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Discuss about the Supply Chain Management Process ?

Answer :


Supply chain management is the tool which could allow an organization to maintain all of its functionalities in an appropriate and efficient manner. Supply chain is the process where all business entities are linked for delivering any kind of service. The process starts from the end of suppliers to the end of customers. Lots of intermediaries are attached to the process those have the duty to process the goods in an appropriate manner. Each and every business organization focuses on this issue for managing all kinds of operations appropriately. According to the views and observation it could be said that transportation is the important and essential element by which supply chain could be managed smoothly. This research paper is mainly highlighting the challenges associated to the transportation issues in logistic companies and solution of this problem (Murakami, 2002).

Aims of the paper

Prime goal of this research paper is to find out the impact of optimization software in the transportation issue of supply chain management.

Objectives or scopes of the paper

Objectives of the paper have been mentioned below;

  • To find out the impact of optimization software on the inventory management process.
  • To get the benefit of optimization in tracking or shipping goods.
  • To prepare a suitable distribution channel through the optimization software.

How transport optimization helps the supply chain management?

H0: Optimization doesn’t have any kind of impact over the supply chain management process.

H1: Optimization does have significant impact over the supply chain process.

The overall paper has been segregated in five elements like;

  • Introduction: This section will analyze the main motive of doing the research. Through this section overall target of doing the research could be understood. In this case prime rational of doing research also will be highlighted.
  • Literature Review: This section basically holds the theoretical perspectives of the matter. Different researchers are there who made reviews over the optimization issues and their feedbacks have been taken here for the analysis purpose.
  • Research Methodology: This section has the target to showcase the steps of executing the research process. Different approaches and methods will be used for executing the outcome in the process.
  • Data Analysis: This would be the fifth part of the research process where final outcomes of the research will be analyzed.
  • Conclusion: In the last phase final justification of the paper will be made.

Literature Review

At this present moment transportation optimization process is used by different logistic companies for enhancing the performance of the business process. Through this process existing routing strategies could be judged properly, on the other hand business could be able to set new procedures in the routing process. This optimization process helps the management of an organization schedule the production process and distributes the routing process in an efficient and effective manner. This process helps to make monthly plans or quarterly plans. By the help of this process overall understanding of the matter could be done very easily.  Logistic issue played a significant role in the business process. As discussed earlier efficient logistic enhances the performance of the business process.. For this reason they used the mechanism called optimization process (Cheung, 2005). It allows the management to schedule and frame all kinds of operations in an appropriate and significant manner. By the help of this way, respective authority could be able to run all kinds of operations properly.For making any kind of research, significant rational would be needed for which the survey is happening. Since long time logistics companies have been facing trouble due to poor transportation mechanism. A suitable outcome is needed to each and everyone. Transport optimization process might be said as the way to reduce all kinds of problems in the system. In this particular paper importance of optimization software in the business process has been highlighted.

The paper is mainly focusing on the impact and usefulness of transport optimization in the supply chain management process of an organization. After having analysis it has been found that transportation issue has been attached with this overall process. In this paper different feedbacks of the different researchers have been taken for analyzing the overall issue in a significant and appropriate manner.

Through the above mentioned picture overall transportation framework could be understood. The picture illustrates some of the phases which could highlight the overall process of executing the functionalities. This picture showcases how goods are shipped from manufacturing unit to customer base via different logistics equipments. On the other hand a pool point is defined in the picture, this pool point showcases how the goods are stored in the pool point and then those are transported to the customer base through logistics element.

Management of different logistic corporations uses this optimization technique for increasing the strength of the overall logistics operations appropriately. According to Dorer (2005); this optimization techniques helps the management to track the shipment process. Optimization is the process which segments all the associate elements in different segments. In the case of analysis management can easily focus on each segment for observing the flaws and problems associated with the process. After observing the problem appropriate plan also could be implemented for reducing the problems. In the year of 2011 Armam and his associates made different researches over this particular matter and as per their views a fruitful and efficient communication plan is incorporated among all the entities in this process. By this process a smooth operation could be executed.


Inventory management could be said as one of the prime benefits of the optimization process. This is the way to maintain supply chain of the goods in the suitable and efficient manner. This process allows the management to track every stock in the inventory of the organization. The image showcases an inventory in the protocol and through this process a single dispatch from inventory could be judged properly. According to Danial (2007) optimization technique is nothing but to keep the track. A follow up process is attached to the system and this system helps to maintain the update of stock.

Becker and his associates highlighted the cost benefit analysis of network optimization process in the year of 2004. As per their views, cost is an essential element for any kind of organization. Management must have to cut down the cost by implementing modern techniques and tools. After having analysis it has been found that many organizations have been facing trouble due to high cost in the supply chain management process. Optimization is the process of updating the overall transport or logistics process. Through this process; a smooth chain of distribution could be made in the organizational process. By the help of this process a single shipment could be tracked and it might be sent to the end user without making any kind of error. For this reason Hirshman highlighted in 1998 that supply chain must be the prime backbone of any organization and it could be efficient through modern strategies.

Transport optimization technique needs to be more efficient so that a fruitful outcome could be obtained in the supply chain management process. According to various researchers it could be said as the cost effective way to make the transportation process proper. By the help of this process management of the business organizations could be able to segregate all of its activities in a well organized manner. The transportation process allows the management to supply goods and services in an appropriate and significant manner. By the help of this process overall understanding of the matter could be done very easily. Supply chain management is the process which enhances the performances of the business process. By the help of this process respective management could be able to fulfill all the desire of the customers. Distributors of the organization also could be maintained through this process. In this case respective management can deliver high quality service to the customers.

In the year of 2007; Danila stated that transport optimization process helps to maximize the efficiency of the business process. In this case respective management could empower each entities of the supply chain. Optimization process allows increasing the strength of each distribution channel. From the point of shipment to the point of delivery; every single aspect is needed to check. Administration of various calculated companies utilizes this advancement strategy for expanding the quality of the general coordinations operations properly. As indicated by Dorer (2005); this enhancement systems helps the administration to track the shipment procedure. Streamlining is the procedure which portions all the partner components in various sections. On account of investigation administration can without much of a stretch concentrate on each section for watching the blemishes and issues related with the procedure. In the wake of watching the issue fitting arrangement additionally could be actualized for diminishing the issues. In the time of 2011 Armam and his partners made distinctive examines over this specific matter and according to their perspectives a productive and effective correspondence plan is fused among every one of the substances in this procedure. By this procedure a smooth operation could be executed.


Stock administration could be said as one of the prime advantages of the streamlining procedure. This is the best approach to keep up store network of the merchandise in the reasonable and productive way. This procedure enables the administration to track each stock in the stock of the association. The picture exhibits a stock in the convention and through this procedure a solitary dispatch from stock could be judged legitimately. As indicated by Danial (2007) improvement strategy is only to keep the track. A subsequent procedure is connected to the framework and this framework keeps up the refresh of stock.

Becker and his partners highlighted the money saving advantage investigation of system streamlining process in the time of 2004. According to their perspectives, cost is a basic component for any sort of association. Administration must need to chop down the cost by actualizing present day strategies and instruments. In the wake of having examination it has been found that numerous associations have been confronting inconvenience because of high cost in the production network administration prepare. Improvement is the way toward refreshing the general transport or coordinations handle. Through this procedure; a smooth chain of dispersion could be made in the authoritative procedure. By the assistance of this procedure a solitary shipment could be followed and it may be sent to the end client without making any sort of blunder. Therefore Hirshman highlighted in 1998 that inventory network must be the prime spine of any association and it could be proficient through present day methodologies.

Appropriate method with justification

Proper research method would be needed for executing any kind of research process. By framing the process properly a suitable outcome could be obtained. In this case quantitative approach will be followed for measuring the supply chain performance through the analysis.

Proper philosophical approach would be needed for getting a suitable outcome at the end of the research process. Research philosophy could be segregated in three primary elements like positivism, interpretivism and realism. This paper is going to highlight the real and positive issue like importance of transport optimization process in supply chain management. On the basis of that parameter it could be said that positivism approach will be followed in this case to judge the overall matter.

Research design is the most important phase which normally holds the backbone of the process. A research could be designed in three ways like descriptive, exploratory and casual. Descriptive research process is basically executed by maintaining qualitative and quantitative strategy which might be helpful or beneficial for this type of research. For this reason descriptive design will be maintained in this particular case. Two types of approaches are there like inductive approach and other is deductive approach. Both these approaches would be beneficial for judging any kind of element in a significant manner. Inductive approach could be said as the bottom up approach where perspective of people is given priority whereas in deductive approach theories are given main importance. In this particular paper deductive approach will be followed for getting the idea and through this process a top down approach could be made.

For executing a suitable outcome at the end of the research process, proper strategy would be highly needed. These two strategies are qualitative strategy and other is quantitative strategy. Both these strategies have significant impact on the overall functionalities of the survey process. For analyzing this paper quantitative approach will be focused.

Data must have to be collected significantly for judging the overall issue. Data collection process has two significant aspects like primary data collection process and other is secondary data collection process (, 2001). Primary data collection process is the way to get numerical outcomes whereas secondary data collection allows judging the theoretical romance perspectives. Data will mainly be collected through the quantitative analysis; different performance aspects will be judged for getting suitable viewpoint over the matter.


Ethical Consideration of the paper

Ethical issues must have to be fulfilled in any kind of research process. By focusing an appropriate ethical norm and principle, a research process could get value and benefit. This paper is mainly focusing on the benefit of transport optimization process in the case of supply chain management process of DSL Logistics. Privacy related elements must have to be maintained in the process. 100 participants will be selected in this paper for analysis purpose. These respondents will not be forced or pressurized for getting the outcomes. As this overall operation is focused on the logistics issues of DSL Logistics Company, appropriate approval would be needed from the organization for executing the process smoothly and efficiently. Data will be saved appropriately so that it wouldn’t harm the balance of the business process.

Time frame of the research

Time frame of the research has been mentioned below;

Initiation of the research process


Get approval from DSL Logistics


Gather secondary data regarding transport optimization


Target the respondents


Collect primary data


Analysis of the data




 Limitations of the research

For executing a research process lots of obstacles might be raised. Those limitations need to be considered at the time of making the research process. Lots of limitations are also attached to this particular research process. Those limitations have been mentioned below;

  • Sometime it would be very tough to judge the impact of a technological tool through just discussing with other people.
  • Transportation optimization is a vast element and this couldn’t be analyzed through this short analysis.
  • Impact of this technological feature needs to be analyzed through significant justification.
  • Feedbacks might not be related to the theoretical perspectives of the paper.


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