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ACCM4200 Financial Accounting And Reporting 1

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Answers: To, Peter Kitchener, Managing Director, Grandma’s Kitchen Limited Suite 2525, Level 28, Plaza Building 525 Charles Street Adelaide SA 5000, As mentioned in the letter, the Managing Director of Grandma’s Kitchen Limited had initially raised three specific issues on matters relating to accounting process that prevails in a given business organization (Reimers 2014). After identifying the issue, it is understood that a...

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ENGL1213-Essay On Family Values 1982 By Robert Rodriguez

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Answer: Introduction The essay Family values (1982) by Robert Rodriguez encapsulate and address the theme of homosexuality. It argues that homosexuality is in consonance with family values as against the established notion of homosexuality posing a threat to family values. The essay reflects a potent influence of post-modernist philosophy that thrusts upon personal feelings and introspection (Doll and William p. 32-74). The essay effecti...

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IA001 Internal Auditing Fundamentals

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Question: Discuss about the Auditors Responsibility For Fraud Detection.     Answer: Fraud detection is one of the most important part  of auditing and the auditors needs to make sure that maximum care is maintain when he is dealing with the same. Over the years there have been so many cases of public fraud and corporate mishandling of accounts that has affected the overall financial viability of the economy (Grenier, 2...

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MP166 Unleash The Potential Of Creative Thinking

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Question: Discuss about the Reflective Blog for an Examined Life.   Answer: A self-reflection is made to examine one’s work and the way they approach other people and situations in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It helps one to understand how they can correct themselves for further development. This paper features my encounter with a stranger on a bus as I was traveling from town to home. I was traveling...

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RM119 Treasury Risk Management For The Corporation

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Answer: Introduction: There are a number of risks that un-hedged strategy is exposed to. In fact, the un-hedged strategy is exposed to all four significant risks in the foreign exchange market. These include leverage risk, Interest rate risks, Transaction risks, counterparty risks, and country risks (Calverton Finance, 2015). For example, transaction risk can affect the amount ABC receives if the exchange rate between Euro and dollar will occ...

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BF091 Understanding Business Planning And Budgeting

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Answer: Industry Analysis 1. Industry Trends The major industries in Singapore needs to be identified in terms of tourism, biomedical sciences, logistics, banking and finance. In addition to this, some of the other focus on the industry needs to be also depicted for the focus on the chemicals and construction. It is worth mentioning that under the construction industry the entrepreneurs have put an augmented focus on the casino resorts, shop...

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IA002 Internal Auditing Fundamentals

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Answers: Answer to Question 1: Introduction: The external auditors conduct their responsibilities based on the quantum of information that their clients have supplied to them. However, it is the accountability of the external auditors to determine the accuracy and use it as a basis for developing the audit opinion (Abernathy et al. 2014). As a result, if a third party depend on such support and suffer serious losses, the liability should fal...

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IA001 Internal Auditing Fundamentals

Download : 0 | Pages : 8

Answer: Introduction Auditing is a process of independent and systematic examination of different types of financial statements of the business organizations in order to ascertain that they are prepared on true and fair basis (Louwers et al., 2015). In the audit operations, auditors provide great importance on the Internal Control of the businesses. In terms of accounting as well as auditing, Internal Control is the process that assures that ...

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Accounts Payable Process

Download : 0 | Pages : 5

Question : What is the Payable Accounts Process ?     Answer : Introducation The main purpose of Accounts Payable is to manage the relationships with the suppliers of the company. Every business needs working capital for its day to day operations. It provides liquidity to pay off the obligations. Errors and workload can be reduced if we maintain good understanding with our suppliers on various terms and conditions. Risks face b...

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The Nature Of Treatment

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Question: Analys of how white Americans attempted to integrate or segregate and control minority groups in the late 19th century and how these minority groups responded.   Answer: Introduction: The essay discusses about the nature of treatment by Americans towards other ethnic groups and immigrants from Asia and Latin America. The easy shall discuss a number of instances that created impact in the understanding of the racial discrimin...

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BF143 Financial Analysis Validating Business Performance

Download : 0 | Pages : 14

Answer: Introducation: Woolworth and Coles are giant rivals financially on the basis of the price tag war. Both Woolworth and Coles are retail organizations and, therefore, indicated shifts in their financial performance. This paper is structured in a research format to acknowledge and subsequently, discourse the distinction in the financial performance of Woolworth and its corresponding arch rival, Coles. The research aims at answering three...

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BF006I Corporate Governance And Control

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Answers: Answer 1 Section 152 of the Companies Act (Chapter 50) states that any public company has power to remove a director by passing a resolution before the expiration of his period, and this power of company is not effected by the rules and regulations of constitution or y any agreement entered between the director and the company. Company must give special notice of any resolution related to removal of any existing director as stated a...

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LS001i Singapore Company Law

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Answer: Introduction: Contract law in Singapore is clearly based on the England’s common law of contract, because of this rules developed by Singapore Court closely resembled to the rules developed by English Common law. However, when there was no authority in Singapore specifically for this point, then it will be assumed that position in the first look does not seem different that was in England. After the independence in 1965, parliam...

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E135 Business Ethics

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Question: Discuss about the Business Law for Jack Grubman Analysts.     Answer: Jack Grubman, one of the highest paid analysts on Wall Street, was a graduate of Boston University but claimed a degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was fined $15 million and was banned from securities transactions for life by the Securities and Exchange Commission apparently for misleading the investors with his research reports...

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