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NURSING 7105 Acute Care Nursing I

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Answer: Pathophysiology of COPD: Pathophysiology of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) can be studied in different aspects. These aspects include respiratory tract inflammation, structural changes in the respiratory tract and mucociliary dysfunction. Inflammation is the hallmark of COPD which is mainly due to cigarette smoke. This inflammation is spread over airways, respiratory tract, lung tissues and pulmonary blood vessels. Irritants ...

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NUR1202 Professional Identity

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Answer Introduction Diabetes is the life-long illness that impacts the way the patient's body manage glucose, a type of sugar, in the blood. Most individuals with the situation have type two. According to Nathan et al. (2009), there are around 27 million individuals in the U.S. with this issue. This health issue is one of the mutual non-communicable sicknesses of the 21st century. In 2007 the worldwide burden of this disease was projected to ...

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NUR2203 Post Anaesthesia Care Nursing

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Answer: Introduction The post-operative period is a phase that starts from the time the client/patient is taken out of the operating room and is terminated by the surgeon’s last follow up visit. The post-operative lasts for days, weeks and even months. During this phase/period, the nursing interventions aimed at preventing complication, reestablishing the patient’s physiologic equilibrium, self-care teaching for the patient and al...

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PROF 1000 Recommendations For Professional Practice

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Answer: Introduction: Children rights play a very important part they are passive objects of care and charity who are entitled to enjoyment of specific rights accordance with their needs. They are on a vigorous state of growth and more exposed to environment. Also, being the very innocent creature of this beautiful world from birth enjoy certain rights and have full right to endowed them. Being a child they have their full right of equal acce...

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HLTH1037 Mental Health: Assessment Item 1

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Answer: Introduction The understanding, conceptualization, and interpretation of mental illness vary from culture to culture. I believe that the perception of mental illness by people will describe their behavior to seek help or lack thereof. Biological, psychological and social factors are very important in causing mental illness. These three factors are all interlinked under the bio-psychosocial model. It is thus important to note that the ...

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Catholic Social Thought In Nursing

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Question: Discuss about the Catholic Social Thought in Nursing.     Answer: The Catholic Social Teaching (CST) comprises of rich treasure pertaining to wisdom that helps in the building of a just society. Catholic Social Thought lays emphasis on the fact that the life of the human being is sacred and dignity of the individuals forms the foundation of moral vision of the society.  The four important principles in relation to ...

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Lived Experience Of Mental Health

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Question: Sandy Jeffs has used poetry, and storytelling to share her lived experience of mental health and illness. She is a prize-winning poet and author who has lived with schizophrenia for 35 years. This film was created by George Clipp for Tell Me A Story, a digital storytelling project of Something In Common and the Australian Human Rights Commission Discuss about her Case Study.   Answer: Sandy Jeffs is an award winning peo...

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Bachelor Of Nursing: Carbohydrates And Proteins

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Question: Discuss about the Bachelor of Nursing for Carbohydrates and Proteins.    Answer: Insulin  is a peptide hormone, produced by  β-cells of the islets of langerhans, and regulates the  carbohydrates, proteins and fats metabolism by promoting the glucose absorption from blood. Its effects are initiated by binding to a receptor containing α- and β subunits...

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Case Study Of ZdenekSelir

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study of ZdenekSelir.     Answer: Description: In this case ZdenekSelir, age 88 years died at Gold Coast nursing home because negligence of the staff. ZdenekSelir was suffering through pressure wounds on his buttocks. Hospital staffs were not taking decision on his treatment. Family members of ZdenekSelir took decision and shifted him to the emergency department of the hospital. There was signifi...

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Reflection Using Gibbs Cycle: Clinical Simulation In Nursing

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Question: Discuss about the Reflection Using Gibbs Cycle for Clinical Simulation in Nursing.   Answer: Gibb’s reflection cycle is a famous reflection framework which was established by Gibb in the year 1988 (Husebø, O'Reg & Nestel, 2015). It helps an individual to think systematically and reflect about the different phases of the experience or the task that she had undertaken and thereby help herself to develop t...

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Effectiveness And Implementation Of Mentoring Program

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Question: Discuss about the Effectiveness and Implementation of Mentoring Program.     Answer: Introduction: The current assignment focuses on the concept of perception versus mentoring and the way a preceptor cam impact the learning of a newly staff nurse.  As per the nursing school of ethics and policies mentoring and prececpting are often confused. However, as argued by Logan et al. (2015), preception is task-specific an...

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Bachelor Of Nursing: Cultural Diversity In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Bachelor of Nursing  for Diversity in Australia.   Answer: Topic: Cultural diversity in Australia and health issues specific to indigenous people in Australia Reflection of feelings, thoughts and behavior using the SI template: Wright Mills gave the term social imagination to establish the relation between personal experience and the wider society. It can also be defined as the method of using...

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Nurses Role In PACU

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Question: Describe about the Nurses Role in PACU.   Answer: Efficient pain management techniques are essential components in the delivery of quality patient care. Nurses play a significant role in facilitating this by employing a broad range of innovative and acquired mechanisms which are geared towards allaying patient’s pain. A typical setting where these techniques are exemplified is the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) where ...

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CLARA Survey: Mindful Agency

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Question: Discuss about the CLARA Survey for Mindful Agency.   Answer: Personal Reflection After a thorough reflection, I established that I have a strong Mindful Agency. I was so delighted because the strength of my Mindful Agency proved to me that I am a responsible student who is serious with whatever activity I perform. Being strong has enabled me to be a critical thinker who can use his mind to make rational and consci...

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Professional Identity: Mindfully Aware

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Question: Discuss about the Professional Identity for Mindfully Aware.   Answer: Introduction Learning power is the technique in which we control the flow of information and influence we come across as we seek to attain a particular function (Senge 2014). It is sometimes hard to notice when we are learning when we are actually doing it. Learning power assists us to become ‘mindfully aware’ of our intention and i...

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