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1. Demonstrate an understanding of the international economic, environmental, legal and social-political issues surrounding environmental management and sustainability development when it comes to climate change and global warming.?
2. Critically analyse alternative means available to ensure the sustainable development of the ecosystems and various species (including humans) as a result of the climate change and global warming.?



Climate change – it is defined as periodic change of temperature of the earth and the motion of winds which results in the change of temperature.

Global warming- it is defined as the process in which the temperature of the earth increases due to the effect of greenhouse  gases  like carbon dioxide , nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide etc.

Green house- Some of the greenhouse which absorbs the radiations coming out of the sun, as a result of which the whenever there is rainfall occurs they fall together with water called ‘acid rain’.

Effect of Climate change on:

Economic issues: climatic change affect badly on business purpose and various economies in whole world.

There are various places where economics is seem to be vastly divested that are given below

There is growing threats to the parasites due to rising temperature in various parts of the world. Ex- it has been found that in the recent year, In the southern England lobster this problem has arises and causing huge problems to the people in this area due to loss of biodiversity which is responsible for decreasing their income.

There are certain places where bank is not going to provide any loan due to decreasing the quantity of snow. Ex- there is SKI resorts in the lower altitude of Swiss Alps whose business is decreased because they are not able to get the bank loans. It is considered to be strangest climatic impact on the business activities.

There are some regions where the people have to relocate the port area and shore Infrastructure due to change in lowering of lake. ex- there is Lake Erie , where the climatic condition is so change that there is lowering of lake takes place which results in the diversification of habitats shoreline as a result of which a large number ports were relocated and infrastructure.

There are some intense hurricanes and downpours which can damage a large number of Infrastructures, property and houses whose costs are very high. EX- hurricane Alice, hurricane Kate etc.

There are some of the regions where extreme drought takes place which cause failure of crops and the government need to provide assistance to the people of this area that Affect the economics of the country of that country. EX- some regions of Africa where thousands of people is kept at risk of starvation

Certain high temperature of sea also affect the survival of coral reefs that are responsible for generate $480 billion per year of goods every year.


effect of climate change on social issue

It affects the farmer- there is a large effect of climatic condition on the farmer. due to the change in climatic condition sometimes it create worse condition for them because uneven rain causes flooding in the field or sometimes due to the scarcity of water cause dry of the plant which decrease the production which is responsible for some times creating worse condition for the farmers. sometimes the farmer needs to change their agricultural   zones due to the heavy precipitation or low rainfall as a result of which they have to move far away living their families
Climatic condition also hit the poor and urban people –there is large section of people who directly depends on natural resources for their survival. There are certain factors like poverty and inequality create adverse condition during the time of flooding or droughts that may be vulnerable to change their life.
Diversification in adaption- there are some of the countries whose contribution towards greenhouse gases is low and it is in greater disadvantage whenever there is chances of lacking in the climate change. it has been found that the developing countries is already suffers from the infrastructural and technological problems that is responsible for hindrance of ability to adaption.
all the section of society were mostly vulnerable

Generally women, children and younger section of people were in the categories of vulnerable. It has been found some section of developing (Especially women and children)

Are dependent on firewood and water and they travelled large distance for collection of the words and during their movement they suffer from illness and sometimes heat related ailments. These cause large problems to the various sections of people who have to be admitted in various sections.

impact of climatic change on legal issue

There are various act were amended by the government to protect the human from different calamities like heat waves and other impacts. These works were taken only because of several deaths and large amount of calamities due to heavy rainfall.

in the month of July, there is a report submitted by the Adaption committee to show that approximate 60% of people who were vulnerable to flood but they believed that they were not in the risk which are responsible for death of large section as they were little aware of the natural calamity and the government is also willing  work towards flood risk management system.

the report also show the research about the people of UK who have a misconception of not occurrences of heat waves and the hot days in UK and procedures are made to show that there is measure taken to measure the capacity of cooling in existing homes that is quite low.

there are a report also submitted by the “ Heat wave plan for   2014” that shows the number of deaths is quite larger of approximate 2000 as comparisons to 685 in the year 2003 and 312 deaths more than the year 2003 takes in the year 2009.

there is an organisation named DECC who argued that there is little difficulty in calculation of actual number of deaths and they forced the government to create  a communication group named “ cross- government “ who work completely for the promotion of unified and consistent messaging across the  government’s communications channels . The earlier secretary of states for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs who work for larger times to protect the risks under the climatically change.

Various Method to ensure sustainable development of ecosystem due to climate change and global warming

There are various indicators that are used for checking the sustainable development

cost benefit analysis

Multi criteria analysis

action impact matrix


sustainable development assessment

Cost benefit analysis- it is defined as a single value approach whose work is to assign some economic value to the various situations of the economic activity. the total cost of it is calculated by net present value (NPV).Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is one well-known example of a single value approach, which seeks to assign internal rate of return(IRR) or benefit-cost-ratio (BCR).some other method are also needed to calculate.

Multi criteria matrix-it is multi –objective decision- making when a single criterion approach is made just with the help of CBA and monitoring values.

action impact matrix-it is simple tool for using sustainability of development by viewing different economics, social and other interactions of different development .certain Global environment problems like change in the climatic condition and at that point they act as source of key assessment .In this system the different method are divided into different matrixes so that the decision needed for the development of sustainable development takes place on appropriate position. Asset of matrix is also made in which analyse sis done for making the work fruitful and diligent.

indicators- it is considered as the most important method for checking how the climate change and the climatic policies affect the different stocks of natural , economic capital and also some social capital for the development of sustainable development. There is a report submitted named IPCC Third assessment Report that completely measure the risk of natural and economic capital.

Sustainable development assessment- it is one of the important tool for analysis of both the development and sustainability concerns. The ‘economic’ component of SDA is completely financial analysis and economics analysis.

(There are various methods that are used to reduce the impact on the variety and variability of eco-system and on the species.

afforestation –it is a method of growing more and more plant to reduce the effect on the eco-system and also enhance the ecological balance of the different species

Deforestation –it is method of cutting more and more plants for the development of urban areas is called Deforestation. This process should be minimised so that the ecological balance of different animals living in the forest is maintained and give the sustain ace to the animal living in the forest. Some alternative method is also needed for the development of them for proper reduction in hindrance in their growth.

Reducing pollution – different types of pollution should be removed (air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution) etc.

Conclusion –

In this assignment we have introduce the definition of climatic change, discussed. various method to sustainable development of eco system due to climatic change and global warming are briefly described.  then a number of logical simple method are discussed which are quite helpful in reducing the impact on the variety and variability of eco system and on the species .thus the report on the environment management are completed. 



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