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Guidelines For Individual Executors & Trustees

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Question: Describe about the Guidelines for Individual Executors & Trustees?     Answer: Constitution: Activity 16: The main issue to be decided in this case was that whether the President was authorized to make a law for seizure of private property in the absence of express authority by congress or the provision of the American constitution.(Lee, T.R. 1999) The facts of the case are that the President made a rule for seiz...

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Organizational Behavior

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Questions: 1. What does this questionnaire reveal about the particular factors that would keep you from working well in teams? 2. What do you think can be done to overcome your barriers to working in teams?   Answers: 1. Although I have scored intermediate in the self-assessment test, working in the team can be sometimes tricky. According to my questioner, I stand in a neutral position as a team player. The factors, which are acting as...

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Company Officials And Lower-Level Employees

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Questions: 1. Casting the problem as one of poor communication between company officials and lower-level employees, what steps could be taken to fill everyone in on the company's plans, goals, and activities? 2. Give examples from your own workplace regarding differences in culture and nationality that can create poor communication. 3. What strategies does your organization have in place to deal with cultural differences and communication? &nbs...

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Reframing Organizations: Business Model Canvas

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Question: Build on your work with your business model canvas by discussing the patterns, the design, and the overall business strategy that it illustrates.   Answer: Introduction This paper contains a summary for the British Petroleum USA business model canvas. It clarifies the patterns, designs and business strategies observable in the business model. In addition, it highlights the organization metaphor and the framing of the British...

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Organizational Management: Images Of Organization

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Question: Describe about the Organizational Management for Images of organization.   Answer: Introduction This study deals with understanding the concept of organizational design and direct implications on attainment of functional effectiveness. In this assignment, examples are provided to bring clear understanding and linking with the objectives of study. Improved organizational design results in greater functional effectiveness Ac...

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Organization Theory And Design: Designed Organization

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Question: What does a well-designed organization look like, and how does it feel to work there? And how is it different from a poorly-designed one?   Answer: Introduction This study deals with understanding the importance of well-designed organization at workplace. In this particular assignment, detailed investigation is conducted for bringing out real issues behind poor-organizational structure at the same time. Concept of Well-desi...

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Effectiveness Of British Petroleum USA Business Model Canvas

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Question: • Your business model canvas – Post-It notes discussion/observations (week 2)—summarize this area, but provide the initial canvas.   • Identification of theoretical/behavioral trends that you observe in the business model and organization (week 5)—summarize this, do not merely cut and paste.   • Discussion of appropriate theory, metaphors, and frames with which to describe your business mo...

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Organizational Management: Role Of Leaders

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Question: Using this week’s lesson and article by DeVany (click here) as a start, locate three research studies that deal with the management of people with their individual differences and diverse personalities. Use online, peer-reviewed journal research (case study research is preferred) to inform your writing. Summarize the takeaways from the articles that can support greater skill in managing people.   Answer: Introduction T...

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Management Theories In British Petroleum

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Question: Write an investigative summary that discusses the involvement of two theories/concepts of management that affect the functionality of your organization.   Answer: Application of Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory at the British petroleum Herzberg’s two-factor theory seeks to provide a solution pertaining to what people want from their jobs, whether in terms of a higher salary, security, good relations with their collea...

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Ethical Business Management: Unethical Behavior

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical Business Management for Unethical Behavior.   Answer: Introduction: Every business organization has to maintain proper ethics, beliefs and values in order to run the business successfully. Sometimes it has been observed that people while running behind t:he peak of business success tend to forget they are desperately denying the organizational ethics and culture. As a result, the organization and th...

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