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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answers: Firm description NIB is an Australian financier and catalyst of health care in Australia, which provides insurance supports to the health care sector. They had begun their journey in the year 1952 as a health insurance provider to the workers at the BHP Steel works. They never looked back since then and continued to evolve as one of the solutions to the health care sector of Australia. It is also providing health coverage or insuranc...

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MKT203 Services Marketing

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Answer Introduction Service marketing is an essential factor undertaken by business organisations and companies in order to market the services provided by them. Appropriate marketing of the service is crucial as this allows the firms to create a unique image in the eye of the potential customers. Moreover, this provides an opportunity for the service provider organisation to have a competitive advantage and sustain in the competitive market....

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MAN211 Human Resource Management

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Answer Challenges Facing Mcdonald`s and their Solution McDonald’s is a prolific business chain that has gained a large market share over the globe. The business operates as fast food restaurant. The business has expanded its business and has grown in to multiple businesses operating more than 120 branches worldwide. I have a privilege of working as a Barista in McDonald’s. As a Barista, my duty is to serve clients with snacks, hot...

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INFS5024 Enterprise Systems Using Sap M

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Answer: Introduction  Auburn Wine Company (AWC) is a wine manufacturing company that was established in 1994. It has since  has expanded to comprise of a head office in Adelaide and additional offices in Sydney, a bottle plant, a warehouse, three wineries and a restaurant.  AWC Board of Directors includes a chief executive officer, chief financial officer,  chief information officer and the & sales,  marketing &am...

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BUMGT5980 Managerial Decision Making

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Answers Part 1: Theoretical Treatment Humans are not always perfect decision maker. They are not perfect in decision making, but they depart from rationality and perfection in systematic and predictable way. The understanding of this predictable and systematic departure is the core field of judgment and for making and kind of managerial dcision. Simon’s concept of judgment making in terms of bounded rationality talks about the judgment ...

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MENG 5005 Energy And Society

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Answer A Technical Report on Electricty Generation from Geothermal Energy Source Introduction Geothermal energy is perhaps a classical manifestation of the exciting fields of Thermodynamics, Electricity and Geoscience being merged to design and develop a system that is very critical to the existence of humanity. Notably, without energy, societal progress of any form may almost be impossible. Traditionally, the fossil fuel sources have been use...

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HAT303 Accommodation Management

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Answer Evaluation of Hyatt hotel performance: Relative comparisons are mainly conducted between normal and luxury five star rating of Hyatt Regency. Structure (e.g. building, front desk, lobby area, rooms): The structure of Hyatt Regency could be identified as one of the most viable statuette with all the adequate amenities and facilities. Hyatt Regency mainly has a one large front desk to accommodate mote individuals in their vicinity at t...

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WEL102A Health And Wellbeing

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Answer Ageing Population Healthcare system in Australia is publicly funded that has access to free treatment. They also have an access to health insurance; however, the healthcare structure is complex. Medicare system faces many challenges and issues that affect patient care and safety. Demographic changes, technology costs, public and private funding, health inequality and rapid health issues due to urbanization are the challenges that Austr...

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ACCT3016 Sustainability Accounting

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Answer: Intoduction: The sustainability concept is an important issue that has caught the attention of not only the scientist but also world global leaders. Oil drilling does impact the environment negatively taking into account the case of BP tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico an aspect that has resulted in scientists delving into research to identify clean and sustainable sources of energy. According to (Barron, 2012, p. 34), the ecological env...

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IBM501 International Business

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Answer: Introduction There are several external factors which play an important role in establishing the different pillars of the business. The factors which will be discussed will play a vital role in establishing the business as well as expanding the business towards different direction such their objectives can be met up properly. The external environmental factors influence the business decisions. In this report the case of Ford motors ha...

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BIOL3209 Biology Research Project

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Answer: Leaf morphology and anatomy helps to understand the function of leaf and the various tissues present in leaf. Leaf Morphology The morphology of dicot leaves is similar and each leaf has a leaf base, a petiole and a lamina. Most leaves are green in color because they contain chlorophyll. The petiole attaches the leaf to the stem. Leaves emerge from nodes and may be arranged in an opposite or alternate manner on the stem. At times whor...

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BUS103 Accounting For Managers

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Answer The financial statements are prepared by an entity at the end of the year to show the financial position and stability of an entity. These financial statements give both financial as well non financial information to the users of such financial statements. The users of the financial statement include both internal users and external users. Internal users are those that work within the organisation and the external users are the one who ...

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HI3042 Taxation Law

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Answer: Part 1:  Computation of Net Tax Payable and FBT (GST Credit): Computation of FBT: Computation of Taxable Income of Dale: Statement of Advice: To Mr Dale Respected Sir I would like to draw your kind attention in this statement of advice concerning the net sum of tax payable from the business operations stood $73,269. I would like to recommend you in agreement with section 8-1 of the ITAA 1997 that you can clai...

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MARK 1010 Marketing Principles Trading And Exchange

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Answer: Introduction: The article “Costco serves notice on supermarkets with sales of $1.5bn” (Greenblat, 2016) indicates how the marketing environment is being altered with the penetration of the US discount retailer Costco along with other foreign retailers. As per Sharp (2013), marketing environment may be defined as the underlying forces that tend to alter the ability of the marketing management to successfully engage with th...

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NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1

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Answers: 1 Acute Pain Nursing Interventions Assess the pain characteristics which include pain quality such sharp and burning pain, the severity of pain on a scale of 0to 10, location, onset, and duration plus relieving and precipitating factors. Get rid of stressors and all sources of discomfort if possible as they are the aggravating factors of pain, that is, stressors increases pain. Provide rest period for the purpos...

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