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CPCCBC4007A Plan Building And Construction Work

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Answer: A site establishment plan is necessary before the actual construction works begin. The main purpose of the plan is to ensure that the site is established in an efficient manner. The rapid establishment of a site will provide a place where the equipment, materials, and plants are safe from damage and vandalism. Basically, the site engineer is responsible for the establishment of the site and the outlining of the boundaries (Barhale, 20...

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CPCCBC4011B Apply Structural Principles To Commercial Low Rise Constructions

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Answer: Footing System: Figure 1: RC Frame Building under Construction. This building uses a pad foundation system as the building’s footing. This was the answer given upon inquiry ideally one would be able to tell by either the boring equipment on the site that is employed in the boring of holes in the ground for concreting when the pad footing is being installed and subsequently the beam member. This footing system is especiall...

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EESC901 Advanced Plate Tectonics, Macrotopography And Earth History

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Answer: Introduction Subsequent to the Pangea breakup at c. fifty-five Ma, the North Atlantic has witnessed widespread volcanism. As 1 of the enormous world igneous province, this zone remained influenced by Iceland hotspot. Such a hotspot is usually regarded to be surface manifestation of the convection plume of the anomalously hot substance uplifting from deep mantle. Nevertheless, Icelandic plume hypothesis has lately been put to task and ...

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CPCCBC4011B Apply Structural Principles To Commercial Low Rise Constructions

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Answer: Introduction: This report is about the assessment of a steel portal framed construction having a wide span which is already under construction or already completed. Some of the information of the building in question that will be considered in this assessment include footing system, structural system, floor system, wall system, services, and roof system. The building which will be used in the assessment is an already complete Old Parl...

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IT Profession And Ethics: Journalism Ethics And Public

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Question: Discuss about the IT Profession and Ethics for Journalism ethics and Public.   Answer: Privacy is the right of an individual or a group to make themselves secluded and express themselves and their information selectively. The limitations and boundaries of the content of what is private vary among various cultures and individuals have common themes. If something is personal, it generally means that it is very sensitive t...

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Global Food Security & Sustainable Development

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Question: Debate the main current discourses in relation to food security within the context of global citizenship and global ethics. How has this issue changed over time and what are some of the concerns for the future?     Answer: Today, providing plentiful, healthy and nutritious food has become one of the major dilemmas on today’s era. Examining the different burdens of under nutrition and overweight and micronutrient d...

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Marketing: Society And The Environment

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Question: Discuss about the Marketing for Society and the Environment.   Answer: Introduction Marketing gives main focus on choosing and targeting different markets and also it gives emphasis on enhancing the good relationships with the consumers in the market. The marketers are responsible for taking into consideration different markets that set the plan and strategies which are based on the information. They also give focus on...

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Pharmacology: Medical And Biological Research

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Question: Discuss about the Pharmacology for Medical and Biological Research.   Answer: Responsible for Ang II generation Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) generates the production of Angiotensin II (Ang II) that mediates the renin-angiotensin-system (RAS) effects in the body (Becari et al., 2011). On the other hand, Elastase-2 (ELA-2) which is a chymotrypsin-serine protease elastase family member 2A alternatively generates th...

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Health Advancement And Promotion Method

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Question: Discuss about the Health Advancement and Promotion Method.     Answer: Introduction: Unhealthy diet poses health risks and contributes to the burden of disease. It paves a way to many disorders with negative health outcomes like overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and prone to heart disorders. According to World Heart Federation, there are approximately 16 million and 1.7 million deaths due to low consum...

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