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BHO1171 Introduction To Marketing

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Answer: Introduction  Providing the best level of satisfaction by taking into consideration the needs and the requirements of the customers is the main motive of the concept of marketing. The concept is concerned with the activities and the operations of a business corporation which are executed by adapting some approaches and theories for promoting and advertising the offering of the business corporations. These are the activities which...

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MKT103 Introduction To Marketing

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Answer Introduction Marketing has been considered as an actor philosophy whose prime focus is to provide the best level of customer satisfaction. It is the activity which is concerned with the set of institutions and processes which have been adopted for designing, best outcome or possess value for the consumers, clients and the society (Doyle, 2009). These activities are also considered as the backbone for any of the industries as they are uti...

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LAW100 Business Law

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Answers: Whether Ellen has a claim against the council with regards to the advice which was given to her, or not? Rule Negligence can be defined as a contravention of the duty of care which one person owes towards another, which results in the other person getting injured or harmed. In order to prove that negligence indeed took place, the aggrieved party needs to show that an obligation of care was owed, which was not fulfilled and which res...

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LAW 2526 : Legal Theory

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Answer: 1). Legal realism is an American approach to the philosophy of law. It is an effort to take the tough controlled, cold observed look at how the legal system really operates. It is response to the formalistic account of law and automated jurisprudence. The legal realism is a realistic strategy to law. It is the view that jurisprudence should follow the procedure of normal science such as depend on on&n...

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BSBLED805 Plan And Implement A Mentoring Program

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Answer: Task A: Purpose and objectives of the monitoring program plan The monitoring program plan is being formed to develop the competencies of the employees in accordance with the developmental needs of the organization. Moreover, its purpose is to effectively motivating the employees for performing better. It is focused on enhancing the functional effectiveness of employees in various important organizational roles. The ob...

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Margaret Rosalind Malcolm And Peter Equity

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Questions: What Is The Type Of Right That Is Created In The Asset For Cadbury Via The Inter Vivos Transfer? Whether The Conditions Of Transfer Were Valid Conditions? Whether There Is Any Action That Can Be Brought By Emma Against Cadbury?   Answers: Introducation The principle of adverse possession is justified as under the law of equity it is unexpected that the interest of the landowner who either does not show any interest in...

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C03048v3 Nursing Research

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Question: Discuss about the Context of Pharmacological Academic System.     Answer: Introduction Professional nursing practice is guided by the objective of implementing strategies that support delivery of good quality care services. One such key strategy is an evidence-based nursing practice that has been well documented throughout a wide range of literature. The term evidence-based practice refers to the process of engaging in...

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MN691 Research Methods And Project Design

Download : 0 | Pages : 5

Question: Discuss about the Internet of things.     Answer: Internet of Things: The interconnection between the physical devices, buildings, vehicles, software, electronics, sensors, actuators, and the connectivity network is called as Internet of things. The network infrastructure is capable of controlling and sensing the IoT objects. It helps in improving efficiency, accuracy, and reducing the human intervention. The applicati...

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Question: Discuss About The Persistent Systemic Inflammation Associated?   Answer: Introducation The seventy three year old retired Susan Bennett has been diagnosed with COPD. COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the disease of the lung that is characterized by the economics obstruction of the airflow to the lung. The normal breathing mechanism is greatly influenced by it and the patient who is suffering from the COPD ...

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200826 Contemporary People Management

Download : 0 | Pages : 6

Question: Discuss about the Training and Development Process.     Answer: Introduction: Training and development is the process which ensures overall development of the employee in the organization as it cover various aspects such as knowledge, technology, new mechanism, and updated methods. Changes occurred with time demands more focus on the training and development function in the organization. There are number of organizatio...

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Risk Management Practices

Download : 1 | Pages : 10

Question Discuss about the Risk Management of the Construction Industry.     Answer: Introduction Construction sector is one of the growth engines of the economic growth of a country. The increased pressure to improve the quality and productivity of the projects and reduce the construction costs there is need to adopt the project strategies that can appropriately and effectively manage the project risk (Augustine, et al., 2013)....

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HC3131 Integrated Business Management Project

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Question: Discuss about the Integrated Business Management Project.     Answer: The place of art and culture in modern society Art and culture still holds a prominent place in the modern society, the connoisseurs of art and culture still appreciate it and it is being passed on their next generation. Art and Culture are very important part of heritage of any country. The taste of people might have changed, the new generation like...

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Principles Of Tort Law: Civil Liability Act

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Question: Write about the Principles of Tort Law for Civil Liability Act.   Answer: Issue The key issue in this case revolves around the possibility of a claim of negligence being made against Dr Stark, on the basis of Civil Liability Act 2002, by the Nguyens.   Rule Negligence is amongst the different torts which are applicable in Australia. In a case of negligence, a breach of duty of care takes place, which leads to t...

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Evidence Based Practice Or EBP

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Question: Discuss about the Evidence Based Practice.     Answer: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Evidence based practice is the type of nursing practice in which the current evidence are used in making decisions about patient care (Hall & Roussel, 2016).  It is a type of problem solving approach for the clinical learning. It is a systematic search and a type of critical appraisal of the evidences to find the answer t...

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MN603 Wireless Networks And Security

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Question: Demonstrate a deep understanding of Wireless Architecture and Security Vulnerabilities using examples and appropriate explanations.     Answer: Introduction Wireless technology or communication deals with the transfer of information among several points, which are not connected physically or by any electrical conductor. Use of wireless technology is increasing day by day and people are becoming more dependent on techno...

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