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ACC3AUD Auditing And Assurance

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Answers: 1. Based on the ratio analysis, we acan see that  the current ratio is 2.15 to 2.29 which indicates the fact that the company has ample current assets to meet the current obligations and liabilities of the company. It indicates that the company will not faulter in the long run and will be able to pay back its creditors and short term lenders on time. The deby equity ratio has increased from 1.91 to 1.93 over the last year. This ...

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ITC504 Interface Useability

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Answers: Screen-1 Description In the above screen 1, the battery backup is optional. It may be detached.   The Grid-tied solar system is built to increase the productivity and reduce the cost.   There is different screen for each detail e.g. Solar Panel Display, Battery Storage Display and Grid Display. It is very easy to understand the complete functionality.   There is separate switch button for on/off the battery, so...

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BUS1001 Professional Development And Business Communication

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Answer: Values Audit  The values audit is created using the personal SWOT analysis in the following table: INTERNAL My Strengths · Strong productivity · Excellent personality attributes · Ethical strengths · Flexibility and multitasking · Quick learner · Timeliness and punctuality My Weaknesses · Have low confidence level &middo...

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STATS 1000 Statistical Practice I

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Answer: Introduction Weight gain and obesity has become a key issue for people throughout the world. This weight gain among young university or college students has become a vital concern. Furthermore, there is also increased anxiety about if weight of male and female differ from each other. It is believed that weight of female is slightly higher than male from age group of 7 to 16 but weight of male are slightly higher than weight of male af...

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ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory And Practice

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Answers: 1.i. Fluctuation in currency presents significant risk to business of exports Ltd as it gives uncertainty in receiving and making international payments. In such situation, traders make use of some investment tool for mitigating the risk associated with carrying out such transaction. In the given case, Exports Ltd is required to another party in US dollars. The spot rate of US dollar is at $A1= 0.75. Therefore, to avoid the risk of cu...

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MGMT6009 Managing People And Teams

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Answer: Introduction The current report is prepared for obtaining relevant knowledge, information and skills about how to manage human resources within the business organisation named MiningCo. The various aspects of strategic human resource management along with benefits of adopting a good organisational design has been important for managing good culture within the workplace and establish proper teams. This has helped me, as a senior HR exe...

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GBU 200 Business Ethics And Social Responsibility Report

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Answer: Introduction The well-known car manufacturer Ford Motor Company designed a car Pinto way back in beginning of 1968, for responding to the market trend of sub-compact cars in America (Fordpinto.com 2019). The trend of sub compact cars in 70’s used to be a classic phenomenon. Car manufacturing companies like Volkswagen employed a new design within this category as well. The most attention-grabbing feature of these cars is its...

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Risk And Return In Financial Statements

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Questions: 1.Discuss about the Risk and Return in Financial Statements.   2.Discuss about the Risk and Returns in Investment Decisions.     Answers: Introduction An accountant is a very important part of every business organization whether small or big. An accountant’s primary duty is to compile every financial transaction and present them in a concise manner which allows the stakeholders to understand the effect of...

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Analyzing Development Of Yellow Auto

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Question: Discuss about the Analyzing Organizational Development Of Yellow Auto Company.     Answer: Introduction The report here discusses about an organizational analysis of Yellow Auto Company. The company was initially built by Deniz Sale in Bergama in the year 1989 whose management was later took over by his sons, Can and Caner Sale. The company is a car dealer of popular global brand Renault. The owners of the company...

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Bodies On The Inside Gender And Prison

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Question: Discuss about the Bodies on The Inside Gender and prison.     Answer: Bodies on the inside: Gender and prison A media article was published in news.com.au on April 18, 2016 which reported about the torture that was faced by a transgender woman in a male prison of Australia. According to the report all the transgender women who contradict the laws are sent to male prisons as they are not considered as female at all. The...

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Indigenous Health And Wellbeing

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Question: Discuss about the Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing.     Answer: The essay deals with “Closing the Gap” (CTG) policy in Australia. The essay briefly explains the topic, about the history of the policy and the factors that influenced the creation of the policy. Further the essay discusses the significance of the policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes using ...

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Disruptive Innovation: Teclo Company Case Study

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Question: Discuss about the Disruptive Innovation for Teclo Company Case Study.   Answer: Introduction There has been an increased recognition of disruptive innovations and their ability to create massive development. However, despite of these recognitions, their high rate of failure demands research on the type of challenges incumbent pursuing disruptive technology encounter and how the challenges can be dealt with. According to...

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Accountants In The Profession

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Questions: 1.When you think of the accounting profession what comes to your mind?   2.What contextual factors do you think could influence the accounting profession?   3.Describe the people you expect to interact with as an accountant.   4.What role do you think you should play in contributing to your community as an accountant?   5.What might the clients and fellow employees expect of you as an accountant?   6...

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Gender And Crime: Inherently Exploitative Of Women

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Question: Dsicuss about the Gender and Crime for Inherently Exploitative.   Answer: There is a very famous saying that “sex sells” and is usually used in context of advertising, where the people resort to sex for selling their product. And each time an advertisement is shown women are presented as the centre of sexual fantasy and are often projected in a derogative manner, almost like sex objects (Streitmatter, 2004)....

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Underlying Standard Deviation System

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Question: Discuss about the Underlying Standard Deviation System.     Answer: Introduction: The suburb 1 has been taken as New Town while the suburb 2 has been taken as Hurstville. A sample data of 50 samples for the weekly rent has been collected for both the suburbs (Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/buy ). The population of interest in each case would be all the rented apartments which are located in the respective suburb...

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