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NU525 Informatics And Healthcare Technology

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Answer: Introduction: Diabetes is considered as one of the major diseases seen commonly amongst many individuals. In the given below article, diabetes mellitus is discussed in a wider view and the patients are made aware of the consequences. In order to help the patients, the website https://www.niddk.nih.gov/ is designed to make them stay more aware of the disease (Mitka, 2013). The aim of the report below is to establish the fact that ...

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NURS434 Care Of Community And Mental Health Populations

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Answer: Presenting Complaint The patient is a 45-year old white American female who presented to the NNAMHS due to legal hold for SI with a plan to jump from the golden gate bridge. The patient describes being depressed since she was emotionally and sexually abused by her stepfather from age 9 to age 13 and has a history of an abusive marriage. Since then the patient has experienced increasing depression and suicidal thoughts. The report of 3...

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BOS4025 OSHA Standards

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Answer: Allocation of label elements (mandatory) It is mandated that label for hazardous chemicals must comprise of product identifiers that is used on the data sheet (Osha.gov 2019) It is also mandated that labels over shipped containers must also comprise of name, address, contact of chemical manufacturer, importer and the responsible party The label of the hazardous chemicals are expected to include signal word, pictogram, precautiona...

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OCT101 Occupational Therapy Orientation

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Answer: Patients with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) are likely to face many challenges in completing activities of daily living (ADLs) as the injury affects the functioning of the limbs, trunks, bladders and the bowels (Kumar & Gupta, 2016). Hence, inability to engage in simple ADLs can increase stress for such patients. One of the challenges for the patient for this type of injury includes inability to drive safely because of loss of...

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PUBH6006 Community Health And Disease Prevention

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Answer: Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a global epidemic in both developed and developing countries The prevalence of childhood obesity has increased in magnitude by 5 times during the last decade Shortages in the number of obesity prevention programs at school and at the community levels is increasing the rate of childhood obesity Proper involvement of the stakeholders and application of the proper public health ...

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BUSL204 Business Ethics And Risk Management

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Answer: Introduction  NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the largest organisation focusing in firefighting globally with over 100 years of experience in operations such as bush fires, structure fires, stormed and motor vehicle accidents. The organisation has over 900 paid employees in the administration and management departments, 2100 fire brigades in rural areas, and 72,000 volunteer firefighters (Baxter-Tomkins, 2011). Therefore, NSW...

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NAT160 Natural Science: Nutrition 2

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Answer: 1. The Dietary Reference intake of Fiber is 25 gm/day, iron is 18 mg/day, calcium is 1000 mg/day and sodium is 1500 mg/day for Carol who is a woman of 32 years (Food-guide.canada.ca). The daily dietary intake of Carol is 15.7 gms of fiber, 10.1 mg of iron, 416 mg of calcium and 2347 mg of sodium. Her dietary intake is high in sodium and low in fiber, iron and calcium according to her recommended dietary intake. 2. Servings in Caro...

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ASS072-1 Introduction To Health And Social Care

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Answer: Topic: Impact of SES and Social situation on health Introduction Researchers express the health of an individual through a variety of components that include genetic inheritance, individual actions, accessibility to high quality healthcare assets, and physical and cultural environment (social situation). The health of an individual is usually related to the individual’s socioeconomic status (SES) and social situation. During th...

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PUBH6001 Health Policy And Advocacy 2

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Answer: Policies Related To Sugars In Australia Sugar is one of the worst diet and has many side effects in human body. Sugar increases the level of glucose in blood, which could lead to diabetes. Sugar also increases the risk of heart diseases. Sugar is one of the main reasons why people suffer from obesity. Excess consumption of sugar has been one of the major concerns in Australia. As per the statistical data about 52% Australians cons...

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NUR09722 Exploring The Theory And Application Of Law And Ethical Reasoning In Nursing Practice

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Answer: Exploring the Theory and Application of Law and Ethical Reasoning in Nursing Practice Introduction The assignment aims to evaluate the ethical issues abounded in nursing practice. The assignment is defining how the nurses should make ethical decisions either in their daily nursing practices or helping the patient’s family to make the decision making. The paper aims to identify the appropriate ethical decision-making process m...

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HRES2101 Change Management

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Answer: Workplaces are always evolving from time to time and gradually changing to create rooms for new establishments, ideas and even new expectations from the institutions. The type of change I experienced is that of change in working conditions and the requirements. This was clearly shown as I could work from home sometimes because the company had come up with flexible schedules which are now very common in many organizations. This practice...

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NU606 Cell And Molecular Biology Of Human Nutrition

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Answer: Human Papillomavirus Human papillomavirus, commonly referred to as HPV, is an infection that is spread sexually, is more often than not harmless and clears by itself, though some strains bring about genital warts and/or cancer. There are more than 100 strains of HPV classified into high-risk HPV and low-risk HPV. Low-risk HPV types are linked to about 90% of genital warts and can trigger infection to the cervix. high-risk HPV doesn&r...

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NRS428VN Concepts In Community And Public Health

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Answer: Topic: Vulnerable population Epidemiological Rationale for Topic: Vulnerable population is at a high risk of exposure to several diseases. Vulnerable population includes children, the elderly, immunocompromised individuals and pregnant mothers. These groups have the highest mortality rates. Routine screening is important since it helps to detect any underlying illness. Teaching Plan Criteria Nursing Diagnosis: The vulnerable popul...

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COUN5004 Survey Of Research In Human Development For Professional Counselors

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Answer: Professional Disclosure Statement Contact Information  Name - Johny Moris  Address: 1650 presidential way 3504 West Palm Beach Florida 33401    Phone number – Email address - Education and Experience – I am currently pursuing my Masters at Capella University. I am receiving a specialized training in play therapy, simultaneously with my current course. I have assisted the student coun...

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400210 Health Promotion And The Nurse

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Answer: First and foremost, health promotion can be said to be the practice of facilitating individuals in improving and controlling their health. Its main aim is to nurture good wellbeing and health. Promoting health involves informing the population what to do to keep healthy, to discourse things within the community influencing health and get them supported and finally taking preventing measures rather than waiting to cure. All this geared ...

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