide on-site accommodation, which is required by the customers. In this aspect, the accommodation manager has indicted to provide foully electronic room booking system (Neelamegam & Murugan, 2016). There will be also facilities to contact with the accommodation manager through phone in order to finalize the arrangements for accommodation arrangements. Thus, it is required to have calling facilities in the proposed system that can be helpful to contact with the accommodation manager. Inclusion of all these functionalities would be helpful to accommodation and improve the entire system.


2.In the present study, several keywords are used such as potential users, sprint cycle, user interface and SCRUM. Potential users are those who are the end users of the system. The users can avail their facilities and contribute to provide feedbacks towards the system. There are generally common people and persons associate with the client organization are potential users of the project. On the other hand, SCRUM is an incremental as well as iterative agile framework for software development that is used to manage development of the project. It is flexible and holistic strategy for product development where team works within the strategy. In addition, it is the unit in order to reach the common goal of the project (Kucukusta et al. 2015). There are traditional as well as sequential approaches for development of the products that can be applied in the present project. The key principle of Scrum is to recognize development of the products and changing minds of the customers for meeting their needs at the time of development. The unpredicted challenges cannot be addressed easily with traditional manner. Scrum has two to four week Sprint cycle in the team that delivers work and driving towards the potentiality, which is shippable in the organization (Abdullah & Kadhim, 2016). It is also important to consider the shippable challenges for Scrum, a project management framework. However, there are some overlaps between Scrum and XP. The practices can be generally implemented through making practices that is considered as mandatory for making sustainable pace, collective code ownership, development of test-driven a and constant integration.

In the present case, potential stakeholders can be identified as end users, investor and shareholders. Mohapatra (2013) commented that end users have an important role to select the potential users involved in the project. They contribute with the proposed new system through booing online tickets and avail on-site recommendation that would be helpful for the organization to increase their profit.  In addition, one of the potential stakeholders involved in the project is investor for the new system.  In the present case, the client organization invests money in order to grow their business and increase profit. However, the stakeholders involve in the project are advertisers on the particular sites.


3.One of the potential users of the new system is the customers. Lee (2015) stated that visiting the portals would increase the trafficking of the audience for the organization. As a matter of specification, logging into through a user ID and password helps the personnel of the organization to maintain the privacy of the customers. Provision of hanging password averts the situation of hackers intervening into the personal records of the customers. Apart from this, logging into through the individual ID and password directly onsets the customers to the company websites, from where they an make online bookings. This facility proves beneficial for the customers, as they do not have to stand in long queues for booking tickets.

User ID and password takes the customers to the exclusive offers, discounts and schemes, which makes their vacation a memorable one. For this, registration through membership is an essential consideration (Norrid, 2016). This registration helps the management of the organization to keep track of their customers and their personal details. Utilization of templates for this purpose safeguards the security of the personal data and belongings of the customers. This contradicts the paper based system, which if lost might bring losses for the organization.

Regular surfing of the website makes the organizational personnel aware of the customer approaches towards the delivered services. This step brings efficiency in the services of the organization. Along with this, it enhances the stability in the relationship between the customers and the organizations, which is necessary for achievement of large sale customer satisfaction. Adoption of proper communication channel, such as social media, onsets the organization with the customers on an internal perspective (Pandey, Vashisht & Sharma, 2015). The provision of financial details within registration mitigates the instances of illegal activities; which might deceive the customers of their personal data and belongings. Tagging of the visitors as new and running is an additional assistance for the organizational personnel towards maintenance of the internal and external stakeholders.

4.Effective adherence to the IT legislations would help the organizational personnel t maintain the safety and security of the personal details and belongings of the customers. Along with this, compliance to the standards and norms of the regulatory framework would result in the utilization of the communication channels for providing prospective services to the customers. Vyas (2014) stated that arraying out market research would make the organizational personnel aware of the software, which directly onsets the customers to the services offered by the organization.

Onsite testing would help the personnel to detect any virus or hacker intervention that might at as an obstacle for the customers in online booking or searching for online accommodation (Kharwade et al. 2014). This step would reserve the quality of the services. Onsite installation of the technologically advanced software in the personal computers and laptops of the customers would establish direct connection with the organization. This connection would bring technological advancement for the organization.

On the other hand, exclusion of data migration from the objectives would add to the personal sentiments of the customers. Exposure of negligence in this direction would bring compel the organization to bear with the questions of the customers regarding derives and false promises. This would, in turn, adversely affect their purchasing power and decision, for which the personnel have to take pains to restore (Gautama et al. 2014). Hiring experts for the detection of virus within the parts of the software helps the personnel to ensure its smooth functioning.

Ensuring the financial flexibility before searching for technologically advanced software contradicts the intensity of the term “constraints” (Xu et al. 2016). Joint ventures with the stakeholders and shareholders and discovering financial instability is a shame for the organization in terms of achieving customer satisfaction.


Emerging useful in overcoming the constraints would be an innovative concept for the organization. Along with this, it would enhance the reputational status of the organization among the customers, one of the key stakeholders. Smooth flow of the urgent helps the customers to get an uninterrupted eases to the organizational websites, which aligns with their ease of online booking and onsite accommodation.

5.The requirements of proposed system are to avail the online system for ticket booking and on-site accommodation. It is required a way that helps to allocate resources for the online ticket booking system. In the present case study, the user stories are explaining the part of proposed system. This provides the needs of unique REQUIRMENT ID. The users of online booking system need to register in the system at first. After that, they would ask to provide the system that can allow the users to access their profile with security. The new system likes to have advanced functionalities that offer secured login facilities to the users (Chen et al. 2016). Moreover, it is important for the system to store the database system that is capable to store the data of the customers. REQUIREMNT ID of the users would be unique numbers and letters. It presents a clear format with ID of the users.

The functional users have an important role in the present case that helps to identify the key stakeholders and target audience of the proposed system.  The functionality of the system would serve purposes of different persons. The end users would access the system with their unique ID and password. The client organization has an important role to control the process and access credentials of the users. Moreover, the server site application would be controlled by the Web Solution. However, advertisers and third party security provider for payment system are also associated with the system.


6.The proposed system of online booking and payment system has friendly user interface that can provide several combinations of search criteria that can be helpful to the users to aces several options like registration, sign in, online booking and availing onsite accommodations. Generating the corresponded database of search statements is provided through the interfaces of the system. On the user interface of the proposed system, new users are asked to provide their personal details step by step and login after authenticating through email ID or mobile phone verification method (Chen et al. 2016). After completion of the process, the users can avail and choose onsite accommodation and book tickets.  In addition, the users can pay through online system with the support of third party security providers. After completing the booking, the users can sign out from the system.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that a proposed system need to meet the demands of end users as well as assist the organization to generate their revenue. Scope and constraints are explained with high level broad objectives of the project that would be helpful to achieve target of the organization. In this aspect, the organization or provider of the system require to make a proper plan, which can be helpful to meet objectives of the organization. It is also important to provide user-friendly interface that can assist the organization to access the functionalities and gain advantages for the organization.



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