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BAO2203 Corporate Accounting

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Answers: Part I   Percentage increase in the Gross profit Bellamy’s Australia Ltd posted a strong gross profit margin in 2016 as compared to the year 2015. An increment of 12.79% has been observed indicating a strong level of sales and strong control over the cost of goods sold.  This ratio is a strong indicator of the performance and going by the result it can be said that the operations of the company are managed i...

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HLT54115 Nursing

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Answer: 1. Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) is a condition related to strep throat. A group ‘A’ bacteria known as Streptococcus causes this condition. The bacterium causes throat infection and if not detected and treated early, it can cause permanent damage to the heart leading to stroke or even death. In cases where a child experiences recurring or untreated throat infections, it can cause rheumatic fever. RHD is caused by overcrowdi...

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ACCTING 2503 Accounting Information Systems

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Answer: Trail Balance of “Goodie Gumdrops” Account Debit ($) Credit ($) Cash (Dr) 50000   Accounts receivable (Dr) 2000   Prepaid rent (Dr) 5000   Inventory (Dr) 10000   Leasehold improvements (Dr) 2000   Accumulate depreciation (Cr)   3000 Accounts payable (Cr...

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MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing Management

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Answer: Week 1 Deborah’s Group Marketing Marketing is the methods utilised to promote any business, products or services so that they can address any specific target market. Other than the significant marketing mix that entails four elements of product, price, promotions and people, the significance of the extended marketing mix elements cannot be ignored. Additionally, it is even a strong feature via which customer relationships can ...

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HLTENN001 Practice Nursing Within The Australian Health Care System

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Answers  Part A Standards and Requirements for Registration as a Nurse Australia Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia NMBA, legislated Registration Standards. These is what determines whether an applicant, a student or registrant meets to be registered. They apply to registered midwives and nurses and to all applicants who desires registration with an exception of all registered students and those who have registered but are not in...

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MKTG6002 Marketing

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Answer: Introduction The marketing plan is a way to see the managing supply and production of products how the company is performing under that. The report is offered by taking into account the case study of business organization Red Bull in Australia. Red Bull is a carbonated drink that boosts up the mental and physical activity.  The marketing plan not only involves delivery of products and services to customers but also designs the pr...

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MGN409 Management Theory And Practice

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Answer: Introduction The assignment entails a critical reflection of the theoretical concepts like strategic management, sustainability, social and corporate responsibility. At the same time, the assignment includes an array of proposals that would improve the key administration or sustainability routine of the selected association. Discourse on selected organization In the section, the assignment broadly discusses the theoretical concepts ...

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HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing

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Answer: Yes, I passed the official Australian citizenship practice test. I had provided three incorrect answers, and the questions were as follows- Which official symbol of Australia identifies Commonwealth property? Which of these statements about passports is correct? What is a referendum? Which of these is an example of freedom of speech? What do we remember on Anzac Day? Pauline Hanson’s speech, in my opinion, as been succe...

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ICT321 Architecture And Systems Integration

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Answer: The software related organization namely retails is planning to start rendering the services based on the new technologies. New technologies are used so that infrastructure of the connected networks increases providing the reliable accessibility (Kodali, 2017). When all the sectors are divided to perform all the task and merge it as the centralized system will help in the integration. This technique should use which the concept of the...

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MKT103 Introduction To Marketing

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Answer: Introduction Under this report, marketing plan for Colgate-Palmolive Toothpaste Manufacturing Company will be discussed. Colgate Company is situated in USA and it has set up their place in many other parts of the world. Colgate Company’s marketing strategies will be discussed to promote its new products. It was founded in 1806 by William Colgate and he started the company with the name of “William Colgate and Company&rdquo...

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EPM5700 Project Management And Information Technology

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Answer: Nowadays, many high quality mobile application are developed for health professionals and users and focus the entire health care chain, therefore, data collection, diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and treatment. Our team has developed a fitness and weight management app which has been enable via android market. The objective of this study is to share our experience with rolling out a fitness and weight management app. We discuss the a...

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PROJ6004 Contracts And Procurement

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Answer: The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is the largest social infrastructure project  by South Australian Government. The main purpose of building ROH is to provide non-medical service and equipments to hospitals. The key features of RAH is that it will provides  800 beds, standardized single inpatient rooms, 40 technical suites, electronically tagged biomedical equipments and leading technology. Currently, the design work for ...

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COIT11226 Systems Analysis

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Answer: Task 1: System development methodologies System development methodologies: The term ‘system development methodology is often utilized to define the frameworks utilized for designing, developing and controlling the  activities/ processes associated with the development and implementation of any information system (Fitzgerald, 2016).  The following website development methodologies are wide utilized for the develop...

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9276 Corporate Strategy And IT Governance

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Answer: 1a. It has been noted that there are skills shortages impacting on the recruitment of IT related staff.  Outline three key tactics an IS manager could adopt to ensure this issue doesn’t present too many risks to their organisation. The three tactics by which the efficiency of the recruitment policy will be maintained in an IT company are the applicant tracking system, video interviewing and taking the advantage of the ext...

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Optimization Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Question: Discuss About The Optimization Computational Fluid Dynamics.   Answer: Introduction The technology in the automotive comprises of the intake manifold that facilitates the transport of air-fuel mixture to the cylinder engine. The definition of manifold had come from the manifold English word that has a relation to the folding together of numerous outputs and inputs. The major reason for the intake manifold was to facili...

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