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Management Accouting

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Question 1: Katas Limited is a manufacturer of industrial chemicals. It uses a weighted average method of process costing. Materials are added at the beginning of the process but conversion costs occur uniformly throughout the process. The following data has been compiled for the month of July 2014.   Work in process, 1 July – 336 000 units 40% complete 336 000 units Work in process, 31 July 80% com...

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Discussion Of Results And Analysis

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Question: • What are the user needs for accounting information in the UAE Islamic banks? • Do Islamic banks in the UAE need a corresponding alternative set of Accounting Standards? • Is the Fatwa & Shariah Supervisory Board sufficient to ensure the Islamic banks’ compliance with Shariah in the UAE? • What are the underlying factors that may influence the adoption of AAOIFI Accounting Standards in the UAE Islamic ban...

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Journal Accounting

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Question: 1. Provide all Journal Entries including the Adjusting Entries and the Closing Entries in format: Example: Date  Account Name   Debit  Credit 1. May XX, 2011  Cash (A)  $X,XXX     Share Capital (SE) $ X,XXX          2. Provide the Adjusted Trial Balance 3. Provide the Statement of Earnings for the  8 months period ending Dec 31, 2011 4. Provide t...

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Preliminary Audit Plan Assessing Internal Control Risk

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Question: The engagement partner has requested a meeting tomorrow to discuss audit plan for MTI She has requested several documents for that meeting.1.  A preliminary audit plan assessing internal control risk and providing preliminary judgment for detection risk.2.  A description of specific substantive procedures that could be conducted for the WIP inventory.You are required to justify the audit plan by referring to theoretical groun...

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Financial Accounting Analysis

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Question: Describe about the Analysis of Statement of Cash flow in Financial Analysis?   Answer: Statement of Cash flow for the year ended 30th June 2017 Net Sales  $    750,000.00    Change in Account Recv. Net   $    (24,440.00)    Less : Bad debt expense  $    (14,440.00)   &nbs...

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Concepts And Principles: Oporto Restaurant

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Question: Describe about concepts and principles on Oporto Restaurant?     Answer: Essay and Critical Reflection Introduction The current essay will be concentrating on the issue that I have witnessed at my working place which has its serious impact on my professional as well as personal life. The issue that I noticed at my workplace was related with the prejudice which hit on my confidence level and morality. The organization ...

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Switching From US GAPP To IFRS

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Question: Describe about research of Switching from US GAPP to IFRS?     Answer: The studies that have been conducted so far show some mixed evidence with regard to the quality between the IFRS and the US GAAP. The study was conducted with relation to the high tech firms in Germany. These firms were until now following the US GAAP and were required to switch to IFRS. The study concluded that the IFRS had exhibited more amount of ...

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A Report Of Business Planning And Enterprise Management

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Question: Describe about a A Report of Business Planning and Enterprise Management?   Answer: The essay highlights upon the role that human and social capital may have upon a nascent entrepreneur setting up a business for the very first time. The key requirement is discussed and evaluated on the basis of some standard theories like that of the relationship amidst entrepreneurship and human capital and that with social capital. Informat...

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Clinical Health Assessment: Medical

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Question: Identify and write down what you consider to be therapeutic communication techniques used by the paramedic attending to Josh?     Answer: Clinical Health Assessment Therapeutic communication is said to be a one to one interaction process, which concentrates on advancing emotional and physical well being of a care consumer. Nurse or paramedic staff use these communication techniques in order to support and inform patien...

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Darwin Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Dive, Snorkelling,in Australian Tourism

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Question: Describe about the Darwin Diving, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Dive, Snorkelling,in Australian Tourism?   Answer: Free diving and Swallow water blackout The discussed articles emphasized about Snorkeling, free diving and their bad effects. The articles also discussed about various view points of experts, and people who nearly experienced the dangers of free diving. With the help of equipment, a diving mask, the process...

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