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INFT3800 Professional Practice In IT

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Answer: Introduction The objective of this report is to analyze the gist of an event attended that was hosted by the Australian Computer Society, Victoria. Further elaboration of the report would be made by the mention of three speakers in the event who presented their ideas relating to a great career in the Information Technology industry. Finally, the report would conclude by making a justification of the event. Rebecca Martin Rebecca Mar...

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ITC563 Data Mining

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Answer: Record ID Cluster ID Dist. Clust-1 Dist. Clust-2 Balance Qual_miles cc1_miles cc2_miles cc3_miles Bonus_miles Bonus_trans Flight_miles_12mo Flight_trans_12 Days_since_enroll Award? 1 1 1.829739882 4.003019019 28143 0 1 1 1 174 1 0 0 7000 0 2 1 1.791230464 3.971076696 19244 0 1 1 1 215 2 0 0 6968 0 3 1 1.735801803 3.755948149 41354 0 1 1 1 4123 4 0 0 7034 0 ...

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COIT20246 ICT Services Management

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Answers: Tasks There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week:  the tasks are detailed below.  There is a table to complete for each task.  Please fill in the information required. Week 1 The text discusses the elements of modern computing architecture however is largely silent on the individuals who played a role in its development.  Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE such individual.  The individual sho...

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PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects

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Answer: Weekly Portfolio Learning Table Topic and reading samples. Personal learning outcomes Learnings from your experience. References. Project Management & Complexities Projects that are complex are determined through their types and sizes. When the project has too many requirements, it is likely to be complex. .   Management of projects differ depending on the complexity. . Ccpac...

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ELEC4740 Internet Of Things

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Answers: 1.What does the statement "the best interface for a system is no User Interface"?  When might this apply and provide two examples. In recent times, there has been changes in the way users interact with the things around him or her. A decade back it was the era of graphical user interface. That was the era when users used to interact with machine through a graphical user interface. It can be said that GUI is still working for peo...

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BUSN20017 Effective Business Communications

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Answer: Introduction: It has been observed from the market feedback that the present style of providing customer services to the clients to meet their queries are not satisfactory related to the different level of services for them. In order to enhance the customer service level for better satisfaction of the intended customers, several recommendations are advised which are to be strictly followed in different sphere of services for the custo...

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BNURS20 Nursing

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Answer A patient nurse relationship is always defined as a relationship based on mutual respect and trust which is nurtured on the basis of hope and faith. It is important that a nurse is sensitive to others as well as self and assisting with the fulfillment in your patient’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs through your skill and knowledge. Aboriginal and Torres islanders are a diverse group that is made up of people from different...

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ENGG851 Systems Design And Engineering

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Answer: Introduction The aim of this report for developing a new automated information system for AllSports Sports club named AllSports Sports club Information System or ASCIS is to analyse whether this project is feasible to work further. ASCIS is planned to be developed because some problems are encountered with the manual record tracking of all the procedures of the newsletter publication and delivery. For this, appropriate system developm...

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ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management

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Answers 1. Just-In-Time Delivery: Various companies especially the ones involved in manufacturing processes use this process with the aim of reducing the inventory cost (Koz?owski, Gola & ?wi?, 2014). There is waste reduction in inventory due to this procedure. Goods are received on the basis of the requirements of production process. E-Commerce: This is a process where goods are sold over the internet. Online or electronic transactions a...

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INFT6304 Project Planning And Management

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Answer: Introduction  The following report mainly deals with Lewis project constructed by Robert L. Frank Construction company which was seriously over budget. Man-hour focused on expended to date for running 30 percent over the given project. The project was not working sufficiently for satisfying the customers. Material deliverables come up with several slippages. The unofficial indication of the project schedule was mainly due to...

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test

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Questions: 1.Provide an outline of the consumer decision process for the pregnancy test consumer. Discuss why this process is important for Clearblue marketers to complete. Finally, share your recommendations for Clearblue at each stage of the consumer decision process? 2.Pregnancy tests are an inelastic price category. Discuss how the inelastic nature of priced demand impacts the pricing strategy and tactics for Clearblue pregnancy tests. 3...

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Features Of Building Sustainable HR

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Questions: 1.What course of action would you recommend to the CEO in the first hospital as a way to improve the Operation of HRM at the hospital?   2.What are the key features of building a Sustainable HR Capacity?     Answers: 1.I would recommend the CEO in the first hospital to improve the HRM operation at the hospital by having a fully-fledged HR department, which will operate on its own. Currently, some HR functions ha...

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Marketing Plan For Start Up Sunrise Cafe

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing Plan For A Start Up Sunrise Cafe Restaurant.     Answer: Introduction The aim of the current study is to prepare a business and marketing plan for a business start-up that are intending to initiate they are business in the Cafe restaurant industry of Australia. The various types of Cafe including coffee, capacihnios and all other kinds of snacks are quite popular these days among Australian ...

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Impact Of Contextual Factors

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Question: Discuss about the Impact Of Contextual Factors.     Answer: Introduction Every business operates within certain external and internal business environment (Harrison, 2013). Contextual factors are the characteristics of these environmental factors  (Brocke & Rosemann, 2014). Major contextual factors which affect a business are legislations, innovative practices, knowledge management and e-commerce etc.&nbs...

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Business Environmental Factors

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Question: Discuss about the different internal and external Environmental Factors in the Industry.     Answer: Introduction The following essay focuses on the different aspects of opening a new business in the modern complex business environment. The organization that has been chosen for this essay is the ‘Future Guide Consulting’. This is a start-up business and a hypothetical one.  The topic for this business ...

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