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Study Of Behavior Of Organization

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Discuss about the Study Of Behavior Of Organization.



The new era of business organizational behavior is very challenging now a days. Organizational behavior is the study of behavior of organization. Also we can say the behavior study of individuals and groups in organization (Cummings and Worley, 2014). The study of organizational behavior are decided into many divisions – this include organizational culture, workforce diversity, and communication, learning of organization, efficiency and effectiveness of organization. The main concern of OB is that what people do in organization, how their effect the group and organizational presentation. According to research the organization world is changing, in recent years drastic changes have been occurring (DiGennaro et al., 2016). Today’s new progressive workplace is totally different from the past, they have new technologies, new features, the services are given by them to the customers and clients are totally different and unique. Increased globalization requires more interaction among people in organization they come from different culture, nation, religion this is called work force diversity in organization.  Diversity has positive and negative both effects on the organization. Systematic approach represent the relationship between groups, people in an organization. Primary purpose of this approach to achieve the individuals, social, and organizational objectives (Garnero and Rycx, 2014). There are three main elements or OB-

  1. Morals
  2. Visualization
  3. Objectives

Every organization includes official, casual and social environment. These three elements gives the turn to the organization behavior. Understand the leadership, different ways of communication, individuals and group structure within organization, these elements have been provided by the organizational culture (Luthans et al., 2015).


Organizational behavior benefits in organization:

The benefits of OB in organization it helps to reduce the decrease stress, actual decision making and involved organizational members, leadership qualities, work environment, coordination in working and improvement in efficiency of employee (Martín et al., 2013). In that case organization has to face many challenges and opportunities as such OB support to improve quality and productivity of work, it also reduces the issues arising due to diversity in workplace, it also fulfill the requirements of globalization of new world, helps in to re-build the organizational structure, increase the confidence of workforce diversity, also encourage the people for perform better, improvement in decision making.

Models of the Organizational behavior:

Autocratic: In this type of organizational behavior model the decision  is taken by the top management level, the operation management involvement in the decision making is very low which leads demotivation in employee (Miner., 2015).

Protective: In these model the top management take help from operation management but the last decision taken by the strategic management.

Supportive: This organizational model involve the operational employee into decision making.

Mutual: According this level of model the whole management work as team .The motivation level of employee in this model is very high because the decision  taken by the mutual understanding of employee.


Workforce diversity in organization Behavior:

As the name suggest workforce diversity is the combination of workforce of workers from different region, different ages and genders of different international and national principles. Organization becomes more heterogeneous after workforce diversity. Also it help to increase the productivity, loyalty of employees, and it also fulfill the needs of customers, also improve the decision making. Workforce diversity can be divide into two parts:

  • Primary type include age, gender, ethnicity, and handicapped people.
  • Secondary type include religion, marital status, education, culture.

Scopes or Dimensions of Workforce Diversity:

  1. Age Diversity: There are multi-generation people work together in an organization. The advantages of mixed-age workforce diversity in organization exchange the ideas, thoughts, opportunity to teach each other. Young people has the more work efficiency.
  2. Gender difference: At any work place the gender difference is vibrant. Gender diversity also helps to improve the financial performance of the company. The result shows that the dramatically effect of gender diversity in company growth and net profit. But after the survey we found that male work with more aggression instead of female work with patiently and always concerned with quality of work (Martín Alcázar, et al., 2013).
  3. Education Diversity: In an organization we can find many category of people according to their education. Educated people have high thinking and they always talk about the logical things. They do not like discrimination among people.

Culture and Psychology: The culture word itself includes religion, languages, festivals, traditions and rituals. In an organization people comes from different culture and they work together. Many people have different psychology towards their work. Some people are very optimistic and some are shy in nature (Pitts et al., 2010).

Workforce diversity planning in organization behavior:

Workforce diversity planning has cycle which works in various stages. It works in four stages that is scan and understand, develop and implement, monitor and evaluate, analyses and interpret. It is progressive process to check the work planning force we need to return to previous stages (Pinder, 2014).

This figure shows that workforce diversity planning is a recycle process. Scan and understand term consider that where is your company right now, where will be your company in future and workforce diversity is applying in right way or not. Monitoring and evaluation stage provide the ability whether the workforce and diversity planning is in continue in a cyclical process or not. Implementation of planning of each strategy are monitor in this process. Implementation of relevant strategy of plan covers in the develop and implement stage (Shin, et al., 2012). In this stage of diversity planning analyses of internal data, evidence-based decision making are done in analyses. Every company need to consider that how they can achieve diversity outcomes to suit and meet the requirements.


Engaging with diverse workforce in organization behavior:

Engage with diverse workforce related to employee engagement it changes the overall the culture, vision and mission of any company which contributes to raise in assurance and target achievement. Every age group of people in company can learn from each other by this strategy of engaging with diverse workforce. Different generation, culture and socially diverse team can give the best solution of any challenges. It also help to sharing knowledge, skills to each other in every generation of people in a company. The study tell us that there are four engaging element which is:

  1. A planned description
  2. Betrothed managers
  3. Structural integrity
  4. Employee voice

Recent year’s organization has the increasing focus on equality and diversity. Organizations are increasingly seeing that potential of employees are developing slowly. This will help them to coordinate and engage with each other.

Strategies of Workforce diversity in organizational behavior:

Selection process should be effective in reduce to diversity issues, the responsibilities of jb should match to the human resources, the workforce diversity commitment should be ongoing by management, strategic management should provide the effective climate to the employee, management should also introduce about the training and development part for the employee, for equal opportunities management should follow the legal procedure of work, management should give fair treatment among employee, managers should know about the diversity management,  in the organization diversity must be well-defined from top to bottom, in the organization the leadership accountability system should introduce by the management and to reduce the negative effect of diversity managers should utilize the diversity scorecard (Wagner and Hollenbeck., 2014).


Supporting and encouraging diversity workforce members:

The term diversity itself introduce to build a strong and more competitive organization in market. In an organization male and female works together. The diversity in an organization force to people to interact and communicate with each other it helps them to enhance their encourage and exchange the new ideas thoughts as well. It also makes organization more responsible. By the broader group of people talents, cultures, and ideas of people are very helpful in growth of organization (Triana, et al., 2010). We can say in short diversity in workplace:

  • Introduce the perspective of people as well new ideas.
  • Equality in employees.
  • Fairness within an organization.
  • Remove the all type of differences among the employee and force them work for company.
  • All employee work in team with equal contribution.
  • Diversity creates more productive environment (Zhang and Bartol, 2010).


In this report we have covered about the many important topics of organizational behavior. The study of organization behavior tells us about the study of individuals and group in an organization. In the brief study of Organization behavior it covered number of concepts as such: leadership and team working, human behavior. Workforce diversity also helps to improve the organization behavior. Employee comes from different region, culture, country, gender in organization it helps to improve the communication among employee, exchange the ideas and thoughts which improves the organization performance. The diversity strategies should match the requirement of human resources management in an organization. Organizational behavior study tells about the study of individual and group both the difference of individuals also benefits the workplace by creating the competitive environment which increase the productivity of work. Creating safe environment benefits the diversity management. The tools of management should be used to educate the people about the diversity in a diverse workforce.



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