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MLC101 Law For Commerce

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Answers 1. Issue There are legal three issues which have been identified in the scenario which are Whether Prestige Designscan claim the contractual amount from Susan under the principles of breach and discharge of contractual obligations under contract law Whether Susanwould be able to claim damages from Prestige Designs for the flight cancellation bases in the principles of remoteness of damages in contract law Where the cont...

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LAW202 : Corporations Law

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Answer: 1). In this question, according the Scallop Fishing and Marketing Act, each person has been permitted to catch only 50 tons of scallops every year. In view of this legislation, Bob is willing to find out if he can avoid the application of this legislation if a company is incorporated by him for this purpose. His daughter Alice had told Bob that under the law, a corporation enjoys distinct identity. The doctrine related with the separa...

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MGT608 Business Law And International Contexts

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Answer: Introduction This paper discusses that the nation of Russia is the chosen nation where business is to be conducted. The manufacturer is keen on doing business and trade with the nation of Russia. The manufacturer is particularly involved in the business of firearms and ammunitions (Puffer et. al., 2018). The manufacturer is inclined to export firearms and ammunitions to the nation of Russia. It is discussed in this paper that the manu...

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LWN301 Principles Of Australian Contract Law

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Answer: Issue: The first concern regarding the provided case is whether NQL can terminate the contract on 8th June. The second concern regarding the provided case is whether NQL is obliged to pay the rest of the balance of the contract price. Rule: Termination of Contract: Frustrated in a contract: Section 56 of the contract law explains that attribution to supervising the event, which is above the control of both the contractual pa...

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PROJ6004 Contracts And Procurement 4

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Answer: Part A Identification of the tender evalution and project procurement of Wembley National Stadium The case study is about the construction of the Wembley English Stadium which was the England National Stadium. It is used for rugby and football leagues. The stadium was meant to be completed in 2006. This is the life cycle of the project since the time the contract was given. The project estimated cost was 757 million pounds where the ...

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POSC1113 Political Science

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Answer: Introduction This paper will discuss the laws for the selection process of the judges. In the paper the current laws used for the selection of most judges in Texas would be discussed. The paper would also discuss two other judicial processes used in the U.S for judicial selection process. The paper would also provide the criteria for selecting the best judicial selection method, the entities benefitting from the position. This paper a...

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G0176 Pet Therapy Survey

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Answer: Issue: Whether it is possible for Shahida to take any possible legal action against Benjamin and what legal remedies are available to Shahida? Law: A contract between the two parties is an agreement which give rise to the obligations of the parties, and this agreement is enforced and recognized by law. Three essential elements for creating the contract are agreement, contractual intention, and consideration. The first and most impor...

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W202 Contract Law And Tort Law

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Answer: Introduction: A contract between the two parties is an agreement which give rise to the obligations of the parties, and this agreement is enforced and recognized by law. Three essential elements for creating the contract are agreement, contractual intention, and consideration. The first and most important element of the contract is that the parties must reach to the agreement, and agreement is created when offer is given by one party,...

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LAW40359 Intellectual Property Flex Prog 1

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Answer: Introduction India has been mentioned by Sepp Blatter the former president of FIFA as a sleeping giant given the billions of population it has been holding, in which the industry related to Sports in the form of profession has been gaining popularity rigorously. The development of the sports industry as one of the most important profession in India has presented a demand for a stringent overall legislation coordinating the whole struc...

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BUSL251 Business And Corporations Law 2

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Answer: Role of ASIC ASIC or Australian Securities and Investment Commission is an independent governing body in Australia that works as an integrated consumer credit, corporate, markets and financial services regulator. It operates under the Corporations Act 2001 and ASIC Act 2001. This particular segment discusses the investigation done by ASIC upon the top financial institutions regarding their governance of non-financial risks. The Articl...

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LEGL201 Company Law

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Answer: The directors are the main backbones of any company and they are provided with numerous duties and liabilities the breach of which can make them liable as per the said Act. One of such duties is the continuous disclosure of information that has the effect on market value. Continuous disclosure exists on the principle such that all the investors must have equal access to the company information regularly. In the present assignment, this...

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HND136 Law And Legal Solutions

Downloads : 3 | Pages : 24

Answers: Task 1 1. Legal system:  The legal framework in the HKSAR region comprises of two primary legislative systems. The two legislative systems are known as the Rule of the law and the Sources of the Law. These two laws define and govern the legal entities within the region of HKSAR. The evaluation of the legal framework has been portrayed in the following:  The Rule of the law: The rule of law is one of the most looked upon and...

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MBA506 Thinking Styles Negotiation And Conflict Management 3

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Answer: Stage 1: 1: BATNA is the Best Alternatives To Negotiated Agreements according to which the parties negotiate on the best alternatives obtainable by them. According to Fells 2016, it can be explained that negotiation is effective if the results are connected to the interest of the parties and the parties derive benefits from such interests. According to Goldberg et al. 2014, it can be explained that negotiation is a dispute resolution s...

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MPA701 Corporations Law

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Answer: The issue involved here is to check what legal rights Solartec has in against Bill and other former executives considering the duties of a director and officers mentioned under common law and legislation.   Directors and executives are people who run the company with their skills and take decisions on behalf of the business. In such a situation, these people have certain responsibilities towards the different stakeholders of the co...

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BLAW5016 Fundamentals Of Business And Corporations Law

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Answer: Area of Law Concerned Whether the directors of Exotic Ltd can be rendered liable for their contravention of duty of care and diligence with respect to their failure to undertake proper measures along with failure in reporting financial risks towards shareholders with respect to foreseeable climatic change risks probable to cause injury towards the company which might include reputational harm as well. Relevant Legal Principles As pe...

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