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ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory And Practice

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Answers: Introduction: New Accounting Standards have been developed and issued by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Before issuance of these new standards AASB 16, there were different views on understanding its treatment to the users of financial statements. Spencer and Webb (2015) had reviewed this standard and stated about the impact of this new standard on treatment of leases ...

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LAW2000 Business Law

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Answers: Answer 1 Law: Intention to create legal relation- for a valid contract it is necessary that parties to the agreement must have intention to create legal relation. Generally, intention to create legal relation are considered from presence of consideration such as if promisor specified any price for the promise then it is considered that parties has intention to create legal relations. However, there is an exception to this general ru...

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HRM101 Introduction To HRM And Leadership

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Answers: In today’s scenario, management of the resources specially the human resources is extremely important and has become an integral part of every organisation. The success of the organisation is directly influenced by the way it handles or manages its human resources. It is the innovative approach that aims at developing high trust atmosphere and enhancing employee motivation (Hendry, C., 2012). The term human resource managem...

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MGMT436 Strategic Management

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Answers: Introduction The Singapore Airlines acts as the flag carrier of Singapore and its hub is located at Singapore Changi Airport. They make use of the Singapore Girl as the central figure in relation to corporate branding. They pioneered the launching of the Airbus A380 that is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. It is positioned among the top 15 carrier on worldwide basis and it has been ranked in the top position in the world in...

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LAW5230 Taxation Law

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Answers:  Introduction: The following case study is based on the determination of the permanent establishment of the taxable entities that are looking forward to carry the business of land development. The taxpayer in this case study are the British resident and are assessed under the applicable taxable rulings and appropriate income tax acts. The study defines the definition of permanent establishment and also cites appropriate case leg...

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MKT201 Integrated Marketing Communications

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Answer: Communication holds an important position in terms of transactions and deals with the customers. Proper communication channels enhance the stability in the relationship between the marketing personnel and the customers. Typical example in this direction is the social networking sites, which popularize the products and services of companies and organizations, such as Samsung. Putting the news of the “Explosion of battery” on t...

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BIZ101 Business Communications

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Answer: Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools (Journal Article) Communicating with the employees in a proper manner helps in motivating them in a workplace. It helps in boosting the morale of the employees so that they can perform well within the organization and increase their level of productivity, which will help the company to earn profits. The steps that the management needs to take so that the employees c...

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Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance: General Topics

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Question: Discuss about the Fundamentals of Corporate Finance for General Topics.   Answer: Introduction This report discusses the impact that the AASB 17 has had on leasing firms in Australia. The report reviews and critically analyzes the article by Churyk, Reinstein and Lander(2015). The fundamental characteristics of financial information include a variety of qualitative aspects that a firm should meet to be considered to ha...

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Social Media In Sustainability

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Question: Identify the Significance of Social Media in Sustainability of the B Corporation.     Answer: Introduction: The research paper is based on analyzing the communication strategies which is used by B corporations into both Australia as well as New Zealand throughout use of social media channels. The main purpose of the organization is to provide profitability as well as fulfill the stakeholder’s objectives. The aim...

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Motorola Case Of Job Sharing

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Questions: 1.How does Motorola’s Job Sharing System fit with their Business needs?  2.What Particular needs do Female Employees face in work-life balance arrangements such as Job Sharing?  3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of Job Sharing to Job sharers and their Managers?  4.What Cultural Factors come into Play in introducing Job Sharing into other Organisations in an Australian Context?     Answers: ...

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Types Of Employees

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Question: Discuss the Pros and Cons of Increasing Casual and Contract Employees versus Permanent Employees.       Answer: Introduction: This assessment is based on the employment process. This includes certain terms like casual employees, contract employees and permanent employees. There has been a discussion upon the advantages and disadvantages of these terms. Casual employee: Casual employees are those kinds of wo...

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Hospitality And Management Crowne Plaza

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Question: Discuss about the Hospitality and Tourism Management Crowne Plaza.     Answer: Promotion of Crowne Plaza The promotion aspect in a marketing mix is vital for a business that operates in the hospitality and tourism sector. Since Crowne Plaza offers both tangible and intangible products, it believes in creating right feeling in its consumer. It promotes its hotels & resorts as ultimate location that helps p...

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Business Communication Mayfield

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Question: Discuss about the Business Communication Mayfield.     Answer: Introduction Business communication includes the ways and the methods through which information is shared with in an organisation (Mayfield & Mayfield, 2017). In other words, business communication is information relayed with in a business firm by the people working in it (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, & Lewis, 2015). Communication skills are the ...

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