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Most Downloaded Sample Of Statistics

Statistics Assignments

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Abstract A data set of 216 children were taken from the study of 369 children who were examined for behaviors associated with attention deficit disorder. The data were collected on the children in second, fourth and fifth grades and subsequent academic performance was measured in ninth grade. The ninth grade records showed that children identified as showing attention deficit disorder behavior performed poorly in school, had lower IQ score and...

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Statistical Inference And Regression Analysis

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Question: 1. Use the same data that was used in Assignment 1 which is the SWEETS-4-U2 data for the previous year which consists of 52 weekly values of the sales and costs for the two popular product lines namely Forgive and Rejoice. These two products are both wrapped chocolates sold by weight. The only difference between Forgive and Rejoice is that different messages are attached to each type of chocolate. The Forgive chocolates have message...

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Introduction To Statistics: Populations And Samples

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Question: Describe about the Population and Samples in form of Statistics?   Answer: i) Data for the amount paid for the sample of families appears to follow normal distribution with positively skewed or skewed to the right data. It appears to be unimodal with peak observed around the category ‘350 but under 400’.   ii) Histogram – Data for the amount paid for the sample of families appears to follow normal ...

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Car Data Statistical Analysis

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Question: Describe about the Report on Car Data Statistical Analysis?   Answer: Statistical data analysis plays an important role in decision making. Here, we analyse the data for different types of cars. We study the price of the cars and other related variables of the cars. We check whether there is any significant variable which effects on the price of the car. We also check whether there is any linear relationship exists between the ...

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The New Statistical Analysis Of Data

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Question: Discuss about The New Statistical Analysis of Data?   Answer: We get a clear picture of the defined customer from the summary of the given result of MRI California Pizza. On grouping the data in groups and rejecting the data with , the highest indexed value has been selected from the group and the summary has been performed henceforth. Women   122870 4589 3.7 63 122 Educ: gradu...

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