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ACC701 Financial Accounting

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Answer Introduction Accounting data is the set of valuable information that reflects an image of the company. In order to understand the nature of the company, one has to refer the accounting information. Accounting data is required by both the external and internal sources of the company so as to analyze the performance as well as financial position of it. Therefore, it is important to represent such data in the best possible way so as to be a...

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ACT204 Financial Accounting

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Answer: Australian Food and Petrol 393.6 394.5 Hotels  670.8 679 New Zealand Supermarkets  1953.9 2089.7 Endeavour Drinks Group  473.3 473.8 Unallocated  0.3 0.3 Current Assets  7,660.90 7,427.00 Current Liabilities  9,168.60 8,992.70 Current Ratio  0.835558319 0.825892112 Net Income  2,244.20 1,032.60 Average Total Assets  25,3...

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ACC701 Financial Accounting

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Answer: Introduction  This paper is an analysis of one of the Sunshine Limited operational models. The Sunshine Limited is a large department store in Australia. Since the inception of the company, The Sunshine Limited has been employing straight-line depreciation model in their daily business’ activities. During the company’s financial year that ended in June 2015, the Sunshine Limited made a good profit; a trend that was ex...

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Credit Risk In Liability Measurement

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Question: Discuss about the Credit Risk in Liability Measurement.     Answer: Introduction The term liabilities are mostly comprehensive in that it makes no trial in distinguishing between commitments and liabilities and instead include all obligations from an organization contracts. They are usually viewed as the present obligation in a given firm that might ascend from its historical events, whose settlement is predictable or ...

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Financial Statements Considered Very Important

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Question: How financial statements considered very important?   Answer: Introducation: The statement of accounting concept 1 deals with the definition of the reporting entities. These statements tell that which entity is said to be a reporting entity and which entity is excluded from being called so. In simple terms, the entities that need to make financial statements in order to provide the users of such statement true and fair p...

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Impact Of AASB 116 On Change In Methods Of Depreciation

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Question: Discus about the Impact of AASB 116 on Change in Methods of Depreciation and Policies.     Answer: Introduction The assignment focuses on the role of the accounting professionals based on the change in the method of depreciation that is done due to the challenges that business is facing in the current case. The company had a various type of challenges that they face due to the certain changes in the business environmen...

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Financial Accounting Of Sunshine Ltd

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Question: Discuss about the Financial Accounting of Sunshine Ltd.     Answer: Introduction Financial accounting is mainly concerned with the accounting regarding the summary, analysis and presentation of financial transactions relating to business. It also comprises preparation of financial statements which are made available to internal and external users. The present report deals with discussions relating to the ethi...

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Catalyst For Managerial Decisions Reducing

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Question: Discuss about the Catalyst for Managerial Decisions Reducing.     Answer: Introduction This study is based on the case study of Cocoa Ltd, which is department store. As per the case study, the company has performed well in the 2015 and expects to maintain the good performance rate in the next two years. However, as the economists have forecasted that during 2018 and 2019, the financial performance of the company will g...

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Change In The Method Of Accounting: Analysis Of Case Of Cocoa Ltd

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Question: Discuss about the Change in the Method of Accounting for Analysis of Case of Cocoa Ltd.   Answer: Introduction The accounting profession plays a crucial role in economic and social development of a country. Therefore, it is customary that the professionals in the field of accounting are abided by the rules and regulations so that compliance with the aspect of ethics and governance in financial reporting is ensured...

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