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Qualitative Research In Health Care: London

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Question: Describe about the Qualitative research in health care for London?     Answer: Briefly describe the health issue of the study’s focus?  The health issue of this research article is breast cancer. Researcher Beaver et al. (2009) have explored the views of breast cancer patients and breast care nursing experts on telephonic record after breast cancer treatment. What is the significance of the study?  Fo...

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Case Study Report: Co-Morbidities

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Question: Discuss about the Case Study Report for Co-Morbidities.    Answer: Introduction: There is ample evidence available for the link between type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, renal disease and comorbid conditions of these disease conditions are well researched. People with obesity are 2.3 billion and type 2 diabetes are 365 million (Kawano and Arora, 2009). Particularly, in the older age people, there is the occur...

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Indigenous Health: Ballarat And District Aboriginal Co-operative

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Question: Discuss about the Indigenous Health for Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative.    Answer: Population Profile Introduction Health communication is defined as the mass or interpersonal communication activities that aim at ensuring improved health of individuals. Effective and respectful health care and way of life is a desire of every individual.  Engaging in respectful and effective communication is vi...

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Depression Management: Mental Illness

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Question: Disucss about the Depression Management for Mental Illness.   Answer: Introduction Mental illness has become a common ailment that affects a large number of people in Australia. The situation has been worsened by the challenges facing people in their day-to-day endeavors such as drug abuse, medications, conflicts, personal problems, chronic illnesses, genetics, and many more. Mental illness is a serious condition ...

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Emotional Behavioral And Cognitive Responses

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Question: Discuss about the Emotional Behavioral and Cognitive Responses.   Answer: Introduction Breast cancer diagnosis in women leads to various emotions issues like distress, fear, anxiety and depression. It also disturbs women as it may lead to changes in appearance and leads to drastic effects in the individuals who are planning to have a baby.  It leads to a stressful condition among all the family members and affects...

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Health Behaviour Change: Indigestion And Headaches

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Question: Discuss about the Health Behaviour Change for Indigestion and Headachess.   Answer: Introduction Health Behaviour change focuses on bringing about a change in one’s daily routine that is aimed at improving the status of health of an individual. Health is an important asset and change in health behavior helps in preventing disease at a later stage of life (Peters, de Bruin  and Crutzen  2015). This repor...

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Global Travel With Respect To Ebola

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Question: Discuss about the Global travel with respect to Ebola.     Answer: Background- An increase in the international journeys exposes the travellers to high risks of many infectious heath disorders. It is important to provide preventive measures by circulating information about the mode of transmission and promote well-being to those who travels frequently to countries with high risk (Merrill 2015). World Health Organisation...

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Effectiveness Of Pragmatic Lifestyle:Chronic Diseases

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Question: Discuss about the Effectiveness of Pragmatic Lifestyle for Chronic Diseases.   Answer: Introduction Chronic condition or illness is a prolonged illness or condition to a human health that cannot be cured. Chronic diseases are persisting and their effects come with time (DeCensi et al 2010). Human beings have to live with chronic condition by managing it. The common chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, HIV/Aid, Arthri...

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Interview Analysis: Transactional Model Of Communication

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Question: Discuss about the Interview Analysis for Transactional Model of Communication.   Answer: Introduction: Patient interviewing is a very important aspect of care planning, and active listening, questioning and body language are three factors that have a profound role on the success of the interview process. Patient interview is the segment of care delivery, where the foundation of patient-nurse interaction is established ...

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Nursing: Social Determinants Of Health

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Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Social Determinants of Health.   Answer: A1. Time Food/Beverage (includes water) Amount Comments Day 1 Breakfast Muesli + milk  + egg + banana Muesli (1 bowl) + milk (250 ml) + 1 egg + 1 banana Healthy Lunch Brown rice + Lean meats + yoghurt Brown rice (1 bowl) + Lean meats (200 grams) + yoghurt (1 bowl) H...

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