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1.Conduct SWOT Analysis giving 5 points each for S, W,O,T

2.Prepare Project Charter.

3.Prepare Communications Plan.



Swot Analysis




1.Niche client base

2.Strong brand name

3.Willingness to improve customer satisfaction

4. Willingness of employees in  enhancing customer services

5.Financial stability



1.Delays in delivery  process

2.Errors in manual  handling of sales database leading  to lost orders

3.stock  information not available to sales representatives

4.Central sales database  supports manual modes only

5.Huge time required for operational activities of the organization.



1.Providing the sales employees with wireless data entry systems

2.Development of  new  information system

3. Updating the existing information  system so as to allow automated sharing  of information with sales representatives

4.Increasing market size

5.Improve customer satisfaction levels through value added services


1.Customers are dissatisfied

2.Dissatisfied sales representatives 

3.Delayed product deliveries

4.Presenc of other competitors in market

5.High end services provided competitors might result in depletion of client base.

2.Project Charter


Project Title:  The implementation of wireless data entry system at Grand Wines Ltd

Project Start Date:  The project is expected to start on 6th January 2017

Project End Date:  The expected date of completion of the project is 6th June 2017

Budget Information: The entire project would be require a total budget of $45000.00



Project Manager:

Name: Please insert your name

Email id: Please insert your email id

Contact number: Please insert your contact number

Project Objectives:

a. Project  aims 

The project under  consideration is aimed at  providing  the sales representatives of the Grand Wines Ltd   with   wireless data entry  devices,  such  that they can update  the orders placed by  the customers instantaneously to the central  database of  the organization located  at   Sydney.

b. Project  objectives

The primary  objectives  of the project  can be outlined  as  the following:

·To identify  the  requirements of  the data entry  devices to  be  utilized by the sales representatives,  along  with   the identification  of the features that these devices  must support.

·To complete the procurement of the wireless data entry devices that fulfill the system requirements identified in the previous phase.

·To implement necessary changes in the existing sales database system, such that it supports the feature   of automated orders being placed through wireless data entry devices, along with the queries processed through the same.

·To provide training sessions to the sales representative such that they can utilize the newly implemented system efficiently

c.Primary deliverable

The primary deliverables of  the project are as follows:

I.The detailed  project plan,  including estimated schedule  and budget

II.The  system specification documents

III.The  project  progress reports

IV.The  wireless data entry devices

V. An  updated  centralized sales database capable  of exchanging  information with the wireless data entry  devices  in  an automated manner

VI.Training programs and  manuals for the  sales representatives

d. Project’s benefits to the organisation

The  successful  completion  of  the project  would  yield  the following benefits to Grand Wines Ltd:

i.An  increase in  the  productivity  of  the  sales representatives, as the orders would be  directly   communicated  to the central sales database instead  of  the manual methods currently being used.

ii.The process  of  registering the newly placed  orders in the sales database  would  not require  any  additional  time, thus eradicating the  time delay  that  is  currently  experienced  in delivering  the orders to  the customers

iii.The number of misplaced or lost orders due to human errors causing wrong entry in the database would   be reduced significantly.

iv.Information regarding the availability of stock  would available to  the customers,  along with the approximate  date of delivery  of  the products,  thus  ensuring  customer  satisfaction.

Thus, it can be  said that  the  successful implementation of the  project   would  essentially help Grand Wines Ltd to  regain  its  position  in the market and  provide  tough  competition  to   the other wine producers.

e.Project Limitations

The  scope of the project  does  not  include the following:

i.Any changes  in the  activities  utilized by the  central  sales database  in  processing sales orders

ii. Any changes  in the order  delivery system  currently  utilized  by Grand Wines Ltd

Acceptance Criteria

The  acceptance criteria  of the  project under consideration are  being  outlined  below:

·The  project would be completed within  the due date (6th June 2017)

·The project should not require any additional  budgetary resource

·The devices being procured should be easy to use   and must have a long lifetime.

·The transmission  of data  in between  the  wireless  data entry systems  and   the  central  sales   database  should be smooth  and hassle free.

Assumptions and Constraints


 The following facts  have been assumed by  the  project  management team before  commencing with the  activity of  developing  the  project  plan:

i.The project is being solely  funded by  the higher  management  of  Grand Wines Ltd

ii.The  organizational  heads are  interested  in  including those changes  in  their existing information  technology  system that are required for supporting the  operational  activities  of  the wireless data  entry devices  to be  made available   to  the sales representatives.

iii.The sales representatives of the Grand Wines Ltd would be able to utilize the newly implemented system after a basic training.

b.  Constraints

Following are the constraints associated with the project.

i.Technical constraint: Changes have to be implemented in the central  sales  database  of Grand Wines Ltd in a manner  such that  it  does not  affect the current  operational activities of  the organization.

ii.Time constraint: The entire project has to be completed within a time span of just 6 months.

iii.Budget constraint: The entire project has to be completed within a budget of $45000.00 only

Stakeholder List



Stakeholder No

Name and Signature

Role and Responsibility


Contact Information


Please insert your name

 Overseeing   all the project  related  activities  such that project is  completed  within the estimated time  and budget  mentioned in the  project charter

Project Manager

 Please  insert your Contact Information


      i.        Tim Davis,

    ii.        George Bin,

   iii.        Elle Davis,

   iv.        Rivera Jones,

     v.        Alfred Cook

 Working on the  project   activities

Project team member



Joe Mathews

Using the system  being implemented

 Lead  of the  sales executives



Henry  Cook

 Providing the  budgetary  resources  required for conducting the project

 CEO   of  Grand Wines Ltd and the  sponsor of the project




 Taking advantage of the facilities provided by the IT  system  being  newly implemented   at Grand Wines Ltd

 The customers  of Grand Wines Ltd


Lessons Learned

The following lessons were learnt from  the  project  under consideration:

i.Effective stakeholder communication  must  be  developed  and utilized

ii.Team meetings need to  be conducted in regular basis so as to inform  all stakeholders regrading the progress of the project

iii.Adherence to  the  estimated project schedule is necessary

iv.The team members should also adhere to the team rules.

Charter Signoff

 Please insert your name

 Please insert date

3.Communication Plan Template


Plan purpose –The communication plan has been developed and designed after conducting discussions between all the primary stockholders of the project. All upward communications would be conducted through official mails and submission of well-documented reports. On the other hand, all downward and lateral communication would be held at project team meetings.

Change management –

The change management activities   of the project   would follow the undermentioned steps:

Step1: The change requests would be identified   and documented in official   reports.

Step 2: The change request would be reviewed by the managerial personnel associated with the project.

Step 3:  Changes would be included in the scope of the project in case the same are approved by the project manager.

Meeting agenda –

The following strategies should be taken for conducting team meetings in a successful manner:

  1. The meeting agenda , along with the various topics  to be covered in the meetings   would  be mailed  to  the  project team  at least 48 hours before the meeting is conducted
  2. The predetermined topics should be discussed in the meetings with the aim of finding solutions or alternatives to the issues that have been identified.
  3. A brief of the discussions made in the  meeting  should  be mailed  to the  project  team  within 24 hours  of the said meeting.




Information to be shared

Frequency of information exchange

Location of information exchange

Purpose of communication

Mechanism for communication







Project Manager

 Day to day  progress  made  by  the  team members

Once in  each week

Office  of the Project Manager

To inform  the   project  manager regarding  the  Status Quo  of the   project

1.Officail mails  containing details of project activities

Project team member

Any  change request  made by  the  sponsors  of  the project

As and when required

Office  of the Project Manager

To inform  the members of the   project  team regarding  the  changes to be included in the   project

1.Officail mails  containing details of changes

2.  Updated  project plan

Lead  of the  sales executives

i. The features to be included in the  new system being implemented


ii.  information regarding the   use of the system


As and when required

Office  of the Project Manager

  Inform about  the features that would be available to them in the future

Board meetings

CEO   of  Grand Wines Ltd and the  sponsor of the project

 Achievements of the project team

Once in each 15 days

Office of the CEO   of  Grand Wines Ltd

To inform  the   CEO   of  Grand Wines Ltd regarding  the  Status Quo  of the   project

Official  presentations

The customers  of Grand Wines Ltd

The features to be included in the  new system being implemented

As and when required

Offices of the customers

Inform about  the features that would be available to them in the future

Brochures and flyers




Boud, D., Cohen, R., & Sampson, J. (Eds.). (2014). Peer learning in higher education: Learning from and with each other. Routledge.

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Too, E. G., & Weaver, P. (2014). The management of project management: A conceptual framework for project governance. International Journal of Proje
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