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Project Background


Discuss about the STP Management for Information Systems Management.

As a new manager hired by STP management, the report below will consist of the evaluation and analysing of the new and the STP IS which is update whose aim will ensure that everything is complying with all rules and regulations set and the privacy and the confidential of the information is observed at the STP.

The provision of limited report in essence it is not detailed will be a disadvantage to the staffs at STP as they have technical skills that is limited.

Scope of such a report will rotate and revolve around analysing the network of STP that is to be upgraded serving as the head office at Wollongong, of recent STP purchased a premise at Bathurst and Lithgow and also another one in Sydney where it did build a state of the art computer with a manufacture facility.

Some of the assumptions made in the report is that there will be an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that will supply STP company with ADSL which will be internet connectivity via the modems and switches.

The project background defines and identify the problems that STP limited company faces during the process of ensuring the IS to be upgraded is complying with the rules and regulations for privacy and confidentiality set by STP Limited. The content will consist of evaluating the project, its scope, the goals of the project and how strategically the alignment of STP company will look like.

The main aim of the project is to facilitate a well Distributed IS that will have a system for control, a client management system and a system for accounting. All the mentioned systems will be accessed in all the locations mentioned as follows, Bathurst, Wollongong, Lithgow and lastly Sydney. Of the mentioned location every location will have to own its database that is distributed and each and very staff will have access to these systems through the provided ADSL internet connectivity via use of modems and the switch of the overall network which is located at every office in the specified locations. WAP will also be implemented in the project to facilitate the connections of the staff, hence bringing in the case of BYOB (Bring Your Own Device) means. The main idea in implementing this network is to improve the scalable of the network in all the four locations as well as extending the staffs operations in the current office and also in future.

Goals of the Project

Major goals differ in different organizations depending on the main objectives to be achieved by a certain company. In our case here STP limited company have a desire of implementing an IS infrastructure whereby the management in managing the rapidly growing of the organisation in terms of the customers served and the operations of the business as well. The basic objective of STP is to have their own control system for stock that will enable sharing of even distribute all over the network. The access by the employees should be enabled to ensure that there is accuracy and stock is reliable and provide exact details as per the company policies. Another major goal to be implemented in is management system for its clients that will ensure all staffs serves and manages the customers’ accounts. STP will also need to implement an online website that will help to advertise and market all available products for selling.

In understanding plan that will be strategically be implemented in order to upgrade the current system, a swot analysis will need to be performed. The analysis will concentrate on the goals of STP company that are major on implementing the upgraded IS for its operations.



      Staff and customer relations to be improved

      Extension of STP company operations

      Customer increases

      Employees who are dedicated

      Accessing of info that is accurate and reliable

      DS hence enhancing growth

      Lack of enough staff skills

      Inadequate policies and procedure

      Threats from internal



      Improving the customer services by use of management systems such as intelligent MS

      Extension of market

      Increase of Employment for sales per person

      Integrating the STP limited System

      Being Competitive from the rivals

      Leakage of information’s

The security will consist on evaluating all the components to be used in networking such as the technology to be applied, the devices to be connected over it, and the design of STP network will look like. In consideration that the whole network of STP limited IS was upgraded, there may arise some issues in security when it comes to implementing this.

One threat is that of the users of the system mainly the staff. This makes the security of the info shared and access in this system is supreme and can be protected via technologies which are different. The system can be challenged by malicious softwares particularly in our case where Bring your Own Device mechanisms have been implemented to help in accommodating the mobile devices in connection (Keller, 2010)

In consideration to the rapid growth of the operations in Business in STP limited company, mechanism for protection will need to be put in to place to ensure that the security of the larger information will be handled by STP limited due to the large numbers of increased customers and operations of the business. In securing the data, STP should put in place mechanisms internally that will help in managing employees, the products of STP and mostly improve on implementing the policies and procedures that are appropriate and hence defining how the staff will conduct themselves while using the upgraded network.

Security Concerns and Proposed Solutions

The above 4ps work hand in hand as they relate with each other.  Policies and procedures provide a clear way in which employees at STP Limited will follow while executing their services in selling of STP product. These rules are very important considering that the company relies on internet to conduct its service and therefore employees might engage in other activities that do not benefit the organization but rather put it at risk. Policies and procedures ensures defines what information is to be accessed, used and by who. It also outlines some of the rules that staff ought to observe while using the companies network. The policies also dictate the network design and configuration mechanism thus ensuring that the information shared across this network is secured.

The versions that is upgraded of the IS will rely on the connection of internet in its operations. Therefore, this means that the ISP that will provide internet services to STP Company will have to ensure that their network has been secured and cannot be infiltrated by attacks such as viruses.

The other big threat is that the staff lacks the technical skills on how to operate the proposed Upgraded IS and hence making so risky in operating when the security of STP data is concerned. This will come up in essence that the staff may interfere with working of the IS either knowing or even not knowing thus leading to call the measures that will ensure the security of IS. The measures to be called or put in place include:

  • Protections of IS components physically
  • Installation and configuration of firewalls that will help in filtering all actions that are unwanted
  • Introducing mechanisms that will detect intrusion
  • Authorisation and authentication
  • Use of antiviruses and that are up to date.

Use of portable devices such as the laptops, tablets and smartphones has been used in greater numbers at STP Limited. Them being portable make it easy to move them across the network, but with the security concern they contradict as they come up with threats in security such as the downloading of malicious softwares, security issues that are physical and access of sites that aare unsecured which in return might disclose the integrity of the Such company(Collett, 2017). Therefore, STP should implement mechanisms for protection to help in ensuring that the portable devices will not or ever compromise the entire STP Limited network  (Phifer, 2013).

Hardware’s to be used by STP Company in offering the upgraded IS operations should be of great significant. The purchase of that specific hardware should consider the following factors in terms of the goals to achieve.

  • Performance and STP limited company operations.
  • Ensuring that it has more merits than from the9ir competitors(P, 2015).

The plan for hardware purchase is very important in essence that it helps in minimizing delays and ensuring that the STP Operations will continue or there will be business continuity.

SWOT Analysis

STP company should have a plan that is very clear in acquiring the H/W due to failure or that may have been damaged in the process operations when in consideration that the staff lacks technical skills in operating such hardware’s. In order to enhance the business continuity, STP company should come up with a plan for emergency on ways of acquiring the hardware’s that are new especially in case where such situation arise. This will help in minimizing the delays and ensuring that there is zero loss in the productions stage.

Staff at STP limited should be considered and made part of h/w plan when purchasing. This will be through the regular review on how compatible the softwares used are with reference to the version of the hardware’s. Also STP Limited should seek proper feedbacks on the staff especially on the performance of hardware systems that are in place. This will allow the management to realize what hardware components are in need and so forth.

Understanding of the requirements of the business where we have to use AR will help in determining the chances of buying hardware’s of low cost from the suppliers that are of your choice or the preferred. This will enhance STP Limited to come up with strategies that are proper in procurement making it compatible with the plan of the business and that the purchases will not in essence affect the continuation of the operations of the business may it be due to constraints on finance.

This will be a record meant for all tools available in STP Limited Company(Intelligence, 2017). This means that STP should have a records which are clear for each particular hardware device and with reference to its location. This register will help in managing the monitor and hence managing all the assets of IS that will be implemented at STP Limited. It is also much significant to know that AR will help in improving the management on how to determ9ne the hardware that will require replacement for improving the performance and the minimizing of risks in relation to security. The tabulated information below will represent the AR for STP Limited Company for the four locations respectively.

With this AR in existence then STP Company will see it easy in determining which machine needs a replacement on specified date with reference to its effect on the company

Distributed systems implementation such as the system for controls, hosted at TradeGecko, management system for customer hosted at Sales force and lastly Accounting System at MYOB, improve commercial growth and continuity at STP Limited (Hutter, 2016). The cloud hosting of the upgraded system should be accessed by all the staffs on any location. In this context the continuity of the business will hence refer in facts that all operations at STP Company will continue as usual and there will be zero loss in terms of tools of information in situations where there is failure and or any effect disrupting the entire STP IS infrastructure that has been put in to place.(Institute, 2017). In ensuring the continuity of the business some measures have to be considered including info backups, security of physical equipment’s and plans to be put in place for succession (IT, 2017). The measures will be discussed in details the figure here below.

Hardware Procurement Plan

The number of issues with reference to risk involved in operations of business at STP limited has grown and the idea is that there will be an upgraded IS that will be put in place(isaca, 2017). The issues related or clearly said to be risks will rotates around the privacy, optimizing and the general security of the new IS. These risks that are likely to be faced by STP Limited are as follows.

  • Strategic risks
  • Operations risks
  • Technical risks
  • Managerial risks
  • Financial risks
  • Compliance risks

The above mentioned risks may come up due to completion, theft cases, cost increases, and calamities including fire, IS attacks, Staff not available and many others. All these risks and explanations of the anticipated effects will call for measure management of the risks by STP Limited Company that will help in avoiding all the effects that might be negative and might interfere with the smooth moving operation of the company.

Proper security policies will have to be put in to place to enable proper protection of its assets and the procedures in which the staffs are supposed to work upon or even within themselves especially when rendering their services, STP should ensure that the have proper security policy. This will ensure that the communication expectation of the company is proper and according to the objectives stated by STP Limited company. Some of the security policy to be implemented will be thing like the use of antivirus, data policy, ethics policy, access management and lastly the wireless communication policy

Company have to ensure that its staff are trained well in order for them to be equipped with the knowledge and have proper skills concerning the updated IS. The training will ensure that the set standards will be in compliance with the objectives of STP Limited company while staffs are performing their duties. Also they should also be educated on the awareness of the threats in security that may be associated with the upgraded IS.


From the above explanation on the report an evaluation that is clear of the information system upgrade will be performed and an analysis of the network security will be reached upon. The report has highlighted threats in security that the STP limited company should put first in ensuring the continuity the business and proper management of processes. Also a training that is thorough should be offered to the staffs as it will ensure that all staffs will have a proper understanding of the upgraded information system. STP Limited should also formulate policies to manage wireless network and BYOD devices in order to ensure that their network is not compromised by the use of mobile devices.

The company should perform policies and procedures that will clearly show how the operations will be done for enhancing proper system security. Lastly STP should have a proper plan for purchasing hardware tools as it will help in keeping the h/w records in asset registers.


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