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System Impact And Contingency Factors

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Discuss about the System Impact and Contingency Factors.



In the current modern times the use of technology has a very positive impact towards healthcare. The use of computers and communication technology (e-health) is required nowadays to improve facilities for normal patients, elderly patients and their treatment (Ben-Assuli, 2015). But some factors are there which creates difference between knowledge of use of this e-health facilities and its application. In recent studies it has been found that the the use of technology in health field has been widely accepted as necessity but the implementation of these is very slow. It has been found in studies that a leading hospital in Australia had reduction in performance, demoralization of staffs and loss of huge amount of money and loss of trust in society due to failure in application of technology in the hospital. Thus it is found that there is a urgency in finding out the factors which hamper the application of technology in healthcare and to develop methods and ways to reduce these factors and implement technology (Chaudoir, Dugan & Barr, 2013)..

This report is based on the details of factors which impacts the implementation of technology in health care areas. The factors can be of any types and needs to be worked on to improve the healthcare department with the help of technologies.

Adaptability of technology:

The ability of technology to adjust to fit in the local area is one of the important factors in selection of vendor and technology that the vendor sells. Those technologies in which adjustments related to techniques can be made so that it can adapt to the constant modifying nature of the environment will be highly accepted and adopted.  

To overcome this adaptability factor such methods have to be devised so that the computer systems can use software so that it gets interconnected and are able to exchange and utilize the information. For example a major problem in adaption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) was that the new computers were not able to exchange information with old computers which were already there because of lack of standard data (Cresswell & Sheikh, 2013).


These factors includes slow performance of computer, software and hardware related problem (Difficulty in use) urgency of modification of system software, problems in data transfer between two computers, handling of data slow speed, and connectivity of internet. These factors impact the implementation of computers in healthcare (LeRouge et al., 2013).

To solve this problem the vendors related to e-health system supply should provide computers which are user friendly and also should provide guides and technical assistance for the users.

The main problem with the implementation of technology includes cost of system for e-health and also cost involved for its implementation in health care domain. Cost factors are related to cost involved in start up, cost in normal day to day function and costs related to loss of revenue and savings.

The new set up of e-health care which includes purchase of new systems and its installation is another barrier. For this problem to be resolved, help from some insurer and agencies of government are required (Li et al., 2013)..

Worries about continuous expenses were likewise announced as obstructions to selection. Proof of cost-sharing and degrees of profitability were appeared to be vital in progressing utilization of advancements. Setting up cost-adequacy through formal assessments, financing of administrations on a greater scale, and upgrading plans of action and motivating forces were proposed as methodologies to help beat cost-related boundaries.

An absence of legislation and policies and risk concerns can hamper the implementation of e-health systems in the healthcare domain.  There is a requirement for understanding needs of standards for putting e-health care in practice. The health professional have problems regarding safety of data of patient and the legal insurance of patient. Thus they need creation of standards for exchange of e-health information between computers and organization without losing integrity of data (Lian, Yen & Wang, 2014).

Motivations by government associations and other outer partners can encourage adoption by health care centre.  Money related motivations incorporate the arrangement of initial fund to take care of forthright expenses, budgetary sponsorship, repayments for appropriation and pay-for-execution activities.


Compatibility of climate factor for implementation:

The new technology which is being implemented should be adjustable or fit perfectly within the health care organization. Sometimes the information systems are not being utilized in daily practices and clinical work. The health professionals and staff may have thinking that the new technology will disturb the normal work flow and delivery of care. These create a barrier in adaptability. If e-health systems and the work place to which this it is implemented fit together and if positive environment exists then only proper use of technologies will be possible (Nguyen, Bellucci & Nguyen, 2014)..

  In some studies it is found that the introduction of e-health system changes the job role responsibilities and working styles of staffs and doctors of hospital. Sometimes the staffs don’t cooperate with this new system because they feel uneasy as they have new roles and responsibilities to handle. This leads to bad effect in flow of work. Training to staff for technical knowledge and methods for adaptation of staffs to new roles and responsibility is required to remove this factor. For successful application of e-health system some other factors are also responsible like proper electrical supply, good bandwidth, high speed internet, access to computers  and phone lines, mobile phones (Middleton et al., 2013)..

Proper knowledge and information regarding that is required so that the technology to be applied and adaptability of staffs to it will be possible. The benefits of technology and knowledge of it has to be given to the staffs and health persons so that they get used to the new technology and productivity increases. For this a proper highly qualified and well funded trainer is required (Shortliffe & Cimino, 2013).

Normal ability and beliefs of staffs and normal society act as positive and negative factor in implementation of technology in health care. If the professionals of health department accept and gel up with the new technology then it is positive sign but if they don’t want to understand the importance and give resistance then its negative barrier. The negative thoughts are that the new technology will not help the staffs and will cause problem in patient care facility. According to them the normal working style is better and technology will cause hindrance. Positive thoughts people will take new role as a challenge and would believe that technology will help in patient care. For removal of negative thoughts from staffs proper education and training has to be provided. Application of technology also leads to reduction in number of staffs as one computer will ease work of many staffs. So this will create a situation where staffs may think that introduction of it will relieve the staffs from their duties. Thus proper counseling of these staffs is also required. A communication class has to be conducted in which knowledge of staffs has to be increased and proper user friendly guidance of systems has to be given (Page, 2014).


Skills of healthcare staffs:

The healthcare professionals skills of computer and their knowledge of technology and abilities to handle new computer techniques is one of the factor which cause problem in implementation of technology. Some of the staffs who may be working for long time in old process and are also aged will find problem in handling computers (Peek et al., 2014).. They are use to keep data in written form and in file but after application of computers they have to keep the data in computers which they might feel difficult.

Proper planning is required for application of new techniques and its success. If proper strategic planning is absent then the technology can’t be implemented. The work of arranging incorporates the depiction of roles and its responsibilities securing time to contribute framework choice and acquisition assessing other accompanying policy and process changes.

Engaging highly trained employees in selecting and developing of e-health systems are required for planning and implementation of these technologies in health care. Proper checking and valuation is also important to increase interest among health professionals towards new technology by teaching them the benefits (Street, Gold & Manning, 2013). But if these checking are not done then it acts negative impact towards application of technology.



New technology is a blessing in today’s healthcare. The uses of computer in health care are very important in this generation. It helps in keeping data regarding patient and their care and treatment. Now keeping data in files has become outdated. Now the computers are also interconnected in which data can be shared between systems and also organizations. But there are many factors which cause hindrance in this path of technology up gradation. These factors do not allow the technology to be applied in frame of work. But if these factors are removed and proper planning is done then these technologies can be very useful for the staffs and patient for treatment and care. This report has stated many factors which cause problem in implementation of technology. The study of these factors and removal of these can help in implementation of technology in healthcare.



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